Top 7 Call Recording Apps

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Ooops your phone doesn’t have an automatic call recorder in it? Not a problem.

There can be many reasons for call recording, as you don’t always have a pen and paper ready and neither can you possibly record everything manually.

So if you are looking for the best Call recorder apps of 2019,  then you are in the right place.

We have listed some of the best call recording apps for your Android device to help you find the best one for your specific needs while attending to calls.

Let’s get started

1. Truecaller

One of the best call recording app, Truecaller is also known for its caller ID features which help the user to block spam calls and SMS. Truecaller has recently rolled out call recording feature as well.

So, you can use True caller for call recording if you are already a TrueCaller user. The app is free, but the call recording feature is not free, and it comes with a premium plan.

So, you need to pay if you want to use call recording feature of the app.

To use this feature, go to Settings -> Truecaller call recording -> enable “Record calls.” All the call recordings are saved within the phone, and the company does not upload it to Truecaller’s servers.

Let’s take a look at the features of Truecaller:

  • It allows you to block a phone number by number series and name.
  • It enables you to block spam and telemarketers.
  • It enables you to record your important calls and save them on your phone.
  • It allows you to backup call history, messages, contacts and other settings to Google Drive

2. Cube Call Recorder ACR

The Cube Call Recorder ACR app is an easy-to-use app, which makes it one of the best apps to record phone calls.

The app, when launched, will provide you with gist as to how the phone call recorder will work.

The app will automatically record normal incoming and outgoing, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber calls for which you have to click the on-screen app widget during an ongoing call.

Upon giving the app some permissions and switching on the Cube Call Recorder app connector, you will be able to record the calls with ease. Sadly, VoIP calls (WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype) were unavailable for me while I was using the app.

3. Automatic Call Recorder

This is another nice call recording app for Android phones. You can manually set what calls to record and what to ignore.

This app can also start calls recordings automatically when any call is made. Automatic call recording comes as a default setting, but it can be changed under settings.

It also supports Google Drive and Dropbox integration. This is the ad-supported app, and the pro version without ad is also available.

4. Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call recorder is also a good call recording app. This app is simple but nice in features.

Like other apps, it also supports automatic and manual both call recording. There are various options like disable recording for some contacts, for an incoming call or for an outgoing call.

You can also disable call recording when headphone is on or Bluetooth device is connected.

There are also various nice options which make it different from other call recording apps. As the name suggests, it works best with Samsung Galaxy phones. App also provides the list of phones which support all features.

5. Advanced Call Recorder

Advanced Call Recorder is another good app available for free. The app lets you record calls and blocks updated calls.

You can also set a password or pattern to save the recorded files. It also allows you to share the recorded files.

You can also add notes to recorded calls. If you do not want automatic call recording, you can always switch to manual call recording.

6. All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder has a simple and clutter-free interface. It is freeware. Let’s look at the features of this application by Android Labs:

  • It efficiently records all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It saves your telephone conversation in 3gp format.
  • You can send recorded calls via e-mail, any cloud storage, messengers, Bluetooth, etc.
  • It enables you to send or delete a single record, by long typing on it to get the context menu.

7. BlackBox Call Recorder

Blackbox bills itself as a professional call recorder app. It has the usual array of features, including call recording, cloud backup support, and recording quality settings.

However, this one takes it a step further with a lock function for security, Bluetooth accessory support, and dual SIM support. It has one of the longer feature lists and cleaner interfaces of any call recording app on the list.

The monthly subscription may chase some away, but at least it’s not very expensive.

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