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Are you looking for the Top 7 Best Free Antivirus? Then you are in the right place.

With the ever-growing need for computers in our everyday tasks, the number of viruses released is hiking like crazy.

According to recent research, more than one million malware threats are released every day.

Which means the chances of installing malware on your PC is much higher than ever before.

The chances of installing malware can be divided by different operating systems.

So currently 78% of computers have Windows, 14% MacOS, 3% Google Chrome, 2% Linux.

Seeing the vast majority for Windows, the malware creator creates most of the malware for Windows followed by MacOS, Google Chrome, and Linux.

Once malware gets into your device, the creator can get access to all your private information like Bank Details, Pictures, etc.

Now, I think you don’t want that to happen!

But how to protect yourself from all these malware and be safe?

Well, the answer is by installing anti-virus on your device.

Once you install anti-virus, it will scan all the files on your PC and remove any virus present.

Also, it will scan all the external drives connected to your device and restrict/remove the affected file.

Now you will have one question – Which Anti-Virus show I install?

Well, there is a lot of best software that you can install and today I will talk about the Top 7 of them.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus that you can download to protect your device
Avast Free Antivirus

When it comes to the best free antivirus software, then Avast deserves to be at the top of this list.

Rewarded as Product on the Year 2018 in 2019 it proved that free software could also give you premium features.

The features are not only malware protection and online protection(like phishing), but also password manager and more.

It gives you a basic password manager and an inbuilt browser that will protect your passwords from being leaked.

Also, it can regularly protect you from network threats, online viruses, and PC performance issues that is making it slow.

Not a big Techie?

No problem, it has the best, modern, cleanest UI that will make its usage a piece of cake for you.

Kaspersky Free

If you ever researched about best antivirus, then you must have heard about Kaspersky.

With a clean UI, it has all six icons that are present in its paid version, but there are some restrictions for usage.

Of course, with a free version, you won’t get all the premium features, but you can get all the basics one.

Some available features are Scan, Realtime security, Phishing Protection, and Database Update.

There are other options available like Parental Control, Protection for All Devices, Safe Money, and Privacy Protection.

But they will not work until you are ready to spend some bucks and buy it.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

AVG Free Antivirus that can download to protect your device
AVG Antivirus

AVG is often considered as one of the best antivirus software due to its UI and features.

It has the best and accurate Virus Detection than any other present on this list.

AVG scans for hidden malware in the computer and prevents the new ones from entering the device.

It also scans unwanted browser add-ons for viruses and removes it if any sign of malware is present.

Also, if there is any issue in PC performance due to malware, then AVG will automatically look for the cause and try to fix it.

There is an inbuilt File Shredder that lets you securely delete any sensitive files before it spread a virus.

The exclusive feature of AVG is that there is a term known as a 0-day threat.

In a 0-day threat, AVG will prevent you from opening any unknown file that seems like malware and directly sends it to AVG Threat Lab.

There the file will be analyzed, and if the malware is found, then a cure is sent to all the AVG users.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.          

Bitdefender is another great Antivirus that has the same anti-malware features as of its paid version but has a clean UI.

Like AVG, it lacks the features of its premium brother but still has enough to protect you from most malware.

The free version only holds firm when it comes to basic security; therefore, don’t expect premium features.

Things like Phishing protection, Scan, etc. are present in the free version.

If you need features like a password manager, file shredder and others then be ready to spend some bucks on the premium version.

Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 

Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ that you can download for free
Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+

Check Point ZoneAlarm has secured the fifth position due to its free antivirus-firewall combo licensed by Kaspersky.

Which means apart from a free Antivirus, you are also getting a free firewall.

Now from my personal experiment, I found that even though the two-way firewall is robust, the antivirus is not good as expected.

Which basically means that in most cases, it will not protect you against malicious or fraudulent websites.

And even though you are getting some bonus features, some of them will not work.

On the main screen, you will have three options – Antivirus, Firewall, and Mobility that you can customize.

But as I said, the malware protection is OK and not great, so if you want real-time protection, then pick some else.

Sophos Home Free

If you want free virus protection for your whole family, then Sophos Home is excellent for you.

Sophos consider that their security is of business grade, so you can imagine what’s coming.

Provided with a best in class virus protection and anti-malware protection, it also has internet protection for phishing and others.

Now, when I said it’s best for families, I meant it.

Sophos provides a free Parental control by which you can control the content watched by your Kids.

Also, you can protect up to 10 PCs at a time, which means better security with less effort.

Now according to my personal tests, the malware and virus protection of Sophos is a decent one.

So if you want the best in class protection, then you can upgrade to Sophos Home Premium.

The best part is that it is cross-platform and available for Windows and Mac.

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus that you can download for free to protect your device
Avira Antivirus

Last but not least we have Avira on our list which has good virus protection and is very light.

Light means it does not resource hungry and thus works smoothly even on resource-limited computers.

Apart from scan and virus protection, it also offers online protection from phishing pages and ransomware.

Now if you don’t know what a Ransomware is then just searched it online and you will know its effects.

In simple, the most deadly and costly virus that you can ever get by simple actions like clicking on an unknown link.

Also, you will get a free VPN with 500MB/month limit that will encrypt your data.


Today in this article, I talked about the Top 7 Best Antivirus that you can currently find in the market. This is based on personal opinion and proper research. If you have any queries like the System Compatibility etc., then ask them in the comment section.

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