ColecoVision ROMs

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Game Title File Size
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels (demo) (2005-09-19)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 6.4KB
Cye (demo) (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 19.5KB
Colored Gravity (demo) (2008)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD)[a5] 10.4KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels (2006-05-08)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 13.1KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels II Beta (demo) (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 19.6KB
Colored Gravity (demo) (2008)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD)[a3] 6.6KB
Purple Dinosaur Massacre (1996)(Dondzila, John)(PD) 3.3KB
Colored Gravity (demo) (2008)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD)[a6] 10.9KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 2 (demo) (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 18.8KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels V1.0 (demo) (2006)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 13.1KB
Canadian Mini Games 1 (2003)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 15.9KB
Colored Gravity (demo) (2008)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 12.2KB
Schlange CV (demo) (2006-05-08)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 14.9KB
M.A.S.H. (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto) 10.0KB
Facemaker (1983)(Spinnaker Software)[u][aka Make-A-Face] 5.4KB
Matt Patrol (1984)(Selma)(proto)[h][Moon Patrol] 15.3KB
Fall Guy (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto)[o] 17.5KB
Cye Final Demo (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD)[a] 15.8KB
Facemaker (1983)(Spinnaker Software)[aka Make-A-Face] 5.5KB
MazezaM V1.1 (199x)(Tzvetkov, Ventzislav)(PD) 4.7KB
Frog Feast (2007-12-22)(Mark2008)(PD) 11.6KB
Facemaker (1983)(Spinnaker Software)[b][aka Make-A-Face] 5.6KB
Simple Screen Show (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 19.8KB
Dacman (2000-08-08)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 12.8KB
Pac-Man Collection (demo) (2006)(Opcode)(PD)[a] 17.7KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels (demo) (2005-09-26)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 12.9KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V016 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 7.1KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels (2006-06-01)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 13.1KB
Memory Manor (1984)(Fisher-Price)[u] 5.1KB
Dacman (2000-07-17)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 8.0KB
Mountain King (1984)(Sunrise Software)[a] 7.8KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V017 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 8.1KB
Frog Feast (2007-12-30)(Mark2008)(PD) 12.3KB
Quest For Quintana Roo (1983)(Sunrise Software)[a] 10.4KB
Spaz Attak – With Levels (2009-02-08)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 5.4KB
Sector Alpha (1983)(Spectravideo)[a] 11.6KB
Smooth Criminal Demo (2009-03-09)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[a] 2.1KB
Starry Nights 3 (demo) (2004)(Foster, Guy)(PD) 922.0B
Colecovision RPG Demo Alpha (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 2.5KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V018 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 8.5KB
Memory Manor (1984)(Fisher-Price)[b] 5.3KB
Game Pack Demo 1 (2002-04-28)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 9.4KB
Porky’s (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto) 10.7KB
Schlange CV V0.10 Demo (2005)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 12.3KB
Maoo Patrol (1982)(Atari)(proto)[h][Moon Patrol] 15.2KB
St. Valentine’s Day (2002)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 5.8KB
Dacman (2000-07-12)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.7KB
Jack B. Quick (2008-01-12)(Mark2008)(PD) 5.4KB
Cye Final Demo (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 16.7KB
Juke Box (1984)(Spinnaker Software)[u] 5.7KB
Spaz Attak – No Suttering (2009-02-09)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 5.3KB
Squares! 4K V02 (2006)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 2.5KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V010 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 3.7KB
Cosmo Trainer (1997)(de Kogel, Marcel)(PD) 12.8KB
Dacman (2000-07-18)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 9.5KB
Sector Alpha (1983)(Spectravideo)[o] 17.0KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V020 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 9.8KB
Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun)[m 50 Lives] 13.8KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V021 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 10.0KB
Squares (2001-04-15)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 7.2KB
Ken Uston Blackjack-Poker (1983)(Coleco)[b] 10.4KB
Diamond Dash (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[8k] 2.8KB
Meteoric Shower (1983)(Bit Corp.) 5.7KB
Space Invaders Collection Pack Demo (2002)(Opcode)(PD) 5.9KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V015 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 6.8KB
Frantic (2008-04-04)(Huggins, Scott)(PD) 15.8KB
Diamond Dash (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[4k] 2.8KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V013 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 5.2KB
Wrong Way! V0.25 (2007-09-25)(5-11under)(PD) 3.3KB
Heist, The (1983)(Micro Fun)[o] 13.7KB
Super Action Baseball (1983)(Coleco)[u2] 13.1KB
Slurpy (1984)(Xonox)[o] 13.0KB
Quest For Quintana Roo (1983)(Sunrise Software) 10.4KB
Logic Levels (1984)(Fisher-Price) 10.4KB
Sound FX Vol 1 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 2.9KB
Squares! 4K (2006)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 2.4KB
Scroll Demo 2 (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 1.3KB
Puckman Sounds V002 (2003)(-)(PD) 6.0KB
Mountain King (1984)(Sunrise Software) 7.8KB
Space Trainer (2005)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 2.7KB
ColecoVision Noise Generator (1996)(de Kogel, Marcel)(PD) 3.6KB
Fraction Fever (1983)(Spinnaker Software)[u] 5.4KB
Star Fortress (1997)(Dondzila, John)(PD) 8.6KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V009 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 3.7KB
Spaz Attak Teaser (2006)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 3.5KB
Scroll Demo (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 922.0B
Colecovision RPG Demo V019 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 9.5KB
Spaz Attak – Teaser (2009-02-03)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 4.2KB
Memory Manor (1984)(Fisher-Price) 5.2KB
Rock ‘n Bolt (1984)(Telegames)[a] 10.8KB
Mr. Do’s Castle (1983)(Parker Brothers)[u] 10.2KB
Fall Guy (1983)(Fox Video Games)(proto) 11.9KB
Spaz Attak – With Death Eggs (2009-02-10)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 5.6KB
Winky Trap (1997)(Dondzila, John)(PD) 7.8KB
Waterville Rescue (2009)(Ward, Mike)(PD) 13.6KB
Dacman (2000-07-19)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 10.0KB
Space Trainer (2005)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[a] 2.6KB
Dacman (2000-07-16)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 8.1KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V023 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 11.0KB
Smash (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[4k] 2.5KB
Cosmo Fighter 3 (demo) (2001)(de Kogel, Marcel)(PD) 16.5KB
Smurf Play And Learn (1982)(Coleco)(proto) 4.0KB
Space Invaders Collection Demo (2002)(Opcode)(PD) 16.2KB
Frantic (2008-08-09)(Huggins, Scott)(PD) 16.2KB
Spectank Demo (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 4.3KB
Black Onyx V005 (2007)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 22.1KB
Beyond Terra (demo) (2007)(Huggins, Scott)(PD)[attract Mode] 7.8KB
Game Pack Demo 2 (2002-05-20)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 9.5KB
Tic Tac Toe (1996)(Nithman, Norman)(PD)[a] 2.1KB
Bankruptcy Builder (2008-05-17)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 10.0KB
Frogger (1983)(Parker Brothers)[b] 7.9KB
Spy Hunter (1984-11-12)(Coleco)(proto)[v22] 21.5KB
Linking Logic (1984)(Fisher-Price)[u] 6.2KB
Puckman Sounds V003 (2003)(-)(PD) 6.0KB
Double Breakout Beta 1 (2001-03-17)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 18.4KB
BUSTin Out V2 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 24.5KB
Bejeweled (demo) (2002-02-23)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 7.8KB
BC’s Quest For Tires II – Grog’s Revenge (1984)(Coleco)[o] 18.5KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V022 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 10.3KB
Dacman (2000-08-16)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 12.8KB
Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)[a] 12.0KB
Black Onyx V002 (2007)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 22.3KB
Super Space Acer (2009-12-27)(Ward, Mike)(PD) 17.8KB
Smash (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[8k] 2.6KB
Monkey Academy (1984)(Coleco)[u] 13.1KB
Fraction Fever (1983)(Spinnaker Software) 5.4KB
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels II GameConsole (demo) (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 18.9KB
Tenchi Muyo Demo (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 8.3KB
Sudoku V02 (2008)(Miron, Luc)(PD) 5.3KB
Strike It! (1983)(Telegames)[u] 5.8KB
Tic Tac Toe (1996)(Nithman, Norman)(PD) 2.1KB
Frantic Freddy (1983)(Spectravideo) 8.6KB
Cosmo Challenge (1997)(de Kogel, Marcel)(PD)[trainer Menu] 4.7KB
Smurf Paint ‘n’ Play Workshop (1983)(Coleco)[u] 13.8KB
Cosmic Crisis (1983)(Telegames)[o] 8.6KB
Looping (1983)(Coleco)[b] 9.9KB
Learning With Leeper (1983)(Sierra On-Line) 9.0KB
Terra Attack (2007-03-17)(Huggins, Scott)(PD) 15.1KB
Pere Noel (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.8KB
Pitfall! (1983)(Activision)[b] 9.2KB
Stubby (demo) (2001)(Proulx, Yannick)(PD) 922.0B
Moonsweeper (1983)(Imagic)[a] 9.2KB
Squares! (demo) (2006)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 6.6KB
One On One (1984)(Micro Lab) 9.7KB
Sector Alpha (1983)(Spectravideo) 13.9KB
JetBoat! V30b (2007)(-)(PD) 4.2KB
Cabbage Patch Kids – Adventures In The Park (1984)(OAA)(proto) 10.9KB
Rock ‘n Bolt (1984)(Telegames) 10.8KB
Nim (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[b] 4.3KB
Motocross Racer (1984)(Xonox)[a] 8.1KB
Frontline (1983)(Coleco)[o] 15.1KB
Spaz Attak – Teaser (2009-02-05)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 5.0KB
Subroc (1983)(Coleco)[o] 14.1KB
Juke Box (1984)(Spinnaker Software) 5.8KB
BC’s Quest For Tires II – Grog’s Revenge (1984)(Coleco)[o2] 17.1KB
Spy Hunter (1984)(Coleco)(proto)[v13] 20.7KB
Sewer Sam (1984)(Interphase) 16.2KB
Frog Feast (2007-12-16)(Mark2008)(PD) 10.3KB
M.A.S.H. (1983) (20th Century Fox) 9.3KB
BUSTin Out V1 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 25.3KB
Strike It! (1983)(Telegames) 5.9KB
Ms. Space Fury (2001)(Digital Press)(PD) 15.7KB
Stubby (demo) (2001)(Proulx, Yannick)(PD)[a] 922.0B
Christmas (demo) (2001-12-25)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 6.5KB
Mist Maid V1.0 (2007)(Wick, Dale)(PD) 2.5KB
Ms. Space Fury (2001)(Digital Press)(PD)[a] 15.7KB
Frog Feast (2007-12-05)(Mark2008)(PD) 8.3KB
BUSTin Out V3 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 25.3KB
Space Hunter (2005)(Foster, Guy)(PD)[a] 2.4KB
Heist, The (1983)(Micro Fun)[a] 13.6KB
Music Vol 1 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 2.9KB
Robin Hood (1984)(Xonox)[a] 9.2KB
Illusions (1984)(Coleco)[b] 10.2KB
Reversi (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 12.3KB
Steamroller (1984)(Activision)(proto) 11.4KB
Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price) 4.6KB
Kick Gas! (demo) (2008-06-08)(Dvik – Joyrex)(PD) 10.5KB
Breakout Paddle (demo) (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 5.6KB
Hustle V02 (2006-11-21)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 2.7KB
Reversi (demo) (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 8.9KB
Tennis (2008-01-20)(-)(PD) 3.0KB
Skiing (1986)(Telegames) 5.9KB
Space Invasion (1998)(Dondzila, John)(PD) 7.2KB
Bankruptcy Builder (2008-05-18)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 10.0KB
CVDrum (demo) (2003)(E-Mancanics)(PD) 7.4KB
Coleco Adam (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 512.0B
Bejeweled (demo) (2002-03-15)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 13.0KB
Game Pack VIC-20 Demo (2003-06-18)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 4.9KB
BC’s Quest For Tires II – Grog’s Revenge (1984)(Coleco)[a] 17.0KB
Dacman V1.2b (2000-08-01)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 11.9KB
Frog Feast (2007-12-13)(Mark2008)(PD) 8.2KB
Colecovision RPG Demo V011 (2006)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 4.6KB
Nim (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 4.2KB
Bump ‘n’ Jump (1984)(Mattel)(proto) 9.3KB
Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun)[a] 13.8KB
Q-Bert Qubes (1984)(Parker Brothers)[u] 8.4KB
Black Onyx V004 (2007)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 22.0KB
Alcazar – The Forgotten Fortress (1985)(Telegames)[u] 12.4KB
Terra Attack (2007-03-10)(Huggins, Scott)(PD) 15.5KB
Puzzle Panic (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 17.4KB
Kick Gas! (demo) (2008-06-11)(Dvik – Joyrex)(PD) 10.5KB
Gust Buster (1983)(Sunrise Software) 6.5KB
Super Action Baseball (1983)(Coleco)[u] 15.8KB
Mousetrap (1982)(Coleco)[a] 7.4KB
Cosmic Crisis (1983)(Telegames) 8.4KB
Skiing (1986)(Telegames)[u] 5.9KB
Frogger (1983)(Parker Brothers)[u] 7.8KB
Rolloverture (1983)(Sunrise Software) 8.4KB
Breakout (1999)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(fr)(PD) 8.2KB
Cabbage Patch Kids – Adventures In The Park (1984-06-30)(OAA)(proto) 10.7KB
Black Onyx V001 (2007)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 22.4KB
Keystone Kapers (1984)(Activision) 8.3KB
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (1984)(Xonox) 10.4KB
Terra Attack (2007)(Huggins, Scott)(PD)[final] 15.6KB
Telly Turtle (1984)(Coleco) 6.5KB
Ostrich Farmer V0.1 (2007-11-01)(hardhat)(PD) 2.3KB
Explosion (200x)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.4KB
Escape From The Mind Master (1983)(Epyx)(proto) 9.9KB
Smooth Criminal Demo (2009-03-09)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 2.1KB
Sound FX Vol 2 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.9KB
Galaxian (1983)(Atari)[u2] 14.6KB
Old Skool Demo 01 (2005-05-30)(Foster, Guy)(PD) 1.0KB
Frogger II – Threeedeep! (1984)(Parker Brothers) 10.6KB
Mist Maid V1.1 (2007)(Wick, Dale)(PD) 2.6KB
Boulder Dash (1984)(Telegames)[h 9 Lives] 7.6KB
Ken Uston Blackjack-Poker (1983)(Coleco) 10.4KB
Gorf (1983)(Coleco)[b] 11.3KB
Oil’s Well (1984)(Sierra On-Line)[a] 6.8KB
Kill Barney In Tokyo (1997)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.5KB
Cye Beta (2007)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 15.8KB
Power Lords – Quest For Volcan (1983)(Probe 2000)(proto) 15.4KB
Moonsweeper (1983)(Imagic) 9.2KB
Sir Lancelot (1983)(Xonox) 7.7KB
Memory Manor (1984) (Fisher-Price) 4.9KB
Linking Logic (1984)(Fisher-Price) 6.2KB
Demon 2 (demo) (2001)(Proulx, Yannick)(PD) 1.2KB
Galaxian (1983)(Atari)[a] 11.6KB
Choplifter (1984)(Coleco)[a] 11.5KB
BUSTin Out V0.5 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 24.9KB
Superpong Demo (2000)(-)(PD) 2.7KB
Space Invasion (demo) (1998)(Dondzila, John)(PD) 4.8KB
Kobashi (2008)(Dvik – Joyrex)(PD) 5.8KB
Space Caverns (2004)(Huggins, Scott)(PD) 11.3KB
Jetpack (2006-08-28)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 2.3KB
Robin Hood (1984)(Xonox) 9.2KB
Bankruptcy Builder (2008-05-15)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 10.1KB
Heist, The (1983)(Micro Fun)[h][8 Lives] 13.6KB
Amazing Snake V0.4 (2000)(Tremblay, Serge-Eric)(PD) 12.3KB
Space Fury (1983)(Sega)[a] 8.8KB
Motocross Racer (1984)(Xonox) 8.1KB
Space Hunter (2005)(Foster, Guy)(PD) 2.4KB
Hustle V01 (2006-11-21)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 2.7KB
Double Breakout Beta 2 (2001-03-23)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 18.4KB
Dacman (2000-07-22)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 11.9KB
Monkey Academy (1984)(Konami)(proto) 11.1KB
Dr. Seuss’s Fix-Up The Mix-Up Puzzler (1984)(Coleco) 8.3KB
Frenzy (1983)(Coleco)[a] 12.8KB
Maze Maniac (2005-11)(Boyer, Mathieu)(PD) 15.0KB
Q-Bert (1983)(Parker Brothers) 6.5KB
Ostrich Farmer V0.2 (2007-11-01)(hardhat)(PD) 2.4KB
Vision 8 V1.0 (1997)(deKogel, Marcel)(PD) 1.9KB
Pitfall II – Lost Caverns (1984)(Activision) 10.8KB
Decathlon (1983)(Activision) 12.4KB
Cosmic Avenger (1982)(Coleco)[a] 8.6KB
Jetpack (2006-08-31)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 2.7KB
Dam Busters, The (1984)(Coleco) 22.3KB
Campaign ’84 (1983)(Sunrise Software) 10.6KB
Heist, The (1983)(Micro Fun)[h][50 Lives] 13.6KB
Galaxian (1983)(Atari)[u] 11.6KB
Joust (1983)(Atari)(proto) 14.2KB
Spaz Attak (2009-02-22)(Uman, Howard)(PD) 5.7KB
Oil’s Well (1984)(Sierra On-Line) 6.8KB
Monkey Academy (1984)(Coleco) 13.1KB
Super Action Football (1984)(Coleco) 19.6KB
Fortune Builder (1984)(Coleco) 17.4KB
Sector Alpha (1983)(Spectravideo)[o2] 11.7KB
Slurpy (1984)(Xonox) 8.8KB
Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price)[u] 4.5KB
Bankruptcy Builder (2008-07-20)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 14.6KB
Pitstop (1983)(Epyx) 12.0KB
BUSTin Out V0 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 24.6KB
Sammy Lightfoot (1983)(Sierra On-Line)[a] 10.6KB
Smurf Paint ‘n’ Play Workshop (1983)(Coleco) 13.8KB
Mousetrap (1982)(Coleco)[u] 7.4KB
Nova Blast (1983)(Coleco)[u] 7.5KB
Puckman Sounds V001 (2003)(-)(PD) 6.0KB
Matrix Demo (2004)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 24.4KB
Super Action Baseball (1983)(Coleco) 13.2KB
Fathom (1983)(Coleco) 11.5KB
Popeye (1983)(Parker Brothers)[a] 12.3KB
Brain Strainers (1984)(Coleco) 7.3KB
Mr. Do! (1983)(Coleco)[a] 13.3KB
Adamcon 17 (demo) (2005-07)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 16.1KB
Cosmo Challenge (1997)(de Kogel, Marcel)(PD) 13.5KB
Bunny (2007)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 2.9KB
Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun)[m 8 Lives] 13.8KB
Spectron (1983)(Spectravideo) 8.6KB
Slither (1983)(Coleco)[o] 10.3KB
Amazing Snake V0.5 (2000)(Tremblay, Serge-Eric)(PD) 13.0KB
James Bond 007 (1984)(Parker Brothers) 9.3KB
Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)[b] 12.0KB
Squares! 4K V01 (2006)(deKleine, Harvey)(PD) 2.1KB
Frog Feast (2006-10-21)(Mark2008)(PD) 6.3KB
Jumpman Junior (1984)(Epyx) 10.0KB
Subroc (1983)(Coleco) 14.0KB
Gulkave (2006)(Foster, Guy)(PD) 19.5KB
Beamrider (1983)(Activision) 10.3KB
Goldorak Pic (199x)(-)(PD) 7.2KB
Star Demo (200x)(-)(PD) 819.0B
Facemaker (1983) (Spinnaker) 5.9KB
Black Onyx V003 (2007)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 22.3KB
H.E.R.O. (1984)(Activision) 11.5KB
Burgertime (1983)(Mattel)(proto) 8.3KB
Kevtris (1996)(CVRS)(PD) 9.4KB
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (1984)(Coleco) 15.3KB
New (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.7KB
PONG (2007)(DIONISO)(PD) 5.7KB
Sky Jaguar (2004)(Konami – Opcode)(PD) 13.0KB
Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun) 13.8KB
Evolution (1983) (Sydney) 10.5KB
Quest For Quintana Roo (1983) (Sunrise) 9.9KB
Gyruss (1984)(Parker Brothers) 12.2KB
Blockade Runner (1984)(Interphase) 11.1KB
Sammy Lightfoot (1983)(Sierra On-Line) 10.6KB
Dig Dug (1984)(Atari)(proto)[o] 12.8KB
Super Sketch (1984)(Roubik, Steve)(PD) 4.7KB
Telly Turtle (1984) (Carousel) 6.0KB
Get Booty (2005)(Wick, Dale)(PD)[4k] 2.4KB
Cosmic Crisis (1983) (Bit Corp) 7.9KB
Pac-Man Collection Music Demo (2006)(Opcode)(PD) 8.4KB
Starry Nights (demo) (2005-05-05)(Foster, Guy)(PD) 512.0B
Happy Halloween (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 8.9KB
Chuck Norris Super Kicks (1983)(Xonox) 9.5KB
Schlange CV (2006)(Krause, Philipp Klaus)(PD) 15.1KB
Black Onyx V006 (2007)(Tomlin, Bruce)(PD) 22.1KB
Steamroller (1984) (Activision) 10.9KB
Conway’s Game Of Life (2000-07-28)(Wick, Dale)(PD) 2.0KB
Flipper Slipper (1983)(Spectravideo) 8.8KB
Boulder Dash (1984)(Telegames)[h 50 Lives] 7.6KB
DragonFire (1984)(Imagic) 10.9KB
Berenstain Bears, The (1984)(Coleco)(proto) 3.1KB
Happy Halloween (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[a] 24.4KB
Pac-Man (1983)(Atarisoft)(proto)[o] 10.7KB
Wizard Of Id’s Wizmath (1984)(Sierra On-Line) 10.8KB
Roc ‘n Rope (1984)(Coleco) 14.3KB
Cabbage Patch Kids – Adventures In The Park (1984)(Coleco) 10.5KB
Slither (1983)(Coleco) 10.2KB
Aquattack (1984)(Interphase)[a] 10.3KB
2010 – The Graphic Action Game (1984-09-11)(Coleco)(proto)[v54] 19.1KB
One On One Basketball (1984) (Micro Fun) 8.7KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (1984)(Parker Brothers) 10.4KB
Amazing Snake (2000)(Tremblay, Serge-Eric)(PD) 9.5KB
Mr. Do’s Castle (1983)(Parker Brothers) 10.2KB
Buck Rogers – Planet Of Zoom (1983)(Coleco)[o] 14.1KB
Frontline (1983)(Coleco)[a] 15.0KB
Dr. Seuss’s Fix-Up The Mix-Up Puzzler (1984) (Coleco) 7.5KB
Sudoku V01 (2008)(Miron, Luc)(PD) 5.3KB
Cosmo Fighter 2 (1997)(Red Bullet)(PD) 9.1KB
Spy Hunter (1984)(Coleco)[b] 21.5KB
Logic Levels (1984) (Fisher-Price) 9.7KB
Final Test Cartridge (19xx) 1.8KB
Smurf – Paint ‘n Play Workshop (1983) 12.1KB
Frenzy (1983)(Coleco)[a2] 12.8KB
Montezuma’s Revenge (1984)(Parker Brothers) 11.5KB
Q-Bert (1983)(Parker Brothers)[a] 6.5KB
Choplifter (1984)(Coleco) 11.5KB
Frenzy (1983)(Coleco) 12.8KB
Alphabet Zoo (1984)(Spinnaker Software) 13.3KB
Spy Hunter (1984)(Coleco) 21.5KB
Pac-Man Collection (demo) (2006)(Opcode)(PD) 17.7KB
Destructor (1984)(Coleco) 21.0KB
Evolution (1983)(Coleco) 11.2KB
Jumpman Junior (1984)(Epyx)[a] 10.1KB
Death Race (2004)(Dav)(PD) 2.2KB
Boulder Dash (1984)(Telegames) 7.6KB
Illusions (1984)(Coleco) 10.2KB
Bejeweled (demo) (2001)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 6.8KB
Jungle Hunt (1983)(Atari) 16.6KB
Alcazar – The Forgotten Fortress (1985)(Telegames) 12.5KB
Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)(proto) 10.7KB
Q-Bert Qubes (1984)(Parker Brothers) 10.6KB
Escape From The Mind Master (1983) (Starpath) 9.1KB
Smurf Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (1982)(Coleco)[a] 10.8KB
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (1984)(Coleco)[u] 15.2KB
Dig Dug (1984)(Atari)(proto) 12.8KB
Amazing Bumpman (1986)(Telegames) 8.0KB
Orbit (1983)(Parker Bros)(proto) 3.2KB
Jeepers Creepers (2007)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 22.7KB
Zap V0.1 (200x)(-)(PD) 2.1KB
Artillery Duel (1983)(Xonox) 7.8KB
Omega Race (1983)(Coleco) 10.6KB
Looping (1983)(Coleco) 9.9KB
Bump ‘n’ Jump (1984)(Coleco) 10.2KB
Adventurium 3 Demo (2000)(-)(PD) 3.8KB
Popeye (1983)(Parker Brothers) 12.3KB
Cosmic Avenger (1982)(Coleco) 8.5KB
River Raid (1984)(Activision) 10.4KB
Rocky Super Action Boxing (1983)(Coleco) 14.5KB
Pepper II (1983)(Coleco) 11.2KB
Air Battle V0.4 (2000)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 13.6KB
Tennis (2008-01-22)(-)(PD) 3.1KB
Frontline (1983)(Coleco) 15.0KB
Space Fury (1983) (Sega) 10.5KB
BC’s Quest For Tires II – Grog’s Revenge (1984)(Coleco) 17.0KB
Frog Magi (2007)(Wick, Dale)(PD) 3.6KB
Word Feud (1984) (Xonox) 4.2KB
Buck Rogers – Planet Of Zoom (1983)(Coleco) 14.1KB
Dacman (2000-07-27)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 11.9KB
Bunny (2007)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD)[6k] 4.1KB
Space Panic (1983)(Coleco) 9.3KB
Antarctic Adventure (1984)(Konami)(proto) 11.6KB
Aquattack (1984)(Interphase) 10.2KB
Dacman (2000-07-28)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 11.9KB
Galaxian (1983)(Atari) 11.6KB
Pitfall! (1983)(Activision) 9.2KB
Gateway To Apshai (1984)(Epyx) 9.3KB
Centipede (1983)(Atari) 8.7KB
Super DK! Junior (1983) 12.6KB
Mr. Do! (1983)(Coleco) 13.2KB
Heist, The (1983)(Micro Fun) 13.6KB
Mr Chin (demo) (2008)(CollectorVision)(PD) 8.9KB
Wild Western (2005)(Mello, Eduardo)(PD) 2.5KB
Tutankham (1983) (Parker Bros) 7.6KB
Antarctic Adventure (1984)(Coleco) 11.8KB
Frontline (1983) (Taito) 14.0KB
Smurf Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (1982)(Coleco) 10.8KB
Space Fury (1983)(Sega) 10.4KB
MazezaM V1.0 (199x)(Tzvetkov, Ventzislav)(PD) 4.0KB
Public Domain 275.7KB
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (1984) 13.7KB
Choplifter (1982-84) (Broderbund) 11.0KB
Frogger II – ThreeDeep! (1984) (Parker Bros) 10.0KB
Donkey Kong Arcade (2005-10-17)(Mello, Eduardo)(PD) 3.0KB
Cabbage Patch Kids – Adventure In The Park (1983) 10.4KB
Q-Bert (1983)(Parker Brothers)[h] 6.5KB
Burgertime (1984)(Coleco) 9.6KB
Killer Instinct (1997)(Bienvenu, Daniel)(PD) 3.6KB
Donkey Kong Arcade (2005-10-25)(Mello, Eduardo)(PD) 5.9KB
Donkey Kong (1982)(Coleco) 8.9KB
Donkey Kong Jr (1982-83) 10.6KB
Dukes Of Hazzard, The (1984)(Coleco) 19.7KB
Donkey Kong Arcade (2005-10-22)(Mello, Eduardo)(PD) 4.8KB
Dragon’s Lair (1984-04-16)(Coleco)(proto) 14.7KB
Donkey Kong Arcade (2005-10-20)(Mello, Eduardo)(PD) 3.2KB
Gorf (1983)(Coleco) 11.3KB
Frogger (1983)(Parker Brothers) 7.9KB
2010 – The Graphic Action Game (1984)(Coleco) 19.0KB
War Games (1983-84) 12.9KB
Donkey Kong Arcade (2005-10-21)(Mello, Eduardo)(PD) 4.2KB
BC’s Quest For Tires (1983)(Sierra On-Line) 11.2KB
Carnival (1982)(Coleco) 10.5KB
Congo Bongo (1984)(Coleco) 17.0KB
Congo Bongo (1984) 16.0KB
Defender (1983)(Atari) 13.9KB
Mousetrap (1982)(Coleco) 7.5KB
Tapper (1984) (Midway) 20.5KB
Kevtris (1996)(CVRS)(PD)(PD)[a] 9.4KB
Tarzan (1984) (Coleco) 17.1KB
Lady Bug (1982)(Coleco) 8.5KB
Donkey Kong Junior (1983)(Coleco) 11.3KB