Bally Pro Arcade Astrocade ROMs

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Game Title File Size
Guardian (1984)(Alligata)[GUALOAD Start] 7.9KB
Ricochet (1989)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 54.6KB
Frogger (1982)(A&F)[a][FROGGER Start] 5.4KB
Road Runner (1983)(Superior)[ROADRU Start] 6.5KB
Shrinking Professor’s Quest, The (1983)(A&F)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.2KB
Commercial Accounts (1982)(Gemini) 5.3KB
One Last Game (1984)(Bevan Technology)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 10.2KB
Block Buster (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][BBLOAD Start] 8.7KB
Cylon Attack (1984)(A&F)[a][CYLON Start] 18.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc E1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 195.5KB
Sharx Place 28 – 17 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 86.5KB
Colossus 4.0 – Bridge (1988)(CDS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 27.9KB
Spooks And Spiders (1984)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.5KB
Big KO, The (1987)(Software Creations)[h TSTH][bootfile] 37.6KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 04 – Number 03 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 19.2KB
Flint Strikes Back (19xx)(Potter Programs)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
Crazy Painter (19xx)(Superior) 7.9KB
Four In A Row (19xx)(John Web)[a][4IN-ROW Start] 2.5KB
Qwak! (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.3KB
Bun Fun (19xx)(Squirrel Soft)[bootfile] 4.0KB
Scan (1983)(Paen Systems)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.2KB
Snapper V2 (1982)(Acornsoft)[SNAP Start] 6.6KB
Match Day (1985)(Ocean)[MATCHD Start] 11.0KB
Cosmic Camouflage (1988)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 6.2KB
Fruity Freddy (1983)(Softspot)[cr Mass Piracy][h TSTH][bootifle] 6.2KB
Baron (1989)(Superior)[bootfile] 19.7KB
Sinbad (1984)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Joust (19xx)(Atari)[p][a][JOUST Start] 6.2KB
Sharx Place 25 – 14 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 90.1KB
Ladder Maze (1983)(Superior)[LADDER Start] 7.8KB
Ravenskull (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile-tape] 23.9KB
Cyborg Warriors (1991)(Superior)[b][CYBORG Start] 11.1KB
Road Runner (1983)(R. Hanson)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Morris Miner (19xx)(J. Temple)[MORRIS Start] 4.6KB
BBC PD Disk 103 – Home Help & Easybase (19xx)(-)(BBC-103)[bootfile-ADFS] 72.9KB
Spooky Manor (1984)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 15.6KB
Sphere Of Destiny (1986)(Gary Partis)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.6KB
Power Bandit (19xx)(J&J)[POWERB Start] 2.5KB
Space Pilot (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.8KB
Spooksville – BBC Version (1988)(Blue Ribbon)[a][SPOOKS Start] 9.3KB
Rig Attack (19xx)(Tynesoft)[a][RIG1 Start] 7.5KB
Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[a][DIALOAD Start] 6.9KB
Pharoah’s Tomb (1982)(A&F)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.2KB
Crazy Painter (19xx)(Superior)[RUN Start] 9.9KB
Anarchy Zone (1988)(Atlantis)[cr][a][ZONE Start] 7.9KB
Sim City (1990)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 58.2KB
Print Replay, Speech & Other ROMs (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 90.1KB
Bumble Bee V2.0 (1983)(Micro Power)[a2][BUMBLE Start] 6.2KB
CPR 1 (1986)(Andy Rennison)[bootfile] 27.1KB
BBC Demo Disk (19xx)(-)[a] 24.5KB
Hexplode (19xx)(-)[HEXPLODE Start] 1.9KB
Acorn User (1987-08)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 90.5KB
Lost City (1983)(Robin & Jean Burgess)[a][bootfile] 11.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc SU05-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 169.2KB
Microbe (1983)(Virgin Games)[MICROBE Start] 7.6KB
Fonts & Cutouts Disc V2 (1993)(8-Bit)(TBI-11)[bootfile] 53.0KB
BBC PD Disk 147 – Hints & Tips (19xx)(-)(BBC-147)[bootfile-ADFS] 113.2KB
Pengo (1983)(H. Soft)[PENGO Start] 7.9KB
Rubble Trouble (1983)(Program Power)[a][RUBBLE Start] 10.4KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 6 To 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile-ADFS] 165.5KB
Exterminator (1983)(Partis Soft)[a][EXTERM Start] 5.7KB
Rik The Roadie (1987)(Guest, Hamblett, & Gardiner)[RIK Start] 12.5KB
Sharx Place 14 – 23 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 62.7KB
Beebmunch (1982)(IJK)[a][BEEBLOA Start] 4.1KB
BBC PD Disk 159 – WEP Educational Software (19xx)(-)(BBC-159)[PDMENU Start] 128.3KB
Seventh Star, The (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 21.0KB
BlackJack (19xx)(IJK)[a][BLACK Start] 5.2KB
BBC PD Disk 108 – S. Flintham And Others (19xx)(-)(PD)[bootfile] 76.0KB
Rik The Roadie (1987)(Guest, Hamblett, & Gardiner)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.7KB
Slide Show – Star Wars (1986)(HeroZoft)[bootfile] 260.4KB
Battle Of Britain (19xx)(Betasoft) 7.2KB
Fortress (1983)(Amcom)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 11.6KB
Mega Apocalypse (1988)(Martech)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.3KB
Slide Show – Pictures! (19xx)(Techno-Graffiti)[bootfile] 48.9KB
Chuckie Egg (19xx)(A&F)[h][a][CH-EGG4 Start] 6.5KB
Programs Vol. 2 (19xx)(C. Dewhurst)[h 8-Bit](TBI-141)[bootfile] 31.6KB
Acorn User Swr Utilities (1986)(D. Lawrence)(Side 0)[bootfile] 24.7KB
Grid Iron (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 02 (1991-06)(Beebug)[bootfile] 26.5KB
Brian Jack’s Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech)[a3][BRIAN Start] 11.9KB
Roboto (1985)(Bug Byte)[a][ROBOTO Start] 22.6KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 07 – Number 07 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 32.9KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 06 – Number 07 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 28.1KB
Spectapede (1984)(Mastertronic)[a2][SPECTAP Start] 7.3KB
Space War (1983)(D. Hufton)[a][SPC-WAR Start] 4.0KB
Blokkendoos Plus (1989)(JBF)[bootfile] 5.5KB
Mysterious Adventure 11 – Waxworks (1983)(Digital Fantasia)[a3][WAXWORK Start] 9.7KB
Ransack! (1987)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 21.3KB
Micro User, The (1984-04)(Micro User) 18.3KB
Maze In Space, A (1983)(Slogger)[h Piratesoft][SP.MAZE Start] 11.1KB
Pantheon (19xx)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 34.3KB
Mr. Shifter (19xx)(MRM)[a][SHIFTER Start] 4.8KB
Golf (19xx)(-)[a][GOLF Start] 2.7KB
Crazee Rider (1987)(Superior)[cr TOM][bootfile] 16.9KB
Pool Hall (19xx)(Dynabyte)[POOL Start] 7.9KB
JJF PD Disk 13-1 – The Iliad By Homer, Parts 1-18 (19xx)(J. Farmer)[bootfile] 139.5KB
Jet-Pac (1983)(ACG)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 9.8KB
Commando (19xx)(Elite) 18.6KB
Blast! (1989)(Audiogenic)[a][BLASTC1 Start] 15.8KB
Space Invaders (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.7KB
Boffin 2 (1985)(Addictive Games)[bootfile] 14.9KB
Repton Infinity (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 84.3KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 2 Number 1 To 10 & Volume 3 Number 1 To 2 (19xx)(-)[bootfile-ADFS] 187.3KB
Blitzkrieg – Mono Color (1984)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Guardian (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.5KB
Pipe Mania (1988)(Entertainment International)[bootfile] 18.8KB
Mutant V2 (1982)(IJK)[a][MUTANT Start] 1.6KB
Rolling Picture Show (1994)(GFX)[h 8-Bit](TBI-63-2)[bootfile] 243.5KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc BB2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 35.4KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 09 – Number 04 (1990-08)(Beebug)[bootfile] 42.5KB
Disk User 03 – October-November (1987)(-)[a][bootfile] 40.8KB
Star Trek Adventure (1983)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.7KB
Ricochet (1989)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 50.5KB
Best Of Beebug – Applications (19xx)(RISC Developments)[MENU Start] 47.9KB
Gulp! (19xx)(Peaksoft)[a][GULP Start] 5.0KB
Kissin’ Kousins (1985)(English)[KISSIN Start] 10.4KB
Kissin’ Kousins (1985)(English)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.7KB
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz (1991)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 57.9KB
Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[D-MINE Start] 7.0KB
BBC Demo Disk (19xx)(-) 24.5KB
Lunar Jetman (19xx)(Ultimate)[JETMAN Start] 13.5KB
Ghouls (19xx)(Micro Power)[a2][GHOULS Start] 7.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc PQ1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 149.7KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc WZ1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 108.5KB
Survivors, The (1987)(Atlantis)[SURVIVO Start] 7.4KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc D1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 147.5KB
Return Of Flint (19xx)(Potter Programs)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Mysterious Adventure 05 – Escape From Pulsar 7 (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[bootfile] 11.2KB
Sound Samples (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-17)[ADFS] 503.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc I1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 203.1KB
Curse Of The Middle Kingdom, The (1983)(Pro)[a][INSTRUC Start] 11.8KB
Blagger (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 6.4KB
Graphics Adventure Creator (1986)(Incentive)[bootfile] 24.0KB
Evil Weevils (1984)(Micro Power)[a][WEEVIL Start] 8.2KB
Golden Figurine, The (1988)(BFM Systems)[b2] 11.4KB
Holed Out – Cone Links (1989)(Fourth Dimension)[bootfile] 24.3KB
Gisburne’s Castle (1985)(Software Communications)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 12.8KB
Sharx Place 31 – 11 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 72.7KB
Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[a3][JACK Start] 7.5KB
Commando (19xx)(Elite)[t HeroCrack][a][COMMAND Start] 18.7KB
BBC PD Disk 103 – Home Help & Easybase (19xx)(-)(PD)[bootfile] 78.8KB
Salamanca (19xx)(-)[SALINTR Start] 5.4KB
Rubble Trouble (1983)(Program Power)[bootfile] 10.4KB
Acorn User Gallery (1985)(-)(Disk 1 Of 2)(gallery)[bootfile] 76.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 04 – Number 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 22.3KB
PASCAL Boot Disk (19xx)(Oxford Computer Systems)[a][bootfile] 36.3KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 04 – Number 02 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 21.4KB
Games P-Q (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 97.1KB
Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile-swram] 30.2KB
Defence Com (1983)(J.W.)[a][DEFCOM Start] 3.4KB
BBC PD Disk 110 – M. Greshaw & S. Lazareno (19xx)(-)(PD)[bootfile] 74.1KB
Smash 7 – Part 2 (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 28.0KB
Merry Xmas Santa (19xx)(Icon)[bootfile] 8.1KB
Bug Blaster (1983)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Elixir (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.8KB
Magic Adventure 1 (1983)(Kansas)[bootfile] 10.4KB
DFS Picture Disc 4 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-TBI-116-4] 89.4KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc SI1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 159.8KB
Flip! (1985)(Icon)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 7.0KB
Games G-H (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 74.1KB
Secret Sam – Adventure 2 (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.0KB
CroakIt (1983)(P. Hollows)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.3KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 08 – Number 07 (1989-12)(Beebug)[bootfile] 49.8KB
Acorn User (1993-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile-8-Bit Issue 29] 60.7KB
Slide Show 15 – BBC4 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 6.4KB
Dreamscape, The (demo) (1994)(DSPD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-55-1)[bootfile] 21.6KB
Icarus (1988)(Mandarin)[a3][STARTCO Start] 24.4KB
Dog Fight (1983)(Opus)[a][DGINTRO Start] 9.1KB
Kidknapped – Adventure No. 1 (1983)(B. Neville-Lee)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Martian Attack (1983)(Program Power)[a2][MARS Start] 7.5KB
Battleship (19xx)(-)[a][BATTLES Start] 2.1KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc SU03-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 158.8KB
Space Fighter (1982)(Superior)[SFIGHT1 Start] 5.9KB
Haunted Abbey, The (1984)(A&F)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.8KB
Dino And The Saurus Races (19xx)(Gordon Key)[a][DINO Start] 6.8KB
Disk User 01 To 05 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 223.8KB
Positron (1983)(Partis-Soft)[POSI0 Start] 5.6KB
Dictator (1983)(Dktronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.3KB
Sharx Place 40 – 14 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 109.5KB
Space Maze (19xx)(J. Barfield)[SPACEMA Start] 7.1KB
Star Battle! (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.8KB
Barrage (19xx)(Cox And Barrow)[BARRAGE Start] 3.7KB
Baron (1989)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 21.3KB
Nightshade (19xx)(-)[b2] 19.6KB
Castle Quest (19xx)(Micro Power)[t][B.CSTLQST Start] 13.3KB
BBC PD Disk 161 (19xx)(-)[b](BBC-161)[bootfile] 34.9KB
Plague Planet (1988)(Alpine)[h TSTH][bootfile] 49.6KB
Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[UXB Start] 4.8KB
Quest Probe 1 – Incredible Hulk Vb-126 (1984)(Adventure International)[a][GAMEB Start] 11.2KB
Colditz! (19xx)(LVL)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.5KB
Arcadians (1982)(Acornsoft-Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.0KB
Grand Prix Construction Set (1987)(A. Bradley)[cr SAM][bootfile] 30.0KB
Paras (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a][PARAS Start] 5.8KB
Mr. T’s – In The Mystery Maze – Explore (1984)(Ebury)[bootfile] 11.9KB
Program Power 1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 213.6KB
Hockey (1986)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][boofile] 6.4KB
Boris In The Under World (1984)(Superior)[a][BORISLO Start] 5.9KB
Enthar Seven, The Mega Adventure (1985)(Robico)[h TSTH][bootfile-Model B&Master] 51.7KB
Cosmic Cruiser (1984)(Imagine)[COSMIC Start] 10.4KB
REVS – 1 Track (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.4KB
Oblivion (1983)(Bug Byte)[OBLIVIO Start] 5.8KB
Fortress (1983)(Amcom)[a][bootfile] 11.7KB
Eldorado Gold (1982)(Program Power)[a2][ELDOR Start] 9.4KB
Missile Base (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.8KB
Repton 3 – Around The World In 40 Screens (1986)(Superior)[h][bootfile] 53.9KB
Blitzkrieg – Mono Color (1984)(Software Invastion)[a][BLITZKR Start] 11.8KB
Snapper V1 (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile-fast Speed] 7.0KB
Micro User, The (1985-11)(Micro User) 24.5KB
Smash 7 (19xx)(-) 56.0KB
Bullseye (1984)(Macsen)[cr 81 Red][h TSTH][bootfile] 19.9KB
Rocky (1983)(R. Wallen)[bootfile] 6.1KB
Psycastria V2.1 (1986)(Audiogenic)[b][LOADER Start] 20.6KB
British Isles, The (19xx)(-)[a][BRI Start] 2.3KB
Killer Gorilla (19xx)(Program Power)[KILLER Start] 8.0KB
Masterbrain (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 2.4KB
Exile (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 68.4KB
Estra (19xx)(Firebird)[bootfile] 13.6KB
Holed Out – Pine Isles (1989)(Fourth Dimension)[bootfile] 24.5KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 09 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 27.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 06 – Number 08 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 26.8KB
Mined Out (1983)(Quicksilva)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.9KB
Acorn User (1987-07)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 55.4KB
Blast! (1989)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.3KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc M2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 204.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc CH10-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 141.2KB
Auf Wiedersehen Pet (1984)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.8KB
Snapper V2 (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 9.1KB
Canyon Battle (1983)(BBC Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.5KB
Scoop (1986)(British Telecom)[h TSTH][bootfile] 42.7KB
BBC PD Disk 120 – BBC Games Disc (19xx)(-)(PD)[bootfile] 85.2KB
Cylon Attack (1984)(A&F)[CYLON Start] 18.2KB
Pentoms Puzzle (19xx)(-)[a][KIDTOMS Start] 4.6KB
Bubble Bobble! (1989)(Firebird)[h TRSH][bootfile] 31.3KB
Sticky Fingers! (1984)(E.C.L.)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.6KB
Boxer (1984)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 7.2KB
Golf (1986)(Yes)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] 4.5KB
Hockey (1986)(Bug Byte)[a][HOCKEY Start] 6.2KB
Bomb Alley (1983)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.7KB
Space Ranger (1986)(Audiogenic)[a][RANGER Start] 7.0KB
JJF PD Disk 04 – Graphics Disc 2 (19xx)(J. Farmer)(PD Graphics)[bootfile] 250.3KB
Block Buster (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.8KB
Nemesis (1983)(T. Chown)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
By Fair Means Or Foul (1986)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 22.1KB
Micro User, The (1984-12)(Micro User) 24.8KB
Return Of R2 – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[ROFR2 Start] 9.2KB
Boffin 2 (1985)(Addictive Games)[BOFIN21 Start] 14.9KB
Space Invaders (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Boffin (1985)(Addictive Games)[t +2 Mike][bootfile] 12.4KB
Ransack! (1987)(Audiogenic)[t][CHEAT Start] 21.2KB
BBC PD Disk 135 – H. Harper & Farmer (19xx)(-)(BBC-135)[bootfile] 159.2KB
Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a2][DUNE Start] 6.2KB
Camelot (1989)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.7KB
Slide Show – ADFS Pictures 1 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-116-1)[bootfile-ADFS] 358.1KB
Chuckie Egg (19xx)(A&F)[h Caretaker][a][CHUCK-3 Start] 6.9KB
Gorph (1983)(Doctor Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.7KB
Fun Fair (1983)(Softspot)[a][FUNFAIR Start] 6.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 07 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 29.9KB
Disk User 04 – December-January (1987)(-)[a][bootfile] 58.5KB
REVS – 5 Tracks (1985)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 23.9KB
Birds Of Prey (1983)(Romik)[a][BIRDS Start] 4.1KB
Big KO, The (1987)(Software Creations)[cr Simon][bootfile] 36.6KB
Arena 3000 (1983)(Microdeal)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Slide Show – Pictures! (19xx)(Techno-Graffiti)(Side 0)[bootfile] 80.4KB
Squeeze (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 9.3KB
Q-Bix (1986)(Alligata)[a][LOADER Start] 6.8KB
Bridge Head (19xx)(-)[b][BRIDGE Start] 4.6KB
Disk User 06 To 10 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 208.8KB
Siege (19xx)(Postern)[a][SIEGE Start] 2.5KB
Acorn User (1988-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 78.9KB
Space Rescue (1983)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.3KB
Pinball (19xx)(Kansas City)[PININST Start] 8.1KB
Polar Perils (1984)(R. Williams)[PERIL1 Start] 9.0KB
Snake (1982)(Computer Concepts)[CSNAKE Start] 3.7KB
Birdie Barrage V3.0 (1985)(CDS)[a][MENU Start] 13.6KB
Croaker (1983)(Program Power)[a2][CROAKER Start] 4.1KB
BBC PD Disk 080 – Digitised Music (19xx)(-)(BBC-80)[bootfile] 186.2KB
Double Phantom Combat (1986)(Dr. Soft)[cr Ole][a2][LOADER Start] 29.2KB
Bruce Lee (1985)(Micro Power)[h TRSH][bootfile] 12.0KB
Maze (1984)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 9.3KB
Martian Attack (1983)(Program Power)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 7.7KB
Desperate Dan’s Dungeon (1984)(Thor)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.3KB
Combat Lynx (19xx)(Durell)[COMBATL Start] 28.9KB
Bomber (19xx)(Salamander)[h TSTH][bootfile] 1.9KB
Acorn User (1990-05)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 64.2KB
JJF PD Disk 06 – Graphics Disc 4 (19xx)(J. Farmer)(PD Graphics)[bootfile] 131.9KB
Bomb Alley (1983)(Software Invasion)[a][BOMBA1 Start] 5.0KB
Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.3KB
Games R-S (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 102.9KB
Microball (19xx)(Alternative)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-E00DFS] 6.3KB
Repton 2 (1985)(Superior)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 18.4KB
Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 0)[bootfile-Master] 34.0KB
Games Compendium 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 44.6KB
BBC PD Disk 052 – Starfleet (19xx)(-)(BBC-52)[bootfile-ADFS] 145.6KB
Acorn User Gallery (1985)(-)(Disk 1 Of 2)(gallery)[a][bootfile] 76.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 01 (1991-05)(Beebug)[bootfile] 21.7KB
Skyhawk (1986)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.1KB
Pandemonium (19xx)(Top Ten)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.3KB
Even Even More Basic Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 5.1KB
Cosmic Combat (19xx)(Micro Power)[COMB Start] 6.5KB
Jumbo (1982)(Molimerx)[a][JUMBO Start] 7.5KB
Genesis Project, The (19xx)(Audiogenic)[b2] 12.6KB
Light Cycles (1983)(Paean Systems)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.6KB
Harston PD Library – Black & CJR File Archiver V2.00 (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-5)[ARCHIVE Start] 12.6KB
Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.1KB
Acornsoft – Alligata – Atarisoft Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 88.2KB
Micro User, The (1984-02)(Micro User) 18.8KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 11 – Number 10 (1993-04)(Beebug)[bootfile] 38.3KB
Chuckie Egg (19xx)(A&F)[h Caretaker][CHUCKIE Start] 6.9KB
Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes (1987)(CDS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.8KB
Boulder Dash (1988)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.3KB
Mineshaft (1984)(Durell)[MINESFT Start] 9.5KB
Millionaire (1984)(Incentive)[MILLION Start] 9.6KB
A&B Computing Volume 1 No. 11 (1984)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 38.6KB
Colossus 4.0 – Chess (1986)(-)(Disk 2 Of 2)[h TSTH] 7.4KB
Cube Master (1982)(Acornsoft)[CUBE Start] 5.0KB
Harston PD Library – Screen Pictures (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-4)[bootfile] 89.0KB
Kingdom Of Hamil (19xx)(Acornsoft)[a][LOADER Start] 15.9KB
Boxer (1984)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 7.2KB
Mysterious Adventure 07 – Feasibility Experiment (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[a3][FEALOAD Start] 11.3KB
Games From Magazines (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 89.4KB
Cyborg Warriors (1991)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 15.5KB
BBC PD Disk 067 – Clip Art (19xx)(-)(BBC-67) 76.9KB
Fairground (1983)(Superior)[FAIRGR Start] 6.2KB
Mr. Shifter (19xx)(MRM)[a][SHIFTER Start-E00DFS] 4.9KB
Sim (19xx)(Software Factory)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 9.8KB
Starfleet Encounter (1984)(Micro Power)[a][STAR Start] 12.4KB
Free Fall (1983)(Acornsoft)[FREEFAL Start] 12.9KB
Lunar Jetman (19xx)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.8KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 02 – Number 09 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 39.5KB
Pontoon (1983)(H Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.2KB
Space Invaders (1982)(Pro)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.5KB
Confrontation (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.3KB
Cube Master (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 5.1KB
Imogen (1986)(Micro Power)[a2][IMOGEN Start] 47.9KB
Maze (1984)(Superior – Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.1KB
Croaker (1983)(Program Power)[a3][CROAKER Start] 4.1KB
Go (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.4KB
Crazee Rider (1987)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 42.6KB
Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile-game Disk] 120.9KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 06 – Number 02 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 22.9KB
Games N-O (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 89.3KB
Alien 8 (19xx)(Ultimate)[h MCC][a][ALIEN8 Start] 16.0KB
International Megasports (19xx)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 34.9KB
Mysterious Adventure 11 – Waxworks (1983)(Digital Fantasia)[bootfile] 9.7KB
BBC PD Disk 121 – Fractal Graphics (19xx)(-)(BBC-121)[bootfile-ADFS] 205.8KB
Snapper V2 (1982)(Superior – Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.9KB
Myorem – Rick Hanson Part 3 V1.1 (1986)(Robico)[a][MYOREM Start] 19.6KB
Inertia (1990)(4th Dimension)[a2][bootfile] 17.9KB
Bun Fun (19xx)(Squirrel Soft)[a2][BUNFUN Start] 4.0KB
Impact! (1987)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 21.2KB
Fast Access – Vol. 2 Issue 4B (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 46.3KB
Templeton (1986)(JEC)[TEMPLE Start] 5.8KB
Jungle Jive (1984)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Side Fighter (1984)(D. Hoskins)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.4KB
Countdown (1985)(Macsen)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.2KB
Othello (19xx)(-)[OTHELLO Start] 2.6KB
Geoff Capes Strong Man (19xx)(Martech)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
Omega Orb (1987)(Audiogenic)[cr 81 Red][OMEGA Start] 20.8KB
JJF PD Disk 12-1 – The Odyssey By Homer, Parts 1-18 (19xx)(J. Farmer)[bootfile] 144.1KB
BMX On The Moon (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.4KB
Jack Attack (1986)(Bug Byte)[a2][JACKATT Start] 10.6KB
Space Caverns (1985)(Tynesoft)[a][SC1 Start] 5.7KB
Pettigrew’s Diary (19xx)(Shards)[DIARY1 Start] 22.0KB
Felix In The Factory (1983)(Program Power)[a3][FACTORY Start] 7.4KB
Micro Olympics (19xx)(Micro User)[a][HEADER Start] 32.8KB
Slide Show – Time Cop Pictures (19xx)(-)[bootfile-ADFS] 199.4KB
BBC PD Disk 020-A – Risk – The Computer Game (19xx)(-)(BBC-20-A)[bootfile-ADFS] 56.9KB
Cholo (19xx)(Firebird)[bootfile] 32.0KB
Games K-L (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 84.1KB
Beach-Head (19xx)(US Gold)[BEACH Start] 16.3KB
Blockbusters (1985)(Macsen)[b][BLOCKB Start] 26.5KB
Archers, The (1987)(Level 9 Computing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 22.9KB
Pyramid, The (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.9KB
Thrust (1986)(Superior)[bootfile] 16.8KB
Frogger (1982)(A&F)[FROGGER Start] 5.4KB
BBC PD Disk 010 – John Henson Collection (19xx)(-)(BBC-10)[bootfile] 92.4KB
Battleship (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 2.2KB
Acorn User (1989-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 82.6KB
Monopoly (1985)(Leisure Genius)[a][MENU Start] 13.5KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 03 – Number 04 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 23.6KB
Superior Soccer (1989)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 22.4KB
Shark (1988)(Audiogenic)[SHARK Start] 10.4KB
BBC PD Disk 153 – PD Publisher V2.17 (19xx)(-)(BBC-153)[bootfile-Master] 59.3KB
Ladder Maze (1983)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.1KB
Valley Of The Kings (1984)(MP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.2KB
Hi-Q Quiz (1989)(Blue Ribbon)[LOADER Start] 7.2KB
Beebtrek (19xx)(PCW)[a][BEEBTRE Start] 4.0KB
Barbarian (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 27.4KB
BBC ROMs (19xx)(-) 36.2KB
Conquering Everest (19xx)(ASP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.7KB
Colossus 4.0 – Chess (1986)(CDS)[CHESS Start] 28.9KB
Adventure 01 – Adventureland – BBC V1.0 (1979)(Adams)[ADVENT Start] 10.1KB
Maze (19xx)(-)[a][MAZE Start] 1.0KB
Smash And Grab (1984)(Superior)[b2] 7.6KB
Cred Breaks Out! (1986)(TSB Magic Micro Club)[a][LOADING Start] 6.2KB
Hubert (1984)(M.A. Derodra)[a][HUBERT Start] 6.2KB
Spitfire Command (1983)(Superior)[SFIRE Start] 5.3KB
Hopper (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
XOR Designer (1987)(Astral)[h TSTH][bootfile] 31.2KB
Heist (1983)(Softspot)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 5.6KB
Games Disk 009 – 3 Games (19xx)(-) 39.8KB
Nightmare Maze (1984)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.3KB
Slide Show 09 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-18)[bootfile] 167.0KB
Graphics Adventure Creator (1986)(Incentive)[a][bootfile] 24.0KB
Disk User 07 – May (1988)(-)[a][bootfile] 44.1KB
Disk User 07 – May (1988)(-)[bootfile] 43.0KB
Acorn User (1990-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 64.0KB
BBC PD Disk 065-1 – Clip Art Watford Format (19xx)(-)(Disk 2 Of 2)(BBC-65-2-W) 127.8KB
Hunkie Egg (1987)(G.J. Key)[HEGG Start] 6.1KB
Killer Gorilla 2 (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
Crazy Painter (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.9KB
Warlord, The (19xx)(Acorn User)[a][bootfile] 31.4KB
Animal-Vegetable-Mineral & Happy Letters & Timeman One (1983)(BES)[b2] 18.0KB
Crazy Balloon V1.2 (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile-prerelease] 4.1KB
Games 31 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 97.0KB
Honeybug (1983)(A. Gray)[HONEY Start] 7.5KB
Boot Hill (19xx)(A. Pymer)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.2KB
Poster Designer (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-49)[bootfile-ADFS] 157.2KB
Boffin (1985)(Addictive Games)[BOFFIN Start] 12.2KB
Dickie Brickie Part 1 (19xx)(Micro User)[a][GAME1 Start] 9.4KB
Cavern Quest (19xx)(-)[CAVERN Start] 3.6KB
Mine, The (1983)(W. Mansell)[h Matt][a2][MINE1 Start] 7.1KB
Harston PD Library – Ikon System (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-21)[bootfile] 11.8KB
Blagger (19xx)(Alligata)[a][bootfile] 6.1KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc CH01-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 143.2KB
Pilgrim’s Progress (1984)(JPH Day)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.9KB
Science Topics – Classification And The PeriodicTable (19xx)(BBC)[bootfile] 22.1KB
BBC PD Disk 091 – BASIC & Assembler Tutorials (19xx)(-)(BBC-91) 59.5KB
Bullseye (1984)(Macsen)[cr 81 Red][BULLY Start] 19.7KB
Quadrangle (19xx)(-)[QUADRAN Start] 3.2KB
Great Britain Limited (1982)(Simon Hessel)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.4KB
Fast Access – Vol. 2 Issue 2A (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 98.0KB
Disk User 12 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 41.6KB
Dominoes (1987)(M. Williams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.6KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 07 – Number 10 (1989-04)(Beebug)[bootfile] 43.6KB
Killer Gorilla (19xx)(Superior)[GORR Start] 7.7KB
Magic Eel (19xx)(Beebug)[MAGICEL Start] 2.1KB
Jumbo (1982)(Molimerx)[JUMBO Start] 7.5KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 04 – Number 05 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 27.7KB
Yoyo (1985)(P. Scott)[a][YOYO Start] 13.2KB
BBC PD Disk 099 – Ultraword Plus (19xx)(-)(BBC-99)[bootfile-ADFS] 52.4KB
Train Game, The (1983)(P. Balch)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.2KB
Growing Pains Of Adrain Mole, The (19xx)(Virgin)[b] 98.6KB
Micro User, The (1984-11)(Micro User) 18.3KB
Spellcheck For View (19xx)(Beebugsoft)[bootfile] 33.5KB
Quest For The Holy Grail, The – Epic Adventure 2 V1 (19xx)(Epic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
Battle Zone 2000 (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a][BZ2 Start] 5.0KB
Acorn User (1989-04)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 83.2KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 03 – Number 09 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 18.2KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 03 – Number 01 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 25.0KB
Cosmic Camouflage (1988)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 6.6KB
Flight Of The Unicorn, The (1985)(Flight 19)[bootfile] 14.7KB
Moon Raider (1983)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
MasterDisc Issue 5 (1992)(A. Nibbs)[h 8-Bit](TBI-51-3)[bootfile-ADFS] 117.2KB
Cosmic Kidnap (1983)(Superior) 6.5KB
Alien 8 (19xx)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.2KB
Red Moon (1985)(Level 9)[a2][REDMOON Start] 19.0KB
BBC PD Disk 127 – Family History (19xx)(-)(BBC-127)[bootfile-ADFS] 210.3KB
Best Of Beebug – Applications II (19xx)(RISC Developments)[bootfile] 52.0KB
Camelot (1989)(Superior)[t +3][a][CAMELOT Start] 11.3KB
Micro User, The – Vol 5 Issue 12 (1988)(Micro User)[bootfile] 27.8KB
Personal Money Management V4.1 (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 10.1KB
City Defence (1982)(Bug Byte)[DEFENCE Start] 8.0KB
Circus (19xx)(A.J. Botham & Herzoft)[CIRCUS Start] 3.4KB
Bridge Mentor II V1.1 (1986)(Minic Business Services)[h TSTH][bootfile] 27.0KB
Gorf (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a2][GORF Start] 8.7KB
Mine, The (1983)(W. Mansell)[h Matt][a][MINE1 Start] 7.1KB
Soccer Challenge (19xx)(Discovery)[h 8-Bit](TBI-35)[bootfile-ADFS] 37.5KB
Adventure (1983)(Program Power)[ADVENTR Start] 7.9KB
Cricket (19xx)(-)[CRICKET Start] 9.2KB
TMS Sound And Music Library – Micro Compositions (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[TMS-Tunes-6] 16.0KB
Robomania – The Ultimate (19xx)(S. Greenman)[a][ROBOMAN Start] 7.9KB
Fantasy Clipart (1994)(GFX)[h 8-Bit](TBI-63-1)[bootfile] 187.3KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 04 (1991-08)(Beebug)[bootfile] 26.7KB
Mr. Ee! (19xx)(A. Stephens)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite Lives] 9.1KB
Amidar (19xx)(A. Stephens)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
Magic Mushrooms With Demo (1985)(Acornsoft)[MMUSH Start] 10.8KB
WIPE For ADFS (19xx)(-)[b] 819.0B
Circus Games (1988)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 54.6KB
Winter Olympics (1986)(Tynesoft)[a][LOADER Start] 23.5KB
Double Phantom Combat (1986)(Dr. Soft)[cr Ole][LOADER Start] 29.2KB
Sinbad (1984)(Virgin Games)[a][SINBAD Start] 5.7KB
Boulder Dash (1988)(Tynesoft)[bootfile] 34.2KB
Battle Planet (1984)(ISP Mktg.)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.8KB
Frankenstein 2000 V1.0 (19xx)(Icon)[a][FRANKEN Start] 8.5KB
Bomber Baron (19xx)(Optyx)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.7KB
Demo (19xx)(-)[a][DEMO Start] 10.6KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc FB1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 198.3KB
Snake (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.1KB
Cluedo (1986)(Leisure Genius)[h TRSH-Trolley][bootfile] 10.4KB
Mysterious Adventure 07 – Feasibility Experiment (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.4KB
Saloon Sally (19xx)(Psion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Best Of Beebug – Games Compilation (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 43.8KB
Knight Lore (19xx)(Ultimate)[a][KNIGHT Start] 17.5KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 08 – Number 09 (1990-03)(Beebug)[bootfile] 35.4KB
Three Men In A Boat Printout (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-118)[bootfile] 143.6KB
BBC PD Disk 022 – Digitised Sound Samples (19xx)(-)(BBC-22)[bootfile] 185.4KB
Acorn User (1986-02)(Redwood Publishing)[B-INDEX Start] 67.8KB
Boffin (1985)(Addictive Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.1KB
Block Blitz (1985)(Mike Tomlinson)[bootfile] 3.1KB
Creepy Cave (19xx)(Atlantis)[CAVE Start] 10.5KB
Space Warp (1982)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.1KB
Alphatron (19xx)(Tynesoft)[a][LOADER Start] 6.8KB
Fortress (1983)(Amcom)[h TSTH][a2][bootfile] 11.8KB
Pole Position (1984)(Atari)[cr Piratesoft][POLE Start] 10.8KB
Castle Of Gems (1984)(MRM)[a][COFGEMS Start] 9.9KB
Plan B – Part 2 – Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press)[a][MUN Start] 12.4KB
Snowball (1983)(Level 9)[a2][SNOW Start] 20.4KB
Bug Blaster (1983)(Alligata)[a][BUG Start] 7.1KB
Rocket Raid (1982)(Acornsoft)[ROCKET Start] 7.5KB
Warehouse (1987)(Pillar Graphics)[WAREHOU Start] 17.5KB
Packet Text Files (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-88)[bootfile] 56.5KB
JJF PD Disk 12-2 – The Odyssey By Homer, Parts 19-30 (19xx)(J. Farmer)[bootfile] 100.8KB
Poker Dice (19xx)(Statasoft)[a][POKER Start] 5.5KB
Caveman Capers (1985)(Icon)[cr Simon][CAVEMAN Start] 9.4KB
Bone Cruncher (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 40.3KB
Caveman Capers (1985)(Icon)[cr Simon][a][CAVEMAN Start] 9.4KB
Underground Adventure (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Fleet Street Editor (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[bootfile] 45.7KB
BBC PD Disk 102 – Spellcheck (19xx)(-)(PD)[bootfile] 92.3KB
Pharaoh’s Curse (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 7.1KB
Percy Penguin (1984)(J.D. Llewellyn)[PERLOAD Start] 5.4KB
Slide Show 05 (19xx)(-)(picture)[bootfile] 93.9KB
Pedro (1984)(Imagine)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Dog Fight (1983)(Opus)[DGINTRO Start] 9.1KB
BBC PD Disk 037 – Games & Utilities (19xx)(-)(BBC-37)[bootfile] 110.9KB
BBC Monitor Disc (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[bootfile] 76.5KB
BBC PD Disk 009 – X-Tel (19xx)(-)(BBC-9)[bootfile] 89.8KB
Machinery Is Missing, The (1988)(M. Blamires)[bootfile] 10.0KB
Battle Tank (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 9.5KB
Xanagrams (1983)(Postern)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.3KB
Blue Ribbon Software Games (1985)(Blue Ribbon)(Disk 2 Of 3)[h TSTH][bootfile] 28.6KB
BBC-PC Graphics Conversion Programs (19xx)(D. Robinson)(TBI-101)[bootfile] 194.5KB
Flight Simulation (1982)(Acornsoft)[FLIGHT Start] 4.7KB
BBC PD Disk 156-2 – BBC Magazine Index – Yellow Disc V2.00 (19xx)(-)(BBC-156-2)[bootfile] 89.7KB
Secondary Science – Uniformly Accelerated Motion (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 32.7KB
Firebird Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 105.8KB
BBC PD Disk 123 – Name Displayer & Horoscopes (19xx)(-)(BBC-123)[bootfile] 60.4KB
Imagine Games (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 81.1KB
Games A-1 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 102.8KB
Uncle Claude (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 6.2KB
Bobby Charlton Soccer (1985)(D.A.C.C. Ltd)[cr Beun De Haas][a3][SOCCER Start] 11.5KB
Jack And The Beanstalk (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
Attack On Alpha Centauri (1983)(Software Invasion)[a][ALPHA Start] 6.2KB
Bush Rescue (1987)(Jacaranda)[bootfile] 74.7KB
Acorn User July 1992 To December 1992 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 115.4KB
Acorn User (1989-07)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 49.3KB
Horror Castle (19xx)(J. Snowden & R. Dunn)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.1KB
Hobbit (19xx)(Melbourne House)[a][HOBBIT Start] 21.3KB
Alien Swirl (1983)(Amcom)[a][SWIRL Start] 5.2KB
Contraption (19xx)(Icon)[CONTRAP Start] 10.5KB
Corporate Climber (19xx)(Dynabyte)[a][CORPOR Start] 6.6KB
Snowball (1983)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.7KB
Swamp Monsters (1982)(MP)[b2] 5.8KB
Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions) 7.0KB
Carousel (19xx)(Acornsoft) 9.5KB
Looney Lift (1983)(H&H)[LOONLFT Start] 4.4KB
Sharx Place 18 – 13 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 72.7KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 2 Number 04 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 18.2KB
Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)(nl)[a][DECORAT Start] 4.4KB
Harston PD Library – Gobbler And Life (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-23)[various Start] 8.9KB
Adventure 08 – Pyramid Of Doom – BBC Vb-124 (1984)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.7KB
Dr. Who And The Mines Of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 30.3KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 12 – Number 03 (1993-07)(Beebug)[bootfile] 21.3KB
Neanderthal Man (1984)(Alligata)[NEANMAN Start] 6.7KB
Barbarian (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 25.3KB
Blockade (19xx)(Betasoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.6KB
Ravenskull (1986)(Superior)[bootfile] 46.9KB
Intergalactic Trading Game, The (1983)(Micro Power)[TRADER Start] 7.6KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AC2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 192.7KB
Crown Of Mardan (1984)(MP)[MLOAD Start] 19.8KB
Dr. Who And The Mines Of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][a][LOADER Start] 13.4KB
Crooks (1989)(NCET)[bootfile] 20.5KB
Galactic Wipeout (19xx)(R.H.)[GALACTI Start] 6.2KB
Morley Electronics Utilities (1987)(Morley Electronics)[a][bootfile] 11.9KB
Acorn User (1990-03)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 72.0KB
Alien Destroyers (1982)(Program Power)[ALIEN-I Start] 8.6KB
CeeFAX ASM Notes (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-85-1-2)[bootfile] 38.9KB
Plank Walk (1983)(Vigin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
Beach-Head (19xx)(US Gold)[bootfile] 16.3KB
Legion Adventure (1983)(Software Projects)[b] 9.2KB
Castle Of The Skull Lord (19xx)(-)[SK Start] 7.9KB
Ledgeman (1984)(Niall McCarroll)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
Bruce Lee (1985)(Micro Power)[h TRSH][a][bootfile] 13.8KB
Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic)[PSYCAST Start] 15.4KB
Apocalypse (19xx)(Games Workshop-Commando)[a][bootfile] 29.5KB
Battleship (19xx)(-)[BATTLES Start] 2.1KB
Centipede (1982)(Superior)[RUN Start] 7.0KB
Space Station Alpha (19xx)(Icon)[SPACE Start] 4.6KB
Beeb-Beep (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.6KB
Night Strike (1986)(Guest And Alcock)[NIGHT Start] 5.3KB
Network, The (1986)(Top Ten)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.5KB
Castle Quest (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 13.5KB
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (19xx)(Martech)[a][EDDIE Start] 11.4KB
Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)[GYRO Start] 11.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc IM1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 152.1KB
Cube Master (19xx)(Acornsoft) 5.8KB
BBC PD Disk 111 – Village Of Secrets & Others (19xx)(-)(BBC-111)[bootfile] 97.1KB
Sabre Wulf (19xx)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite Lives] 15.4KB
Crystal Castles (19xx)(U.S. Gold)[a2][CRYSTAL Start] 10.4KB
Crown Of Mardan (1984)(MP)[a][MLOAD Start] 19.8KB
BBC PD Disk 031 – Ghostbusters & Program Planner (19xx)(-)(BBC-31)[bootfile-ADFS] 80.3KB
Bozo And Beebo (19xx)(BP Soft)[E.B&B Start] 5.7KB
Golf (19xx)(-)[GOLF Start] 2.7KB
Cosmic Camouflage (19xx)(Superior-Acornsoft) 12.2KB
BBC Monitor Disc (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 41.8KB
Nifty Lifty (19xx)(Visions)[NIFTY-L Start] 4.7KB
Kopi Desk (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 110.2KB
Bruce Lee (1985)(Micro Power)[a][BRULOAD Start] 13.3KB
Robin Of Sherwood (19xx)(Adventure International)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.4KB
Micro User, The (1984-05)(Micro User) 20.8KB
Computer Concepts ROMS (19xx)(Computer Concepts)[bootfile] 163.7KB
Croaker (1983)(Program Power)[CROAKER Start] 4.1KB
Web War (1985)(Artic Computing)[WEB-WAR Start] 9.3KB
Bridge Mentor II V1.1 (1986)(Minic Business Services)[FRONT Start] 26.8KB
Price Of Magic, The (1986)(Level 9)[a2][MAGIK Start] 21.0KB
Harston PD Library – Telextext Programs (1991)(J.G. Harston)[bootfile] 47.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc MI2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 161.2KB
Dune Hunter (19xx)(G.J. Key)[HUNTER Start] 6.8KB
A&B Computing Volume 2 No. 06 (1985)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 22.7KB
Beebug Masterfile (19xx)(Beebug)[b](BUG-21)[bootfile-ADFS] 50.2KB
Program Power 3 (19xx)(-) 17.8KB
BBC PD Disk 006 – Games And Demos (19xx)(-)(BBC-6)[bootfile] 61.1KB
AMX Pagemaker Extras (1986)(Tecnation) 25.3KB
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[a2][FRAK Start] 13.3KB
Ghost Hunter (19xx)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.7KB
Adventure 05 – The Count – BBC V1.0 (1979)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.3KB
Caption V3.02 (1990)(N.C.E.T.)(program)[bootfile] 43.6KB
Custard Pie Fight (1984)(Comsoft)[FIGHT Start] 5.0KB
Battle Planet (1984)(ISP Mktg.)[b2] 5.5KB
Sink The Bismarck (19xx)(Design People)[TITLE Start] 26.3KB
Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[DUN-ADV Start] 20.3KB
Countdown To Doom (1983)(Acornsoft)[COUNT Start] 16.6KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[a2][MBASE Start] 6.1KB
BBC PD Disk 004 – Small C Compiler (19xx)(-)(BBC-4) 95.7KB
History Of Micro User Games – Vol 1 (19xx)(Europress)[h TSTH][bootfile] 34.9KB
Hellforce (1983)(Acornsoft)[ZAPPY Start] 6.1KB
Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[JACK Start] 7.9KB
Confuzion (19xx)(Incentive)[a][CONFUZN Start] 7.2KB
Haunted Abbey, The (1984)(A&F)[ABBEY Start] 11.6KB
Dam Busters, The (19xx)(U.S. Gold)[DAMBUS1 Start] 10.1KB
Planetoid (1982)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 7.4KB
Adventure 11 – Savage Island Part II – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[a2][SAVISL2 Start] 10.2KB
BBC PD Disk 088 – L. Osterballe Vol. 3 (19xx)(-)(BBC-88)[bootfile] 108.0KB
Galactic Patrol (1984)(Mastertronic)[PATROL Start] 7.3KB
Best Of Beebug – Card & Board Games (19xx)(RISC Developments)[MENU Start] 32.8KB
Broadway Boogie (19xx)(-)[a][music-A.BOOGIE Start] 3.0KB
Amusing Text Files (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-52-2)[bootfile] 147.3KB
Bug Eyes 2 – Starman To The Rescue (19xx)(Audiogenic)[a][BUGII Start] 17.2KB
Sorcery (19xx)(Pace)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Dive Bomber (1984)(Beebug)[DIVE Start] 4.3KB
Sink The Bismarck (19xx)(Design People)[a][TITLE Start] 26.3KB
Break Through (19xx)(Audiogenic)[b][BREAK Start] 17.9KB
Sinbad (1984)(Virgin Games)[SINBAD Start] 5.7KB
Spellbinder (19xx)(Superior)[b] 4.4KB
Alien Swirl (1983)(Amcom)[SWIRL Start] 5.2KB
Sorcery (19xx)(Pace)[SORCERY Start] 10.2KB
Zany Kong (1983)(Solarsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.4KB
Labyrinth (1984)(Acornsoft)[LABYRIN Start] 12.8KB
Drogna (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 7.5KB
Star Clash (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)[a][STARC Start] 23.7KB
Cricket (1983)(Computer Rentals)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.1KB
Book Index (19xx)(-)[a][BOOK Start] 2.7KB
Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)(nl)[DECORAT Start] 4.4KB
Ultra Intelligent Machine (1989)(4th Dimension)[a2][bootfile] 67.7KB
Up, Up And Away (19xx)(M.J. Aspden)[UP&AWAY Start] 4.9KB
Runemaker – Codename Druid Editor (19xx)(Chris Ruseman)[DREDIT Start] 6.0KB
Time Adventure (1982)(Software For All)[a2][TIMEWRP Start] 7.3KB
BBC PD Disk 020 – Risk – The Computer Game (19xx)(-)(BBC-20-D)[RUN !BOOT Start] 52.1KB
Hockey (1986)(Bug Byte)[HOCKEY Start] 6.2KB
High Rise Horror (1984)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.1KB
Ghouls (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][GHOULS Start] 7.9KB
Bones (19xx)(-)[a2][BONES Start] 4.5KB
Holed Out – Cone Links & Pine Isles (1989)(Fourth Dimension)[bootfile] 28.5KB
Music Disk 004 (19xx)(-)[Music Disk 1M] 46.7KB
Dominoes (19xx)(-)[a][DOMINO Start] 3.9KB
Tempest (1985)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 7.2KB
Video Titler II V3.0 40t (1987)(Visioncraft)(Side 0) 31.5KB
BBC PD Disk 126 – Wapping Editor Files (19xx)(-)(BBC-126)[ADFS] 128.9KB
Acorn User (1985-06)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 17.7KB
Yoyo (1985)(P. Scott)[YOYO Start] 13.3KB
Barrage (19xx)(R. MacAdam)[BARRAGE Start] 2.6KB
Wizzy’s Mansion (1985)(Audiogenic)[a][MANSION Start] 9.8KB
Wiggles (1983)(Partis Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.3KB
Meteor Mission (1983)(Acornsoft)[MISION1 Start] 6.0KB
Ludo (19xx)(Statasoft)[a][LUDO Start] 4.4KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 1 Number 03 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 14.1KB
Duck! (19xx)(-)[a][DUCK Start-E00DFS] 5.1KB
Puc-Man (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 5.8KB
BBC PD Disk 043-A – Clip Art AMX Format (19xx)(-)(Disk 1 Of 2)(BBC-43) 96.0KB
Disk User 13 (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 43.2KB
Erik The Viking (19xx)(Level 9)[ERIK Start] 21.9KB
Battle Zone 2000 (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[BZ2 Start] 5.0KB
7 Card Patience (1986)(Dick Bloodworth)[a][7CARD Start] 2.6KB
Corn Cropper (1983)(CCS) 6.3KB
Harston PD Library – Music Programs (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-8)[bootfile] 27.0KB
Rubik’s Cube (1982)(Computer Concepts)[RCUBELD Start] 2.4KB
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[ATLOAD Start] 18.1KB
Fat Man Sam (1985)(Firebird)[a][FATMAN Start] 18.5KB
Conect 121+ (1988)(Lander Microsystems)[bootfile] 13.0KB
Disk User 09 – July (1988)(-)[a][bootfile] 32.5KB
BBC PD Disk 170 – Various (19xx)(-)(BBC-170)[bootfile] 63.9KB
Challenger (1984)(Mastertronic)[b] 11.7KB
Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 1)[h TSTH][bootfile-Model B] 35.5KB
Commando (19xx)(Elite)[a][bootfile] 18.2KB
Wolfpack III (1983)(Doctor Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.5KB
Adventure 09 – Ghost Town – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[a2][GHOST Start] 10.4KB
Adult Basic Education Disks 26,28,30 & 32 (19xx)(P. Davy)[h 8-Bit](TBI-46-4)[bootfile] 115.2KB
8-Bit Software Issue 17 (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 149.9KB
Pro Golf (19xx)(PCW)[GOLF Start] 3.3KB
Contract Bridge (19xx)(Alligata) 12.8KB
Contraption (19xx)(Icon)[1.CONTRAP Start] 10.8KB
Astroblaster (1984)(A. Malik)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
Cylon Attack (1983)(A&F)[bootfile] 17.0KB
Fun School III (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 54.1KB
Wormy Num Num (19xx)(Micro User)[a][WORMY1 Start] 3.5KB
Sharx Place 49 – 06 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 81.2KB
Dinosaur Adventure (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
Light Cycle (1983)(Creative Consultants)[TRON1 Start] 3.9KB
Blue Dragon (1983)(MP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.0KB
War V2.1 (1986)(Martech)[h TSTH][bootfile] 25.8KB
Fighter Pilot (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.0KB
Hunchback (19xx)(Superior)[HUNCHY Start] 5.0KB
Elixir (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 19.1KB
Bones (19xx)(-)[a][BONES Start] 4.3KB
Heathrow ATC (1984)(Hewson)[a][HEATH1 Start] 6.2KB
Castle Of The Skull Lord (19xx)(-)[a][SK Start] 7.9KB
Science Topics – Food And Population (19xx)(BBC)[bootfile] 21.9KB
Bone Cruncher (19xx)(Superior-Acornsoft) 37.7KB
Wallaby (1984)(Superior)[WALLABY Start] 7.2KB
Gunfighter (19xx)(Atlantis)[a][GF1 Start] 13.0KB
Games Disk 007 – 4 Games (19xx)(-) 63.9KB
Adult Basic Education Disks 18,20,22 & 24 (19xx)(P. Davy)[h 8-Bit](TBI-46-3)[bootfile] 109.6KB
BBC PD Disk 069 – Animation Station Disc No. 1 (19xx)(-)(BBC-69) 108.3KB
Moon Cresta (19xx)(Incentive)[a][CRESTA Start] 8.0KB
Cubert (1986)(Beebug)[a][CUBERT Start] 3.5KB
BBC PD Disk 077 – Wapping Editor Clip Art – Biology (19xx)(-)(BBC-77)[ADFS] 117.2KB
Crystal Castles (1984)(Atarisoft)[a][bootfile] 7.9KB
Twin1 (1989)(Security Soft)[TWIN0 Start] 3.9KB
C Tutorials (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-81)[bootfile] 61.4KB
Boulder Crash (19xx)(-)[cr Future Soft][BOULDER Start] 6.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 07 – Number 6 To 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 179.7KB
Nutter (1983)(MRM)[a][NUTTER Start] 3.7KB
Heist (1983)(Softspot)[a][HEILOAD Start] 5.8KB
Custard Pie Fight (1984)(Comsoft)[CUSTARD Start] 5.0KB
Carousel (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 8.2KB
Wheeler Dealer (1983)(OIC)[bootfile] 14.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 65 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 97.1KB
Skirmish (19xx)(D.D. Harriman)[b2][SK Start] 10.7KB
Torpedo Run (19xx)(-)[a][TORPEDO Start] 1.6KB
Nightshade (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.0KB
Sphere Of Destiny 2 (19xx)(Gary Partis)[SPHERE Start] 18.3KB
Games D-2 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 104.0KB
8-Bit Software Issue 36 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 158.9KB
Dragon Rider (19xx)(Salamander)[DR1 Start] 4.2KB
Robotron (19xx)(Silversoft)[ROBOTRO Start] 8.9KB
Ultron (1984)(Partis Soft)[a][ULTRON Start] 8.7KB
Microbe (1983)(Virgin Games)[a][MICROBE Start] 7.6KB
Wendy Goes Walkies (1984)(APS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.0KB
April Showers (19xx)(Bevan Technology)[a][APRILSH Start] 5.8KB
Blood Of The Mutineers – A Captain Blizzard Adventure V1.0 (1988)(Robico) 21.8KB
Nightshade (19xx)(-)[b] 19.7KB
R-Ther (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.9KB
Banjax (1985)(Robico)[a][BANJAX Start] 10.3KB
Dodge Em (19xx)(Microgame Simulations)[DODGE Start] 3.6KB
BBC PD Disk 007 – Kermit Comms. System (19xx)(-)(BBC-7)[bootfile] 100.3KB
Acorn User January 1991 To June 1991 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 211.2KB
Felix In The Factory (1983)(Program Power)[a4][FACTORY Start] 7.9KB
Flight Simulator (19xx)(Salamander)[FLIGHT Start] 7.1KB
Renegade Robots (1983)(Senator)[LOADER Start] 8.2KB
Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][a][JBT Start] 10.4KB
Runestaff (1987)(Squaresoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.6KB
Bridge To The East (19xx)(Ixion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.3KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 02 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 27.8KB
Bazzasoft (19xx)(Bazzasoft)[h 8-Bit](TBI-19)[bootfile] 20.8KB
Banana Man (19xx)(MRM)(nl)[BANANA Start] 4.8KB
Bridge Head (19xx)(-)[b2][BRIDGE Start] 4.6KB
Jumbo (1982)(Molimerx)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 08 – Number 06 (1989-11)(Beebug)[bootfile] 32.3KB
Castle Frankenstein – Epic Adventure 1 V2 (1984)(Epic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.5KB
Mysterious Adventure 02 – Time Machine (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[TIMEM Start] 8.3KB
BBC PD Disk 068 – Music Compilier V2.1 (19xx)(-)(BBC-68)[bootfile] 93.5KB
Zany Kong (1983)(Solarsoft)[a2][ZANY Start] 7.2KB
Aabatron (1984)(Bevan Technology)[a2][AABATRO Start] 10.7KB
Imogen (1986)(Micro Power)[bootfile] 48.0KB
Micro User, The – Vol 7 Issue 09 (1989)(Micro User)[bootfile] 25.8KB
Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.7KB
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[!BOOT Start] 48.4KB
Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)[a][GYRO Start] 11.9KB
Killer Gorilla 2 (1988)(Superior)[a][KILLER2 Start] 9.5KB
High Bouncers (1984)(Mirrorsoft)[a][BOUNCE Start] 9.4KB
Galaforce (19xx)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 20.1KB
Fire Track (1987)(Aardvark)[cr Ole][FTRACK Start] 26.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 06 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 31.4KB
Viking Collection, The (19xx)(-)[b] 88.0KB
Chuckie Egg – Egg, The Upgrade (19xx)(A&F-Crystalsoft)[t +2][UPGRADE Start] 10.3KB
Fire Track (1987)(Aardvark)[FIRETRK Start] 24.3KB
Ballistix! (1989)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.3KB
Mutant Spiders (19xx)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 4.4KB
Mysterious Adventure 01 – Golden Baton (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[BATON Start] 8.2KB
BBC PD Disk 066 – Small C Compiler (19xx)(-)(BBC-66) 54.6KB
Slide Show – Phoibos Graphics (1991)(-)(TBI-50)[bootfile-ADFS] 338.0KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 1 To 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 265.6KB
Bug (19xx)(-)[a][BUG32 Start] 7.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc PQ3-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 60.6KB
Star Quake (1987)(Bubble Bus)[cr SAM][STARQUA Start] 27.3KB
Merlin Scribe (1984)(Bucon Ltd.)(Side 0)[bootfile] 19.6KB
JJF PD Disk 03 – Graphics Disc 1 (19xx)(J. Farmer)(PD Graphics)[bootfile] 133.6KB
Games Compendium 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 67.0KB
White Knight – MK11 (1983)(BBC)[a][CHESS Start] 13.3KB
Bug Bomb (1983)(Virgin Games)[BUGBOMB Start] 6.4KB
REVS – 5 Tracks (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 24.6KB
Zany Kong (1983)(Solarsoft)[a][ZANY Start] 7.2KB
Boffin 2 (1985)(Addictive Games)[a][BOFIN21 Start] 14.9KB
Mysterious Adventure 01 – Golden Baton (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[a][BATON Start] 8.2KB
Foods Database 1 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-100-1)[bootfile] 56.4KB
Acorn User (1993-04)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 39.0KB
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)[b][bootfile] 82.8KB
Donkey Kong Jr. (1984)(Atarisoft)[DONKEY Start] 10.2KB
BBC PD Disk 155 – A To Z Of Game Cheats (1993)(SmylieSoft)(BBC-155)[bootfile] 15.9KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 01 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 31.9KB
Repton 3 – Around The World In 40 Screens (1986)(Superior)[h][REPTONF Start] 53.8KB
Mallory Manor (1983)(Micro Primer)[a][MALLORY Start] 4.6KB
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h TSTH][t +5][bootfile-porno Hack] 8.8KB
ROM Utilities (19xx)(-) 614.0B
Beebug Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 03 (1991-07)(Beebug)[bootfile] 24.4KB
Staircase Stampede! (1984)(Comsoft)[bootfile] 6.0KB
Bandit (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.7KB
Mr. Do (1983)(Paul Haigh)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Gomoku (19xx)(Micro Power)[GOMOKU Start] 3.2KB
Sphinx Adventure (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.3KB
Acorn User (1988-09)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 78.6KB
A&B Computing Volume 2 No. 10 (1985)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 12.3KB
Orpheus And The Underword (1985)(A&F)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Battle Zone 2000 (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.6KB
Spaceguard (1983)(MP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.1KB
Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[a2][JACK Start] 7.9KB
Asteroid Storm (1982)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.5KB
Galaforce (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 33.7KB
Alien Destroyers (1982)(Program Power)[a2][ALIEN-I Start] 8.6KB
Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen)[a2][DARTS Start] 5.5KB
Omega Orb (1987)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.8KB
Model B Invaders (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 09 – Number 06 (1990-11)(Beebug)[bootfile] 47.4KB
Thriller (19xx)(-)[THRILER Start-music] 1.7KB
Acorn User (1989-01)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 68.1KB
Bandits – Dogfight (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.3KB
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (1986)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 17.3KB
Slide Show – Pictures! (19xx)(Techno-Graffiti)(Side 1) 6.5KB
Bird Strike (1981)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Acorn User (1985-04)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 12.9KB
Twin Orbs Of Aalinor (1985)(Potter Programs)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.8KB
Magic Mushrooms (1985)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.7KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 11 – Number 07 (1992-12)(Beebug)[bootfile] 41.9KB
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-invulnerability] 6.7KB
Alien Break-In (1983)(Romik)[h Bonzo][a2][A-B-IN1 Start] 9.1KB
Magic Adventure 1 (1983)(Kansas)[MAGICAD Start] 10.4KB
Plutonium Plunder (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.2KB
Video Classics (19xx)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.7KB
9 Classic Card And Board Games – No. 1 (19xx)(Micro & Electron User)[h TSTH][bootfile] 29.6KB
Acorn User (1991-07)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 65.7KB
Cheat It Again Joe – Vol. 3 (1988)(Impact Posters)[bootfile] 29.7KB
Colour Printer Dump Programs (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-108)[bootfile] 57.4KB
Adventure 09 – Ghost Town – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[GHOST Start] 10.4KB
Acorn User Graphics Bonus (19xx)(Acorn User)(Side 1) 94.4KB
BBC PD Disk 167 – Mad Rabbit Software (19xx)(-)(BBC-167)[bootfile] 118.4KB
Even Even More Basic Games (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 95.3KB
Demo (19xx)(-)[DEMO Start] 10.6KB
BBC PD Disk 148 – Parameter Math (19xx)(-)(BBC-148) 48.7KB
Hampstead (19xx)(-)[b2] 16.6KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 02 – Number 1 To 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 206.3KB
Acorn User (1990-01)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 40.2KB
Triple Decker 05 (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.3KB
Tales Of The Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros)[LOADING Start] 8.9KB
Camelot (1989)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 16.8KB
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F)[a][CHUCKIE Start] 8.3KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc DB1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 117.9KB
Ceefax In Grade II Braille V1C (1985)(University Of Birmingham)[bootfile] 16.0KB
Fighter Pilot (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[a][F-PILOT Start] 3.9KB
Granny’s Garden (1983)(4Mation)[GRAN1 Start] 19.5KB
Slide Show 11 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-21)[bootfile] 150.3KB
Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket (19xx)(Audiogenic)[GOOCH Start] 14.1KB
Robin And Marian (19xx)(Micro User)[a][ROBIN Start] 3.7KB
Neanderthal Man (1983)(D. Carlos) 8.8KB
BBC PD Disk 086 – L. Osterballe Vol. 1 (19xx)(-)(BBC-86)[bootfile] 64.4KB
Last Ninja, The (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +5][bootfile] 37.7KB
Q-Man, The Amazing V3.1 (19xx)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.3KB
Escape From Orion (1983)(Hopesoft)[ORION Start] 7.0KB
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.7KB
Powerplay – The Game Of The Gods (1985)(Arcana)[RUN !BOOT] 109.6KB
Sharx Place 37 – 21 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 118.3KB
Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[t][bootfile] 25.0KB
BBC PD Disk 078 – Please Find My Young Uns (19xx)(-)(BBC-78)[bootfile] 39.1KB
Disk User 05 – February-March (1988)(-)[bootfile] 36.6KB
Barbarian II (1989)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 36.9KB
Lemming Syndrome (19xx)(Dynabyte)[LEMMING Start] 7.6KB
Crawler (19xx)(Watford Electronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.4KB
Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-invulnerability] 16.4KB
Adventure 02 – Pirate Adventure – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[a][2BBC Start] 8.8KB
Sunday – A Graphic Adventure (1999)(Dave)(Disk 1 Of 2)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-143-2A-Elk-ADFS] 146.2KB
Cyborg Warriors (1991)(Superior)[b2][CYBORG Start] 11.1KB
Pengi (1984)(Visions)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 11 – Number 03 (1992-07)(Beebug)[bootfile] 20.9KB
BBC PD Disk 041-A – Clip Art AMX Format (19xx)(-)(Disk 2 Of 2)(BBC-41) 68.1KB
Elite (1986)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile-tube Enhanced-Master] 119.9KB
Sea Queen (1988)(J. Oates)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] 12.5KB
Stranded On Iloofrax (19xx)(Potter Programs)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 11.4KB
Hostages (1990)(Superior)[a][HOSTAGE Start] 30.2KB
Adventure 15 – Buckaroo Banzai – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[BUCK Start] 8.6KB
BBC PD Disk 157 – Software From Poland (19xx)(-)(BBC-157)[bootfile] 104.0KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 12 – Number 08 (1994-01)(Beebug)[bootfile] 35.9KB
Arcadians (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.0KB
Airline (1983)(CCS)[AIRLINE Start] 10.1KB
BBC PD Disk 133 – C. Pinnock & Others (19xx)(-)(BBC-133)[bootfile] 68.2KB
WestQuest 1847 (19xx)(Ozark)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.8KB
Quest (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.7KB
Crazee Rider (19xx)(Superior) 27.8KB
Adventure 02 – Pirate Adventure – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.3KB
Alligata Games (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-TBI-123] 19.4KB
Emily (19xx)(Sigma Six)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.8KB
BMX On The Moon (19xx)(Superior)[BMX Start] 7.6KB
Nemesis (19xx)(Micro Power)[a2][NEMESIS Start] 5.6KB
Games Disk 006 – 24 Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 183.3KB
Adventure 11 – Savage Island Part II – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[SAVISL2 Start] 10.2KB
Games 25 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 111.8KB
BBC PD Disk 132 – Disk Duplicator III (19xx)(-)(BBC-132)[bootfile] 12.2KB
Acorn User Gallery (1985)(-)(Disk 2 Of 2)(gallery)[a][bootfile] 76.1KB
Acorn User Gallery (1985)(-)(Disk 2 Of 2)(pictures)[bootfile] 59.6KB
Q-Man, The Amazing (19xx)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Frenzy (19xx)(Micro Power)[FRENZY Start] 7.8KB
Tim Strong’s Music – Disk 2 (19xx)(-) 56.5KB
Cook Beans On Toast! – Cooking Simulation (19xx)(D. Mann)[bootfile] 12.6KB
Acorn User Graphics Bonus (19xx)(Acorn User)(Side 0)[bootfile] 110.9KB
Copy File II (1983)(Vision)[b2] 1.7KB
Chess (1984)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.6KB
Ballistix! (1989)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 16.2KB
Repton Infinity (1988)(Superior)[b][bootfile] 74.8KB
Acorn User (1988-02)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 58.2KB
Fistful Of Fun (19xx)(Alligata)[bootfile] 80.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc E2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 187.6KB
Castle Assault (1984)(MRM)[b][INTRO Start] 6.3KB
Acorn User July 1986 To December 1986 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 289.7KB
Mango – BBC Micro Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[a][MANGO Start] 6.4KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 06 – Number 09 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 37.0KB
Missile Base (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 7.7KB
Er-Bert (19xx)(Alternative)[ERBCODE Start] 17.5KB
Micro User, The – Vol 6 Issue 01 (1988)(Micro User)[bootfile] 22.0KB
Ravage (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[RAVLOAD Start] 9.1KB
Galilee (19xx)(Shards)[a2][GALILEE Start] 17.4KB
Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket (19xx)(Audiogenic)[a][GOOCH Start] 14.1KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 09 – Number 6 To 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 207.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 16 Disk (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 46.8KB
Cells And Serpents (19xx)(-)[a][+.CELLS Start] 7.3KB
Positron (1983)(Partis-Soft)[a][POSI0 Start] 5.6KB
Space Agent Zelda Meets The Bug-Eyes (1985)(ICON)[cr 81 Red][BUGEYES Start] 8.2KB
Diamond Mine (1983)(MRM)[DMINE1 Start] 3.3KB
Acorn User July 1987 To December 1987 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 236.5KB
Kingdom Of Klein, The – Epic Adventure 3 (1984)(Epic)[KLEIN Start] 18.1KB
Hunchback (19xx)(Superior – Acornsoft)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 11.2KB
Tidbits Teaser (19xx)(Micro User)[TIDBITS Start] 2.1KB
Football Supremo (19xx)(-)[FOTBOLL Start] 7.2KB
Acorn User (1991-08)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 78.0KB
Ewgeebez (1984)(Software Projects)[EWGEE Start] 7.2KB
Custard Pie Fight (1984)(Comsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Brian Jack’s Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech)[BRIAN Start] 11.8KB
Star Force Seven (19xx)(Bug Byte)[INTRO Start] 15.3KB
Drogna (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.8KB
Star Battle (19xx)(Superior)[BATTLE1 Start] 5.6KB
Gorf (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a3][GORF Start] 8.4KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 08 – Number 01 (1989-05)(Beebug)[bootfile] 26.6KB
Chess (1983)(S.C. Askey)[a][CHESS-B Start] 5.3KB
Amusing Text Files (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-52-3)[bootfile] 79.1KB
Jouster (19xx)(Westsoft)[a][JOUSTER Start] 5.1KB
Er-Bert (1984)(Microbyte)[b] 6.9KB
BBC PD Disk 119 (19xx)(-)(BBC-119)[bootfile] 96.8KB
Krakout! (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)[bootfile] 10.5KB
Dr. Who And The Mines Of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][a2][LOADER Start] 13.4KB
Disk User 08 – June (1988)(-)[bootfile] 37.9KB
Tennis (1986)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.6KB
Ghostbusters (19xx)(-)[b][GHOST Start] 2.1KB
Son Of Blagger (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Games From Magazines (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 5.0KB
Slide Show – 8-Bit Software Roll 1 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-ADFS] 172.3KB
Cheat It Again Joe – Vol. 2 (1988)(Impact Posters)[h TSTH][bootfile] 22.4KB
Chicane (1985)(Kempston Microelectronics)[CHICANE Start] 13.1KB
Chauffeur – Digimouse (1987)(Nidd Valley Micro Products)[bootfile] 58.5KB
High Rise Horror (1984)(Virgin Games)[HLOAD Start] 9.1KB
Chark (1984)(Delta 4)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.0KB
Footballer Of The Year (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.4KB
Super Invaders (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc BR1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 100.1KB
Micro User, The (1984-10)(Micro User) 16.6KB
Network, The (1985)(Superior – Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.3KB
Mirror Of Khoronz (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 25.3KB
Stryker’s Run – Standard & Enhanced (1986)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 47.2KB
Hangdroid (1982)(Micromode)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.0KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 11 – Number 02 (1992-06)(Beebug)[bootfile] 25.0KB
Mr. Ee! (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 9.6KB
Nutter (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.0KB
Star Drifter (1985)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.4KB
Plan B – Part 2 – Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press)[h TSTH][t +4][bootfile] 13.0KB
Balloon Fun (19xx)(PCW)[BALLOON Start] 2.9KB
Plan B – Part 2 – Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.6KB
Combat Phantom F4 (1985)(Doctor Soft)[cr Naughty Miranda][PHANTOM Start] 9.2KB
Last Ninja 2, The (19xx)(Superior)[b][bootfile] 12.8KB
Green Beret (1987)(Imagine)[h TSTH][t +6][bootfile] 9.4KB
Adventure 12 – The Golden Voyage – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.7KB
Super Pool (1984)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.4KB
Adventure 12 – The Golden Voyage – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[a][VOYAGE Start] 10.3KB
Growing Pains (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.0KB
Imogen (1986)(Superior – Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 52.4KB
Tactic (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.3KB
Uncle Claude (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.9KB
Space Hawks (1982)(POM)[SPCHAWK Start] 3.3KB
Mysterious Adventure 10 – Ten Little Indians (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.3KB
Two Christmas Adventures For Children (19xx)(Jack And Jill)[h 8-Bit](TBI-124)[bootfile] 25.2KB
War V2.1 (1986)(Martech)[bootfile] 25.6KB
Fantasia Diamond (19xx)(Hewson)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.9KB
Repton 3 – Around The World In 40 Screens (1986)(Superior)[h][a][bootfile] 53.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc S2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 164.7KB
Felix Meets The Evil Weevils (1984)(Micro Power)[a][FELIX Start] 8.2KB
Sample Disk 1 (1991)(Yorkshire Boys)[h 8-Bit](TYB-02)[bootifle] 318.7KB
Kissin’ Kousins (1985)(English)[a2][KK Start] 10.5KB
Robotron (19xx)(Silversoft)[a][ROBOTRO Start] 8.9KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-extra Energy] 5.8KB
Kamikaze (1983)(A&F)[a][KAMIKAZ Start] 5.3KB
Discmaster (19xx)(Beebug)(Side 0)[bootfile] 59.6KB
Teddy (19xx)(-)[a][TEDDY Start-music] 2.3KB
Bandits (19xx)(Micro Power)[BANDITS Start] 6.2KB
Giantkiller (1987)(Topologika)[a][GRUN Start] 19.9KB
Fast Access – Vol. 1 Issue 6 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 95.6KB
Games 65 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 172.7KB
F14 Tomcat (1989)(Players)[h TSTH][bootfile] 26.1KB
Acorn User (1992-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 12.1KB
Moon Mission (19xx)(Superior)[a3][bootfile] 5.0KB
Star Warp (1984)(Superior)[WARP Start] 5.5KB
Escape From Orion (1983)(Hopesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.5KB
Orbital (1989)(Impact)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.5KB
Acorn User (1986-11)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 78.3KB
Auf Wiedersehen Pet (1984)(Tynesoft)[a2][AUF Start] 7.6KB
JJF PD Disk 05 – Graphics Disc 3 (19xx)(J. Farmer)(PD Graphics)[bootfile] 71.8KB
Felix In The Factory (1983)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.1KB
Disk Menus (19xx)(-)[a][RUN !BOOT Start] 4.9KB
Grand Prix Construction Set (1987)(A. Bradley)[cr SAM][a][bootfile] 30.0KB
Galactic Commander (19xx)(Program Power)[h Pirate’s Touch][a][GALLOAD Start] 6.4KB
Othello (19xx)(Roundhouse)[a][OTHELLO Start] 3.8KB
Return Of R2 – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-Master] 9.7KB
Target Practice (19xx)(-)[TARGET Start] 1.8KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc S1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 197.7KB
Nine Dancers, The – Adventure 4 (1986)(Larsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.9KB
Repton 3 – Around The World In 40 Screens (1986)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 53.3KB
Neutron (19xx)(Superior)[a][NEUTRON Start] 4.2KB
B.C. Bill (1984)(Imagine)[a2][BC.BILL Start] 14.4KB
Combat Lynx (19xx)(Durell)[LYNX Start] 16.1KB
Cybertron (1983)(Micro Power)[a][CY1 Start] 8.0KB
Snooker V4 (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.8KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 08 (1992-01)(Beebug)[bootfile] 36.6KB
Spooks And Spiders (1984)(Software Invasion)[SPOOKS Start] 10.2KB
Disk Cruncher (1985)(P. Bossert)[a][CRUNCHR Start] 7.5KB
Beebtrek (19xx)(PCW)[BEEBTRE Start] 4.0KB
Nutcracka (1984)(J.M. Phillips)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.9KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 1 Number 08 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 14.0KB
BBC PD Disk 164 – Star Trek Text Files (19xx)(-)(BBC-164)[bootfile] 113.1KB
Mikie (19xx)(Imagine)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.7KB
Video’s Revenge (19xx)(Beebsoft)[bootfile] 10.3KB
Maze In Space, A (1983)(Slogger)[MAZE Start] 11.6KB
Zarm (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Alien Break-In (1983)(Romik)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.1KB
Harston PD Library – Mugins Level 2 (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-24)[bootfile] 64.7KB
Hangman (1982)(IJK)[HANGMAN Start] 7.0KB
TMS Sound And Music Library (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 5.3KB
City Defence (1982)(Bug Byte)[a][DEFENCE Start] 8.0KB
Gunfighter (19xx)(Atlantis)[GF1 Start] 13.0KB
Pharoah’s Tomb (1982)(A&F)[PHTOMB Start] 6.9KB
Galaforce 2 (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 14.0KB
Creepy Cave (19xx)(Atlantis)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.7KB
Acorn User (1991-10)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 75.0KB
European Knowledge (1984)(Micro Power)[a][EURO Start] 9.9KB
CeeFAX Advanced Teletext Receiver Course (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-85-3-4)[bootfile-ADFS] 154.3KB
Castle Of Gems (1984)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.0KB
Harvey Headbanger (1985)(Firebird)[HARVEY Start] 12.4KB
Starforce Lander (1983)(First Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.7KB
Bird Strike (1981)(Firebird)[cr 81 Red][BIRD Start] 6.5KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 08 (1990)(Micro User)[a][bootfile] 18.2KB
White Magic (1989)(4th Dimension)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile-Master] 31.2KB
Snail Trail (1983)(RH)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.6KB
Fruity Machine (1982)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 5.6KB
KIX (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.0KB
Slide Show – 8-Bit Software Roll 2 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-ADFS] 149.2KB
Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic)[cr FIG][h TSTH][t +5][bootfile] 25.2KB
Europhile V1.1 (1994)(-)(PD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-57)[bootfile] 159.1KB
Video Pinball (19xx)(Alternative)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] 6.7KB
Let’s Count (1984)(Acornsoft)[a][COUNT Start] 6.1KB
Revenge Of The Flying Bunnies (1985)(Simon Pithers)[a][BUNNIES Start] 4.2KB
Ballistix! (1989)(Superior)[BALLS Start] 16.2KB
Airlift (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 5.9KB
Dam Raider (1984)(Geoff Turner)[DAMRAID Start] 4.1KB
Pinball (19xx)(Micro User)[PINBALL Start] 5.2KB
Labyrinths Of LaCoshe (19xx)(Micro Power)[h Dicksoft][LABYRIN Start] 13.2KB
Clogger (1988)(Impact)[bootfile] 10.2KB
Arkanoid (1981)(Imagine)[h A. Roberts][bootfile] 9.3KB
QMaster (19xx)(Acorn Computing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 29.2KB
Labyrinth (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 13.2KB
Fruit Machine (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.4KB
Artist Utilities (19xx)(-)[b] 24.4KB
Dr. Who And The Mines Of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][a3][LOADER Start] 13.4KB
MRPD (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-65-1)[bootfile] 11.6KB
Starship Discovery (19xx)(Alligata)[STARSHP Start] 12.1KB
Frogger (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.3KB
Morris Miner (19xx)(J. Temple)[a][MORRIS Start] 4.6KB
Four In A Row (19xx)(-)[4INAROW Start] 2.4KB
HeroZoft Digitised Pictures 2 (19xx)(HeroZoft)(Side 1) 74.2KB
Hacker Jargon (1985)(8-Bit)(Disk 1 Of 4)(TMB-91-1)[bootfile] 156.0KB
Mysterious Adventure 03 – Arrow Of Death – Part 1 (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[a2][ARROW Start] 7.9KB
Guardian (1984)(Alligata)[a2][GUALOAD Start] 8.0KB
Chuckie Egg (19xx)(A&F)[a][CHUCK-2 Start] 9.5KB
Gremlins – The Adventure (1983)(Adventure International)[GREMLIN Start] 8.9KB
Gorf (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a][GORF Start] 8.7KB
Acorn User (1990-09)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 66.5KB
Amnesia (1988)(K. Edwards)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Joey (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.6KB
REVS – 5 Tracks (19xx)(Acornsoft)[REVSZAP Start] 24.8KB
Digger (1983)(Visions)[DIGGER Start] 5.1KB
Orbital (1989)(Impact)[a][bootfile] 11.9KB
Missile Attack (1983)(Doctor Soft)[bootfile] 10.3KB
Gateway To Karos (1983)(Acornsoft)[a2][GATE Start] 18.9KB
Mysterious Adventure 09 – Perseus And Andromeda (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[a2][PERSEUS Start] 10.7KB
Felix Meets The Evil Weevils (1984)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.4KB
Impact! (1987)(Audiogenic)[bootfile] 20.7KB
Killer Priscilla (19xx)(Superior)[h][KILLER Start] 4.1KB
Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][t +3 A. Roberts][bootfile] 12.8KB
Ripoff IX (1985)(Howard Spurr)[RIPOFF9 Start] 3.4KB
Fonts Special 2 (19xx)(8-Bit)(Fonts-Master)[bootfile-TBI-106-2] 25.4KB
Sharx Place 48 – 07 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 95.8KB
Millionaire (1984)(Incentive)[a][MILLION Start] 9.6KB
Plegaron People Eaters (1983)(R.H. Electronics)[PP3 Start] 3.0KB
Adventure 06 – Strange Odyssey – BBC V1.0 (1979)(Adams)[6BBC Start] 9.6KB
Baron (1989)(Superior-Acornsoft) 22.3KB
Gateway To Karos (1983)(Acornsoft)[a][GATE Start] 18.3KB
Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-invulnerability] 16.9KB
Adventures Of Gnasher, The (19xx)(Superior)[h Piratesoft][b][bootfile] 8.6KB
Castle Frankenstein – Epic Adventure 1 (1983)(Epic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.8KB
Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 0)[h TSTH][bootfile-Master] 35.4KB
SAS Commander (1984)(Comsoft)[SAS Start] 6.4KB
Classic Adventure (1984)(Abersoft)[bootfile] 17.9KB
Artist (1983)(Bug Byte)[ARTIST Start] 9.8KB
Mr. T’s – Measuring Games – Measuring (19xx)(Ebury)[bootfile] 10.4KB
TMS Utilities (19xx)(-) 63.0KB
Android Attack (1983)(Computer Concepts)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
Rocket Raid (1982)(Superior – Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
Chess V2.32 (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] 9.9KB
Acorn User (1989-10)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 60.5KB
Contraption (19xx)(Icon)[a][1.CONTRAP Start] 10.8KB
Micro User, The – Vol 9 Issue 04 (1991)(Micro User)[bootfile] 26.9KB
A&B Computing Volume 2 No. 05 (1985)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 15.8KB
Artist (1983)(Bug Byte)[GRAPH Start] 9.9KB
Quest (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +6][bootfile] 16.7KB
Mr. T’s – Alphabet Games – Letter Factory (1983)(Ebury)[bootfile] 14.6KB
Genesis Project, The (19xx)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-E00DFS-invulnerability] 12.9KB
Dinosaur Discovery (1986)(4Mation)[bootfile] 42.5KB
Mined Out (1983)(Quicksilva)[b] 8.4KB
Secret Sam – Adventure 2 (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Winter Olympiad ’88 (1988)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 48.3KB
Dracula Island V1.1 (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h Mike Tomlinson][a][DRAC Start] 8.1KB
Acorn User (1993-06)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 12.8KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 12 – Number 6 To 10 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile-ADFS] 184.1KB
Thunder Struck! (19xx)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.1KB
Evil Weevils (1984)(Micro Power)[WEEVIL Start] 8.2KB
Kamikaze (1983)(A&F)[KAMIKAZ Start] 5.3KB
Gnome Adventure (19xx)(Model B Computing)[a][GNOME Start] 16.6KB
Centipede (1982)(Superior)[CENTIPE Start] 5.7KB
Acorn User (1990-04)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 71.9KB
Lords Of Time (19xx)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.8KB
Bandits V2.1 (1983)(Oak)[BANDITS Start] 7.2KB
Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[DUNE Start] 7.1KB
Software Invasion Smash 7 (19xx)(-) 54.8KB
Kourtyard (1988)(Godax)[t +4][CHEATKD Start] 23.8KB
TMS Sound And Music Library – Micro Compositions (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[TMS-Tunes-5] 17.0KB
Pantheon (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 34.5KB
BBC PD Disk 021 – A. Sandman Games (19xx)(-)(BBC-21)[bootfile-ADFS] 124.1KB
GLM PD Graphics Disc 11 (19xx)(GLM)(GLM-9)[bootfile] 42.1KB
Number Painter (19xx)(ASK)[bootfile] 7.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc MO1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 288.6KB
Repton Infinity (1988)(Superior)[cr Tom Seddon][DRIVE 2-bootfile] 89.6KB
Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 13.3KB
Plan B (1987)(Bug Byte)[a4][PLANB Start] 12.1KB
Personal Quiz (1986)(Colisoft)[PQUIZ Start] 12.0KB
Acorn User July 1990 To December 1990 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 190.9KB
Pear Picker (19xx)(Micro User)[a][PEARPIK Start] 3.6KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc A1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 202.0KB
Thrust (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +5][bootfile] 11.3KB
Hunt, The (1987)(Robico)[a][bootfile] 33.0KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[MBASE Start] 6.1KB
JL Pictures (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 116.0KB
Adventure 12 – The Golden Voyage – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[a2][VOYAGE Start] 10.3KB
Monaco (1983)(Alligata)[a][MONACO Start] 5.5KB
Frenzy (19xx)(Program Power)[a][FRENZY Start] 5.2KB
Superior Soccer (1989)(Superior)[bootfile] 14.3KB
Ghouls (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 8.4KB
Valley, The (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.7KB
Indoor Sports (1988)(Tynesoft)[cr C. White][a2][bootfile] 40.9KB
Sharx Place 51 – 07 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 87.9KB
Maze, The (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][MAZE Start] 12.5KB
Music (1983)(Bug Byte)[MUSIC Start] 5.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 16 (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 155.3KB
Black Box – BBC Version (1984)(Acornsoft)[b][bootfile] 5.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 52 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 1 Of 2)[bootfile] 107.0KB
Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[DRAUGHT Start] 4.9KB
Fast Access Volume 2 Issue 4 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](FAC-2-10)[bootfile-ADFS] 122.0KB
Dracula Adventure (1984)(A. Grifo)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.6KB
Hunt, The (1987)(Robico)[bootfile] 33.0KB
Grand Prix Construction Set (1987)(A. Bradley)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 18.2KB
Horse Race (19xx)(Dynabyte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Spooksville – BBC Version (1988)(Blue Ribbon)[SPOOKS Start] 9.3KB
Spectapede (1984)(Mastertronic)[a][SPECTIP Start] 7.2KB
AMX Fonts (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[AMX2] 29.0KB
Spel 09 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 91.7KB
Battle Planet (1984)(ISP Mktg.)[b] 5.5KB
JJF PD Disk 07 – Fonts (19xx)(J. Farmer)[b](PD Fonts)[bootfile] 28.9KB
Destroyed Realities Issue 1 (1994-01)(D. Lowless & G. Foot)[h 8-Bit](TBI-64-1)[bootfile] 53.7KB
Hellforce (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 6.1KB
Catacastles (19xx)(-)[CATA Start] 2.9KB
Castle Quest (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
Southern Belle (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.7KB
Adventure 15 – Buckaroo Banzai – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[a2][BUCK Start] 8.6KB
Awari (1984)(Understanding)[+.AWARI Start] 2.4KB
Hacker Jargon (1985)(8-Bit)(Disk 4 Of 4)(TMB-91-4)[bootfile] 31.5KB
Pipeline (1988)(Superior)[h][a][bootfile] 39.8KB
Games 03 (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 97.9KB
Dr. Who And The Mines Of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile-swram] 20.6KB
Frenzy (19xx)(Program Power)[FRENZY Start] 5.1KB
Disk User 09 – July (1988)(-)[bootfile] 31.7KB
Chess (1983)(S.C. Askey)[CHESS Start] 6.0KB
Space Pilot (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] 6.9KB
Electro Freddy (1984)(Softspot)[ELECTRO Start] 5.7KB
Ledgeman (1984)(Niall McCarroll)[LEDGMAN Start] 7.3KB
Five Star PD Games Volume 1 (19xx)(-)(TBI-144)[bootfile-E00DFS] 47.0KB
Acorn User July 1989 To December 1989 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 197.9KB
Music Menu System (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-87)[bootfile] 162.8KB
Bug Bomb (1983)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.6KB
Statix (1984)(Psion)[a][STATIX Start] 4.9KB
Chrysalis (19xx)(Icon)[CHRS0 Start] 7.1KB
Tetris (19xx)(Mirrorsoft)[h TSTH][a][bootfile-alt Keys] 5.5KB
Acorn User (1992-05)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 66.4KB
Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog)[cr Simon][JUMP Start] 10.1KB
Rig Attack (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.9KB
Spectapede (1984)(Mastertronic)[bootfile] 7.6KB
Hercules (19xx)(Alpha Omega)[HERCULE Start] 6.0KB
Kissin’ Kousins (1985)(English)[a][KK Start] 10.5KB
KIX (1986)(Superior)[cr SAM][KIX Start] 8.7KB
Temple Of Terror (19xx)(Woodroffe, Lilley & Irmak)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.0KB
Paras (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
Cheshire Cat (19xx)(Micro User)[a][CAT Start] 3.3KB
Star Quake (1987)(Bubble Bus)[cr SAM][h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-139] 30.0KB
System Wadgebury (1987)(Andrew Cook)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 74.2KB
Acornsoft Games 2 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 99.8KB
Impossible Mission (1983)(Epyx)[cr Simon][a][IMLOAD Start] 14.3KB
Perplexity (1989)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +4 C. Richardson][bootfile] 16.8KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc SU13-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 155.5KB
Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][a2][JBT Start] 10.4KB
Pengo (1983)(H. Soft)[a][PENGO Start] 7.9KB
Gorph (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a][GORPH Start] 8.5KB
Mr. Wiz (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] 9.1KB
Thunder Struck! (19xx)(Audiogenic)[a][THUNDER Start] 16.9KB
Rocky (1983)(R. Wallen)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
Ewgeebez (1984)(Software Projects)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
Gnome Adventure (19xx)(Model B Computing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.4KB
Hobbit, The V1.00 (19xx)(Melbourne House)(Disk 3 Of 3)(save)[h TSTH] 64.3KB
Pontoon (1982)(IJK)[PONTOON Start] 4.9KB
Hercules (19xx)(Alpha Omega)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.0KB
Reversa Square (1984)(Trevor Truran)[a][REVSQR Start] 1.7KB
Airline (1983)(CCS)[a][AIRLINE Start] 10.1KB
Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.8KB
Slide Show 03 (19xx)(-)(gallery 80T) 167.1KB
Mineshaft (19xx)(Durell)[bootfile] 9.1KB
Archie Disc Accessers (19xx)(-)(TBI-98)[bootfile-ADFS] 140.6KB
Stock Market (1982)(Bob Chappell)[STOCKMK Start] 4.1KB
Thunder Struck II (1986)(Audiogenic)[cr Simon][a][MINDMAS Start] 18.6KB
Price Of Magic, The (1986)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile] 21.6KB
Spel 12 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 73.1KB
Empire (19xx)(Shards)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.2KB
Revenge Of The Snowmen (19xx)(Micro User)[a][REVENGE Start] 3.5KB
System Wadgebury (1987)(Andrew Cook)[bootfile] 9.5KB
CeeFAX Opcodes Course – DFS (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-85-7)[bootfile] 59.4KB
Fly, The (19xx)(-)[FLUE Start] 4.1KB
Microball (19xx)(Alternative)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] 6.2KB
Balloon Buster (1989)(Blue Ribbon)[a][BLOADER Start] 8.0KB
Microball (19xx)(Alternative)[a][PINBALL Start-BBC&Electron] 6.1KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 08 (1990)(Micro User)[bootfile] 19.8KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 07 (1990)(Micro User)[bootfile] 32.5KB
Last Ninja, The (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 35.6KB
Mysterious Adventure 07 – Feasibility Experiment (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[bootfile] 11.3KB
Astro Tracker V2.1 (1982)(MicroMania-Beebug)[ASTRO1 Start] 5.3KB
Savage Pond (1984)(Starcade)[a][POND Start] 10.3KB
Mutant Spiders (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Shark (1988)(Audiogenic)[a2][SHARK Start] 10.4KB
Cavey (1986)(Players)[CAVEY Start] 8.7KB
Ham – Utilities V2.21 (1984)(Tim Alsop)[a][RUN !BOOT Start] 35.7KB
Laser Command (1982)(Micro Power)[LASER-C Start] 4.9KB
Street Patroller Remix (19xx)(Central Computing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 36.0KB
Labyrinth (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.7KB
Strawberry Fields (1992)(JBF)[bootfile] 5.0KB
Street Machine (1986)(Software Invasion)[a][STREET Start] 11.2KB
BBC PD Disk 049 – S. Flintham PD & Freeware (19xx)(-)(BBC-49)[bootfile] 65.0KB
Crazy Quotes (19xx)(Eddie James)[CRAZY-Q Start] 6.6KB
Star Wars – Return Of The Jedi (1984)(Domark)[a][JED0 Start] 18.7KB
Poster Designer (19xx)(M. Bobrowski)(Disk 1 Of 2)(TBI-49-1)[h 8-Bit][bootfile] 62.0KB
Rik The Roadie (1987)(Guest, Hamblett, & Gardiner)[a2][RIK Start] 12.8KB
Sharx Place 46 – 11 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 106.2KB
Yorkshire Boys (demo) (1990)(Yorkshire Boys)(TYB-7)[bootfile] 138.6KB
Polar Perils (1984)(R. Williams)[bootfile] 9.0KB
Utilities Menu (19xx)(-)(TBI-103-1)[bootfile-ADFS] 136.8KB
Swag! (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc L1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 178.5KB
A&B Computing Volume 3 No. 05 (1986)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 61.5KB
BBC PD Disk 152 – Horoscope (19xx)(-)(BBC-152)[bootfile-B&Master] 94.2KB
Adventure 07 – Mystery Fun House – BBC Vb-145 (1984)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.2KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 06 (1990)(Micro User)[bootfile] 32.9KB
Ham Radio Programs (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-73-D)[bootfile] 107.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AU4-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 105.8KB
Interbase Programming Manual (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-13-1] 93.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 52 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 2 Of 2)[bootfile] 111.9KB
Fire Island (19xx)(Holl-Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.3KB
Patience (1982)(IJK)[PATIENC Start] 2.9KB
Micro Olympics (19xx)(Micro User – Electron User)[h TSTH][bootfile] 33.7KB
Chess (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Block Blitz (1985)(Mike Tomlinson)[BLKBLTZ Start] 3.1KB
Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[DUNGEON Start] 20.3KB
Mysterious Adventure 07 – Feasibility Experiment (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[a][FEALOAD Start] 11.3KB
Games 27 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 98.9KB
R-Ther (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 6.2KB
Stormcycle (1989)(Atlantis)[a][STORM Start] 11.9KB
Hyperdrive (1982)(IJK)[HYPER Start] 3.3KB
Warehouse (1987)(Pillar Graphics)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite Lives] 16.8KB
Exile V3.0 (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 65.2KB
Starship Command (1982)(Superior – Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.2KB
Ripton (1986)(A&B Computing)[a][RIPLOAD Start] 16.4KB
Centipede (1982)(R. Hanson)[bootfile] 5.6KB
Number Puzzler (1983)(ASK)[bootfile] 8.0KB
Katakombs (1983)(Golem)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.4KB
Microcosm (1984)(Firebird)[cr SAM][MICRO Start] 14.8KB
Er-Bert (1984)(Microbyte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Digitised Pictures (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-41-2)[bootfile] 120.8KB
Get Fi T Set, The (1988)(Brilliant Computing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.8KB
Bar Billiards – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[BAR Start] 7.2KB
Games I-J (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 104.6KB
Dead Or Alive (1987)(Alternative)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] 7.1KB
Micro User, The – Vol 9 Issue 06 (1991)(Micro User)[bootfile] 23.4KB
Trapper – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.0KB
Alligata Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 183.4KB
Galactic Firebird (1983)(Kansas City Systems)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.0KB
Jetset Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a][JETSET Start] 15.8KB
JJF PD Disk 34 (19xx)(J. Farmer)(JJF-34)[bootfile] 64.9KB
Eagle’s Wings (1984)(Software Invasion)[b2][EAGLE Start] 9.1KB
Night Strike (1986)(Guest And Alcock)[a][NIGHT Start] 5.3KB
Red Arrows, The (1985)(Database)[a][REDARW Start] 17.0KB
Fighter Pilot (19xx)(-)[FIGHTER Start] 2.3KB
BBC PD Disk 106 – Hector C. Parr (19xx)(-)(PD)[bootfile] 45.3KB
Games 28 (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 121.7KB
Olympic Decathlon (1985)(Alligata)[a][ODLOAD Start] 28.9KB
Animal-Vegetable-Mineral & Happy Letters & Timeman One (1983)(BES)[b] 18.1KB
Repton Infinity – Master Version (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 111.5KB
Sharx Place 27 – 17 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 85.1KB
Swarmer (1983)(Beebug)[a][SWARMER Start] 6.3KB
Sharx Place 03 – 30 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 81.7KB
Mysterious Adventure 11 – Waxworks (1983)(Digital Fantasia)[WAXWORK Start] 9.7KB
Plan B (1987)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.8KB
Awari (1984)(Understanding)[h TSTH][bootfile] 2.5KB
Wizzy’s Mansion (1985)(Audiogenic)[MANSION Start] 9.8KB
Gunsmoke (1983)(Software Invasion)[GUNSMOK Start] 8.7KB
Indoor Sports (1988)(Tynesoft)[cr C. White][bootfile] 42.0KB
Games 04 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 112.4KB
Tidbits Teaser (19xx)(Micro User)[a][TIDBITS Start] 2.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 33 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 269.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 28 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 191.9KB
Templeton (1986)(JEC)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
Moon Mission (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Tempest (1985)(Superior)[bootfile] 7.5KB
GLM PD Demo Disc (19xx)(GLM)(GLM-7)[bootfile] 116.3KB
Shuttle Pilot (19xx)(Shingo Sugiura)[BOMB-BY Start] 2.3KB
Space Ranger (1986)(Audiogenic)[RANGER Start] 7.0KB
Space Hi-Way (1983)(Amcom)[HIGHWAY Start] 7.5KB
Acorn User (1986-05)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 45.9KB
Dynamic Modelling Systems (19xx)(Longman Micro)[b][bootfile] 15.2KB
Acornsoft Games 2 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 95.1KB
Strip Poker (19xx)(Artworx)[h TSTH][bootfile] 23.9KB
Quasimodo Game (1985)(Beebug)[a][QMODO Start] 3.7KB
Spy Hunter (1983)(U.S. Gold)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite Crashes] 27.3KB
Crystal Castles (19xx)(U.S. Gold)[a][CRYSTAL Start] 10.3KB
Fun Fair (1983)(Softspot)[FUNFAIR Start] 6.1KB
Sting, The (1984)(Gemini)[a2][STING Start] 6.3KB
Moon Mission (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 4.8KB
Mark Twain – What Is Man (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-76-A)[bootfile-ADFS] 216.5KB
Space Intruders (1983)(Interceptor Micros)[INTRU1 Start] 3.1KB
Orpheus And The Underword (1985)(A&F)[a2][ORPHEUS Start] 5.6KB
Acorn Adventure (1983)(CSL Microdata)[ACORNAD Start] 3.9KB
Acorn User ’87 Compilation (19xx)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 149.3KB
Letter Puzzle (1983)(David Griffin)[a][LETTER Start] 2.8KB
Bandits V2.0 (1983)(Deskflair Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.4KB
Commonwealth Games (1986)(Tynesoft)[a][CWGAME Start] 47.9KB
Trivial Pursuit – BBC Genus Edition (19xx)(Horn Abbot International)[cr][a2][TRIVIAL Start] 133.6KB
Labyrinth (1984)(Acornsoft)[a][LABYRIN Start] 12.9KB
Acornsoft Games 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 112.8KB
Pen And The Dark, The (19xx)(Mosaic Publishing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.1KB
Citadel (1985)(Superior)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 22.2KB
Killing Of Kayleth, The (19xx)(US Gold)[a2][LOADER Start] 19.2KB
Grabit (19xx)(Voyager)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.9KB
Martian Attack (1983)(Program Power)[a][MARS Start] 7.5KB
Chemical Structures (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 7.1KB
Cheese (19xx)(-)[CHEESE Start] 2.4KB
Spaceguard (1983)(MP)[a][SPACEGR Start] 4.0KB
Jet Boat (1984)(Software Invasion)[a][JETBOAT Start] 11.4KB
Education (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 26.2KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 11 (1991)(Micro User)[bootfile] 28.6KB
Ravenskull (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 33.1KB
Tubes! (19xx)(S. Ward)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.2KB
Stryker’s Run (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-Master] 37.5KB
Trivial Pursuit – BBC Genus Edition (19xx)(Horn Abbot International)[cr][TRIVIAL Start] 133.6KB
Dragon Rider (19xx)(Salamander)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.4KB
Eye Vs Eye (1987)(Romsoft)[a][EYEEYE Start] 2.3KB
Dodge Ems (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 2.3KB
ProGolf (1988)(Atlantis)[h TSTH][bootfile] 23.2KB
Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9)[h TSTH][picture Disk] 105.5KB
Orpheus And The Underword (1985)(A&F)[ORPHEUS Start] 5.6KB
Gisburne’s Castle (1984)(Martech)[GCASTLE Start] 12.4KB
Dave Griffin Game Collection (19xx)(D. Griffin)[bootfile] 47.0KB
Snooker (19xx)(Visions)[b] 5.8KB
InterTexts, Comms, Etc. (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-61-2)[bootfile] 144.0KB
Snakes And Ladders (1993)(J. Cavanagh)[SNAKE Start] 3.8KB
Duck Shoot – Sharp Conversion V0.5 (1980)(Southern)[a][DUCKSHO Start] 2.5KB
Astro Navigator (1982)(J&P Courtney)[NAVIGAT Start] 5.6KB
Slide Show 12 (19xx)(Yorkshire Boys)(TYB-10)[bootfile] 270.2KB
Cribbage (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 6.1KB
Apple Pie (1984)(T. Chown)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
Android (1984)(JK Programs)[a][ANDROID Start] 5.8KB
Gold Digger (1984)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.3KB
Castle Quest (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][CASTLE Start] 13.4KB
Software Invasion Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[bootfile] 92.5KB
Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)[a][SCRBLE Start] 20.5KB
Quondam (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.0KB
Icarus (1988)(Mandarin)[a][STARTCO Start] 24.5KB
Killing Of Kayleth, The (19xx)(US Gold)[LOADER Start] 18.7KB
Masterspy (19xx)(-)[a][M-SPY Start] 4.6KB
Pantry Antics (1985)(M. St. Aubyn)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
Horse Race (19xx)(Dynabyte)[RACE Start] 6.8KB
Chemical Simulations (19xx)(Acornsoft) 21.4KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[b][EMBA1 Start] 5.6KB
Freefall (1983)(Acornsoft)[FREE-F Start] 11.6KB
Speech! (1985)(Superior)[bootfile] 14.4KB
Star Soccer (1983)(IJK)[SSOCCER Start] 4.3KB
Sharx Place 57 – Xx Items (19xx)(-)[b][menu-BeebAid ROM] 110.4KB
Sharx Place 21 – 31 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 46.6KB
Barbarian II (1989)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 36.2KB
Utilities Disk 5 (1991)(GLM)[MENU Start] 26.0KB
Light Cycle (1983)(Creative Consultants)[a][TRON1 Start] 3.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc SU01-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 165.2KB
Project Thesius – Rick Hanson Part 2 (1986)(Robico)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.8KB
Cheat It Again Joe – Vol. 1 (1988)(Impact Posters)[h TSTH][bootfile] 22.8KB
Cowboy Shootout (19xx)(Program Power)[a][SHOOT-O Start] 4.1KB
HeroZoft Digitised Pictures 1 (19xx)(HeroZoft)[bootfile] 262.7KB
Planets (19xx)(-)[PLANETS Start] 1.4KB
Hangdroid (1982)(Micromode)[a][HANGDRD Start] 3.9KB
Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[DDDENIS Start] 6.2KB
Adventure 04 – Voodoo Castle – BBC V1.0 (1979)(Adams)[a][4BBC Start] 9.0KB
8-Bit Software Issue 64 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 138.9KB
Micro User, The (1983-12)(Micro User) 18.3KB
Micro Power Magic II (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 71.6KB
Mastercopy (1986)(MB)[b][bootfile] 4.5KB
Mouse Trap (19xx)(C. Robson)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.3KB
Silicon Voyager, The (1984)(John Kingston)[bootfile] 71.7KB
Palace Of Magic (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-no Keys & Invulnerability] 24.3KB
Shuttle Simulator (1983)(Microdeal)[a][SHUTTLE Start] 6.6KB
Alien Swirl (1983)(Amcom)[a][AS1 Start] 5.8KB
Banjax (1985)(Robico)[BANJAX Start] 10.3KB
Eldorado Gold (1982)(Program Power)[a][ELDOR Start] 9.4KB
Haunted Abbey, The (1984)(A&F)[cr Piratesoft][ABBEY Start] 11.7KB
Plunder (1984)(CCS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.5KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 1 Number 1 To 10 (19xx)(-)[bootfile-ADFS] 135.8KB
Superior Soccer (1989)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.0KB
Mysterious Adventure 05 – Escape From Pulsar 7 (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[PULSAR7 Start] 11.2KB
Codename-Droid, Stryker’s Run Part 2 (1987)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +7][bootfile] 20.4KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AU3-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 66.2KB
Draughts (19xx)(Micro User)[a][DRAUGHT Start] 3.0KB
Rick Hanson Trilogy, The – Saga Of A Spy (1986)(Robico)[h TSTH][bootfile] 58.8KB
Spaceguard (1983)(MP)[SPACEGR Start] 4.0KB
Video Card Arcade (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[a][ARCADE Start] 8.6KB
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 71.2KB
Mirror Of Khoronz (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-146)[bootfile] 122.4KB
Planetoid (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.9KB
Sentinel, The (19xx)(-)[b3][bootfile] 13.7KB
Fire Track (1987)(Aardvark)[a][!FTLOAD Start] 24.2KB
Jeremy Goes Jumping (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] 6.1KB
Guy In The Hat, The (19xx)(MRM)[a][GUYLOAD Start] 5.0KB
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +6][bootfile] 16.8KB
Micro User, The – Vol 9 Issue 05 (1991)(Micro User)[bootfile] 35.0KB
A&B Computing Volume 1 No. 14 (1985)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 11.1KB
Red Arrows, The (1985)(Database)[REDARW Start] 17.0KB
Daark (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.4KB
Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)[SCRABLE Start] 19.6KB
Panik (1987)(Atlantis)[PANIK Start] 6.3KB
Mr. Wiz (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 7.5KB
Guardian (1984)(Alligata)[a][GUALOAD Start] 8.0KB
Caesar The Cat (1984)(Andromeda)[a][CAESAR Start] 8.1KB
Street Patroller (19xx)(Central Computing)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.9KB
Gremlins – The Adventure (1983)(Adventure International)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Sporting Triangles (1989)(CDS)[h TSTH][extra Questions] 32.9KB
F.S.S. Liberator (19xx)(Nebulae)[a][LIBLOAD Start] 14.8KB
Boxer (1984)(Acornsoft)[BOXLOAD Start] 6.8KB
Mr. Ee! (19xx)(A. Stephens)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.0KB
Acorn User (1988-03)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 58.0KB
Plutonium Plunder (19xx)(Micro Power)[bootfile] 7.9KB
Holed Out – Owlet Wood (1989)(Fourth Dimension)[bootfile] 26.8KB
Star Striker (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] 7.6KB
BMX On The Moon (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 7.8KB
Catacastles (19xx)(-)[a2][CATA Start] 2.9KB
Bandit (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 5.7KB
Swag! (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][$WAG1 Start] 8.7KB
Banana Man (1985)(Blue Ribbon) 5.1KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc L3-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 52.1KB
Games For Cheaters (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 62.1KB
Superior Collection – Vol 1 (19xx)(Superior)(Disk 1 Of 2)[h TSTH][bootfile] 47.9KB
Twin Kingdom Valley (1983)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.7KB
Super Invaders (1982)(Acornsoft)[SINVAD Start] 5.9KB
Wizzy’s Mansion (1985)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.6KB
Sea Lord (1983)(Bug Byte)[SEALORD Start] 5.2KB
Knitwear Designer (1987)(Database Publications)[bootfile] 12.1KB
Sunday – A Graphic Adventure (1999)(Dave)(Disk 2 Of 2)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-143-1B-ADFS] 183.4KB
Bug Byte Games 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 92.8KB
Music Player (19xx)(PCW)[a][MUSIC Start] 1.5KB
Stranded (19xx)(Woodhouse & Hughes)[b][ETITLE Start] 8.8KB
Skyhawk (19xx)(Pace)[a][SKYHAWK Start] 10.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 23 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 284.4KB
Mouse Trap (19xx)(Geoff Turner)[MO Start] 2.0KB
American Suds (19xx)(Riverdale)[h TSTH][bootfile] 28.1KB
Acorn User (1990-07)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 70.8KB
Greedy Dwarf (1984)(Dorling Kindersley)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.8KB
Slide Show – 8-Bit Software (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-84-1)[bootfile] 305.2KB
Warp-1 (1984)(Icon)[h TSTH][WARP Start] 8.0KB
Disk Utility (19xx)(-)(nl)[a][MENU Start] 32.2KB
Acorn User (1990-06)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 64.6KB
Pandemonium (19xx)(Top Ten)[a][PMONIUM Start] 13.9KB
Hobgoblin V2.0 (19xx)(Atlantis)[h TSTH][t +3][bootfile] 13.9KB
Star Trek – The Game V1.4 (1983)(Telesoftware)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.3KB
Star Striker (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
Othello (19xx)(-)[a][OTHELLO Start] 2.6KB
Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 192.4KB
XOR (1987)(Astral)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile-level Select & Immortality-Master] 12.5KB
Frankenstein 2000 V1.0 (19xx)(Icon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.8KB
Sharx Place 52 – 15 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 105.1KB
Lost City (1983)(Robin & Jean Burgess)[bootfile] 11.5KB
Battle Of Atlantis (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 118.8KB
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[a][ELITE Start] 48.1KB
Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.6KB
Games M-1 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 89.0KB
Growing Yourself (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 252.1KB
Lemming Syndrome (19xx)(Dynabyte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Strike Force Harrier (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[FRONT Start] 16.8KB
Sentinel, The (19xx)(Firebird)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 18.3KB
Mysterious Adventure 11 – Waxworks (1983)(Digital Fantasia)[a2][WAXWORK Start] 9.7KB
Ravage (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.9KB
Mysterious Adventure 06 – Circus (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[LOADER Start] 11.4KB
Smash And Grab (1984)(Superior)[b] 7.6KB
Asteroid Storm (1982)(Program Power)[a2][STORM Start] 8.3KB
Slide Show – Rogues Gallery (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-99)[bootfile-ADFS] 251.4KB
Acorn User July 1993 To December 1993 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 171.6KB
Stranded (19xx)(Woodhouse & Hughes)[bootfile] 10.0KB
Dominoes (19xx)(-)[DOMINO Start] 3.9KB
Goal! – BBC Version (1986)(Tynesoft)[a2][GOAL Start] 9.8KB
Pony Express (19xx)(Holl-Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.2KB
Reversi V2.32A (1982)(D. Thompson)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.6KB
Acorn User (1986-08)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 72.5KB
Formula One (1983)(D. Loughborough)[FORMULA Start] 4.0KB
Table Adventures (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 9.6KB
Jigsaw (19xx)(Kansas)[h TSTH][bootfile] 52.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc SU04-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 156.2KB
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1985)(Software Communications)[bootfile] 12.1KB
Wormy Num Num (19xx)(Micro User)[WORMY1 Start] 3.5KB
E-Type (1990)(4th Dimension)[h TSTH][bootfile] 23.0KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 01 (1990)(Micro User)[bootfile] 42.9KB
Colossal Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[COLOSAL Start] 19.1KB
Myorem – Rick Hanson Part 3 V1.1 (1986)(Robico)[MYOREM Start] 19.6KB
Games 32 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 115.5KB
Slimmer Recipes (19xx)(-)(TBI-107)[bootfile-ADFS] 34.5KB
Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 5.0KB
Quest For The Holy Grail, The – Epic Adventure 2 V1 (19xx)(Epic)[bootfile] 14.6KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc A3-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 179.5KB
Arcade Action (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 12.1KB
Spy Cat (1988)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 21.0KB
Chieftan (19xx)(-)[cr Mr. Lee][a][CHIEF Start] 6.8KB
VTOL (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.8KB
Zenon (1988)(Impact)[h TSTH][bootfile-tape] 13.9KB
Pontoon (19xx)(Superior)[PONTOON Start] 6.8KB
Elite – Commander Editor (1986)(Acorn User)[EELITE Start] 4.3KB
Synthesizer (19xx)(-)[a][SYNTH Start] 3.1KB
Pole Position (1984)(Atari)[cr Piratesoft][a][POLE Start] 10.8KB
Lemming Syndrome (19xx)(Dynabyte)[a][LEMMING Start] 7.6KB
A&B Computing Volume 2 No. 09 (1985)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 21.7KB
Sunday – A Graphic Adventure (1999)(Dave)(Disk 1 Of 2)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-143-1A-ADFS] 150.8KB
Candy Floss (1982)(John Sinclair)[CANDYFL Start] 4.8KB
TMS Sound And Music Library – 400 Years Of Music (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[TMS-LIB 4] 23.5KB
Meteors (1982)(Acornsoft)[a][METEORS Start] 6.2KB
Stolen Lamp (1983)(M.C. Lothlorian)[a][LAMP Start] 8.7KB
Zorakk The Conqueror (19xx)(Icon)[b2][ZORAKK Start] 5.6KB
Omega (1983)(Beebug)[a][OMEGA Start] 5.0KB
Missile Strike V1.1 (1984)(Superior)[h Piratesoft][bootfile] 6.4KB
System 8 (1988)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
Airwolf (19xx)(Elite)[WOLF2 Start] 14.0KB
A&B Computing Volume 3 No. 12 (1986)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 16.5KB
Pogo Pete (1984)(Electro Soft)[POGO Start] 10.1KB
Felix Meets The Evil Weevils (1984)(Micro Power)[FELIX Start] 8.2KB
Druid’s Circle, The (19xx)(Holl-Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.3KB
Chuckie Egg 2 (1983)(A&F)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 9.0KB
Thunder Struck II (1986)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.3KB
Animation Station Disc No. 1 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-16)[bootfile] 34.4KB
One Last Game (1984)(Bevan Technology)[ONELAST Start] 10.0KB
Valley, The (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 9.6KB
Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[DISRIDE Start] 10.3KB
A&B Computing Volume 3 No. 07 (1986)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 21.9KB
Air Traffic Control Simulator (1983)(Microdeal)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Tynesoft 2 (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 83.6KB
Tynesoft 1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 192.7KB
Crosswords (19xx)(-)[CLOAD Start] 39.7KB
Adventure 01 – Adventureland – BBC V1.0 (1979)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.3KB
Stolen Lamp (1983)(M.C. Lothlorian)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.1KB
Chopper II (1983)(M. Beaton)[a][CHOPPER Start] 7.1KB
Master Break (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 66.6KB
Palace Of Magic (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.0KB
Mad Monty (1983)(Screenplay)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 4.9KB
Mineshaft (19xx)(Durell)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Mined Out (1983)(Quicksilva)[b2] 8.4KB
Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill) 5.0KB
Wizard, The (1982)(Quicksilva)[WIZARD Start] 4.3KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc B1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 84.0KB
Stormcycle (1989)(Atlantis)[STORM Start] 11.9KB
Warlord, The (19xx)(Acorn User)[a2][bootfile] 31.5KB
Ricochet (1989)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 78.6KB
747 Flight Simulator (1983)(D.A.C.C. Ltd)[a][DACC747 Start] 5.2KB
Mix_Ed & Run_Bld V1 & Samples (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-5)[bootfile] 292.7KB
Cheat It Again Joe – Vol. 1 (1988)(Impact Posters)[bootfile] 26.6KB
Plegaron People Eaters (1983)(R.H. Electronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.1KB
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.5KB
Let’s Count (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.3KB
Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[b][URIDIUM Start] 16.9KB
Super Pool (1984)(Software Invasion)[cr Arthur][SUPPOOL Start] 8.2KB
Plan B – Part 2 – Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press)[a2][bootfile] 12.8KB
Soccer Manager (19xx)(Micro User)[a][SOCCER Start] 8.0KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 10 (1990)(Micro User)[a][bootfile] 32.6KB
Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[bootfile] 4.9KB
Firebug (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc CH14-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 103.6KB
Super Fruit (1983)(DKtronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.9KB
Sliding Block Puzzles (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 10.1KB
Dune Rider (1983)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 25.8KB
Tetrapods – Star Swarm (1984)(Acornsoft)[TTRAPOD Start] 7.3KB
Klax (1990)(Atari)[a][LOADER Start] 13.9KB
Ski Slalom (19xx)(RH)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
Terromolinos! (19xx)(Byrne & Taylor)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.3KB
View Professional V2.0 (19xx)(Colton)[h 8-Bit](TBI-74-1)[bootfile-ADFS] 115.8KB
Programs – To PD Disc 4 (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-14)[bootfile] 133.2KB
Space Station Alpha (19xx)(Icon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h TSTH – C. Pugwash][t +3][FRAK Start-upgrade Hack] 9.4KB
JJF PD Disk 43 – Family History (19xx)(J. Farmer)(JJF-43)[bootfile-ADFS] 30.3KB
Vegas Jackpot (19xx)(Mastertronic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)(nl)[a2][DECORAT Start] 4.4KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 1 Number 07 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 14.6KB
Ballistix! (1989)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 21.4KB
A&B Computing Volume 2 No. 12 (1985)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 31.4KB
Philosopher’s Stone, The (1986)(Potter Programs)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Mysterious Adventure 08 – Wizard Of Akyrz (1983)(Digital Fantasia)[MYSTERI Start] 10.4KB
Adult Basic Education Disks 34,36 & Talking Disc (19xx)(P. Davy)[h 8-Bit](TBI-46-5)[bootfile] 93.1KB
Savage Pond (1984)(Starcade)[POND Start] 10.3KB
SAS Commander (1984)(Comsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.6KB
Micro User, The (1985-06)(Micro User) 27.9KB
Waterloo (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.3KB
Whist (19xx)(-)[a][WHIST Start] 3.6KB
Cholo (19xx)(Firebird)[a2][bootfile] 32.2KB
Golf (1984)(Micro User)[a][GOLF Start] 3.8KB
Painter (1983)(A&F)[b] 6.0KB
Teddy (19xx)(-)[TEDDY Start-music] 2.3KB
Checkouts (1984)(Virgin)[a][CHECK Start] 5.8KB
Synthesizer (19xx)(-)[SYNTH Start] 3.1KB
Plotmate (19xx)(-) 16.9KB
Games R-S (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 184.5KB
Micro User, The – Vol 9 Issue 02 (1991)(Micro User)[bootfile] 34.8KB
Flags (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc 4D5-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 37.6KB
Tree Of Knowledge (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 9.5KB
Strategem (19xx)(Micro User)[a][STRAT1 Start] 3.9KB
Arcade Action (1982)(Acornsoft)[game Start] 12.0KB
Rick Hanson V2 (1986)(Robico)[RHANSON Start] 17.7KB
Thrust (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +6][bootfile] 16.2KB
Manic Miner (1984)(Software Projects)[MINER Start] 14.7KB
Cosmic Asteroids (1983)(Alligata)[ASTER Start] 4.8KB
Giantkiller (1987)(Topologika)[GRUN Start] 19.9KB
A&B Computing Volume 4 No. 03 (1987)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 37.9KB
Truffle Hunt (1984)(Beebug)[a][TRUFFLE Start] 1.9KB
Super Defender (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.6KB
Griffin Basic Mathematics (19xx)(Griffin)[a][bootfile] 64.6KB
Guy In The Hat, The (19xx)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Galaxy Raiders (19xx)(Visions)[b2] 10.6KB
Klax (1990)(Atari)[h][a][KLAX Start] 20.2KB
Hubert (1984)(M.A. Derodra)[HUBERT Start] 6.2KB
Programmer’s Revenge (1984)(Colisoft)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 15.1KB
Star Maze (19xx)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.0KB
Just A Mot (19xx)(-)[WD2 Start] 13.0KB
Syncron (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 25.0KB
Yoyo (1985)(P. Scott)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 16.8KB
A&B Computing Volume 3 No. 03 (1986)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 69.3KB
Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 6.2KB
Games 30 (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 106.5KB
Raid Over Moscow (1986)(U.S. Gold)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.3KB
Kryptogram (1982)(John Sinclair)[a][+.KRPGRAM Start] 1.5KB
Strategy 2 – Hunt For The Bismark (19xx)(ASP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Freefall V9 (1983)(I. Bell)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.7KB
Galaforce 2 (1988)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 14.1KB
Psycastria V2.1 (1986)(Audiogenic)[b2][LOADER Start] 20.7KB
STD Database V4 (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-3)[bootfile] 95.2KB
Acorn User (1989-06)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 60.0KB
Disk User 14 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 52.9KB
Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9)[a][EMERALD Start] 22.1KB
Book Index (19xx)(-)[BOOK Start] 2.6KB
Video Card Arcade (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[a2][ARCADE Start] 8.6KB
Space Lords (19xx)(-)[SPACE Start] 3.4KB
Ultron (1986)(Audiogenic)[ULTRON Start] 6.4KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc CH08-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 201.0KB
Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.7KB
Adult Basic Education Disks 34,36 & Talking Disc (19xx)(P. Davy)(wake)[bootfile] 51.1KB
Trapper – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[TRAP1 Start] 5.9KB
Quadline (19xx)(-)[CONNECT Start] 3.2KB
Acorn User (1987-10)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 74.4KB
Diamond Mine (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.0KB
Mix Mania II (1991)(Yorkshire Boys)[RUN !BOOT Start] 302.6KB
Loco Motion! (1985)(BBC Soft)[LOCOM Start] 13.3KB
Electric Fields (19xx)(BBCSoft)[bootfile] 11.3KB
Lifter (1983)(Roland Kitching)[a][LIFTER Start] 3.7KB
World Cup Manager (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.0KB
Death’s Head Hole (1982)(Louis & Elizabeth)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.4KB
Adventure 09 – Ghost Town – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.0KB
Phantom F4 (19xx)(Doctor Soft)[a2][PHANTOM Start] 9.4KB
Fairground (1983)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.2KB
Chrysalis (19xx)(Icon)[a][CHRS0 Start] 7.1KB
Staircase Stampede! (1984)(Comsoft)[a3][bootfile] 5.9KB
Citadel (1985)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 25.0KB
Crazee Rider (1987)(Superior)[CRAZRID Start] 16.7KB
Acorn User (1991-05)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 73.7KB
Holed Out – Cone Links & Pine Isles (1989)(Fourth Dimension)[h TSTH][bootfile] 35.8KB
Fortress (1983)(Amcom)[a][FORTRES Start] 11.7KB
Miscellany 2 (19xx)(GLM)[bootfile] 39.8KB
Jet-Pac (1983)(ACG)[a][bootfile] 9.6KB
Microcosm (1984)(Firebird)[cr SAM][h TSTH][bootfile] 10.9KB
Hangman (1984)(Sifma Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 43.6KB
Micro User, The – Vol 5 Issue 04 (1987)(Micro User)[bootfile] 32.4KB
Asteroid Belt (19xx)(Computer Concepts)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Wheel Of Fortune – Epic Adventure 4 (1984)(Epic)[bootfile] 24.3KB
Hyperball (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 22.4KB
Hopper (1983)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 6.2KB
Centipede – Centibug (1982)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 6.6KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 09 – Number 02 (1990-06)(Beebug)[bootfile] 32.8KB
Alien Dropout (1982)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 7.6KB
Alien Destroyers (1982)(Program Power)[a][ALIEN-I Start] 8.6KB
Syncron (19xx)(Superior)[SYNCRON Start] 24.4KB
Space War (1983)(D. Hufton)[SPC-WAR Start] 4.0KB
Games K-L (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 86.8KB
Night World (19xx)(Alligata)[NIGHT Start] 10.9KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc G1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 98.9KB
Trench (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 53 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 2 Of 2)[bootfile] 183.1KB
Guns Of Navarone, The (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.3KB
Slide Show 07 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-13-2)[bootfile] 97.2KB
Quadrangle (19xx)(-)[a][QUADRAN Start] 3.2KB
Animated Pictures (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 144.9KB
Maze (1984)(Acornsoft)[MAZE Start] 9.2KB
Ghouls (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][GHOLOAD Start] 8.3KB
Spectapede (1984)(Mastertronic)[SPECTAP Start] 7.3KB
Jigsaw (19xx)(-)[a2][JIG1 Start] 6.4KB
Survivors, The (1987)(Atlantis)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.5KB
JCB Digger (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 8.1KB
Sorcery (19xx)(Pace)[a][SORCERY Start] 10.3KB
Last Ninja, The (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile-tape] 35.6KB
Woodland Terror (1984)(MP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.5KB
Window Font And Procedures (19xx)(DSPD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-55-5)[bootfile] 3.5KB
Arcade Soccer! (1989)(Fourth Dimension)[a2][bootfile] 30.1KB
ROM Manager ROM (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-134) 3.4KB
Pantheon (19xx)(Superior)[a3][bootfile] 34.5KB
Bar Billiards – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.4KB
Electro Freddy (1984)(Softspot)[a][ELECTRO Start] 5.7KB
Adventure Quest (19xx)(Level 9)[a][QUEST Start] 19.1KB
Tynesoft 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 86.5KB
Wonder Worm (1983)(Thor)[WONDER Start] 6.5KB
Jack Attack (1986)(Bug Byte)[a][JACKATT Start] 10.6KB
Screwball (1984)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Snacker (1992)(ALT)(FW)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.1KB
Samples 07 (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-10)[bootfile] 240.3KB
Klax (1990)(Atari)[LOADER Start] 13.9KB
Mine, The (1983)(W. Mansell)[h Matt][MINE1 Start] 7.1KB
Xanadu (1984)(M. Richards & P. Belben)[XANADU Start] 16.3KB
Planets (19xx)(-)[a2][PLANETS Start] 1.4KB
Leap Frog (19xx)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Trek II (1985)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.1KB
Games 26 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 110.0KB
Starfire V2 (1982)(Beebug)[a][STAR Start] 3.0KB
KetTrilogy, The (19xx)(Incentive)[h TSTH][bootfile] 41.6KB
Tom Seddon’s Music Disk (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 42.8KB
Gauntlet (1984)(Micro Power)[a][GAUNTLT Start] 10.8KB
BBC PD Disk 016 – Clipart For AMX PageMaker (19xx)(-)(BBC-16) 104.2KB
Puppet Man, The – Adventure 5 (1987)(Larsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.1KB
Tanks (1986)(Design People)[a][TANKS! Start] 23.4KB
Templeton (1986)(JEC)[h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 6.5KB
Adventurescape Games – Amnesia & Xanadu (19xx)(A&B)[h TSTH][bootfile] 35.2KB
Super Invaders (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-Master] 5.6KB
Search And Rescue (1982)(Little & Orton)[a][SEARCH& Start] 4.5KB
Carousel (19xx)(Acornsoft)[a][CAROUSE Start] 7.9KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 06 (1990)(Micro User)[a][bootfile] 18.8KB
Icarus (1988)(Mandarin)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.2KB
Acorn User 1989 To 1993 Compilation (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][ADFS] 239.8KB
Spy Hunter (1983)(U.S. Gold)[bootfile] 27.3KB
Rocket Raid (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 7.9KB
Future Shock (1986)(Tynesoft)[h M. Tomlinson][LOADER Start] 21.0KB
Terromolinos! (19xx)(Byrne & Taylor)[a][TERROR Start] 16.7KB
Acorn User (1988-05)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 65.9KB
Vegas Jackpot (19xx)(Mastertronic)[VEGLOAD Start] 4.4KB
Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[a2][DISRIDE Start] 10.3KB
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 11.5KB
Repton 3 – Around The World In 40 Screens (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 54.9KB
Trafalgar (1983)(Squirrel)[b][TRAFLGR Start] 7.2KB
Cyborg Warriors (19xx)(Superior-Acornsoft) 15.3KB
Tombs Of Tutankhamen, The (19xx)(Micro User)[a][TUTAN Start] 3.9KB
Rick Hanson V2 (1986)(Robico)[a][RHANSON Start] 17.7KB
CeeFAX SWR Notes (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-85-2-2)[bootfile] 24.7KB
Sharx Place 22 – 16 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 87.7KB
Last Ninja, The (1988)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 35.4KB
Sharx Place 16 – 14 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 64.4KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[EMBA1 Start] 5.6KB
Fruity Freddy (1983)(Softspot)[cr Mass Piracy][b] 5.9KB
Moon Raider (1983)(Program Power)[a][MNRAID Start] 7.4KB
Sharx Place 55 – 01 Item (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 50.6KB
Video Pinball (19xx)(Alternative)[bootfile-E00DFS] 6.6KB
Noc A Bloc (19xx)(Virgin Games)[b] 8.0KB
Games M-2 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 59.9KB
Acorn User (1992-06)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 52.0KB
Star Trader (1983)(First Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.7KB
8-Bit Software Info & Utilities (1997)(C. Richardson)(TBI-00-3)[bootfile] 66.9KB
Jouster (19xx)(Westsoft)[JOUSTER Start] 5.1KB
Lost City (1983)(Robin & Jean Burgess)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.5KB
Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a][JSWII Start] 15.7KB
Tapper (1986)(U.S. Gold)[bootfile] 18.5KB
Colditz! (19xx)(LVL) 9.0KB
Turf Form (1988)(Blue Ribbon)[a][TURFFOR Start] 4.2KB
Percy Penguin (1984)(J.D. Llewellyn)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.7KB
Felix Meets The Evil Weevils (1984)(Micro Power)[a2][FELIX Start] 8.2KB
Mr. Men – Mr. Noisy & Mr. Bounce (1984)(Mirrorsoft)[bootfile] 14.1KB
Even More Basic Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 5.0KB
Sphere Of Destiny 2 (19xx)(Gary Partis)[bootfile] 18.3KB
Sphere Of Destiny (1986)(Gary Partis)[cr SAM][SOD Start] 23.5KB
Mysterious Adventure 03 – Arrow Of Death – Part 1 (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 66 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 147.9KB
Moonbase Beta (1992)(P.B. Hatton)[bootfile] 45.3KB
Cred Breaks Out! (1986)(TSB Magic Micro Club)[LOADING Start] 6.2KB
Swoop (1983)(Program Power)[SWOOP Start] 5.8KB
Psycastria 2 (1989)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.7KB
World Of Dread Dragon Droom (1985)(D-A)[bootfile-support Disk] 20.4KB
Repton 3 – Repton Thru Time (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH – FIG][bootfile-with Editor] 67.6KB
Stryker’s Run – Standard & Enhanced (1986)(Superior)[bootfile] 46.6KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 12 (1991)(Micro User)[a][bootfile] 26.8KB
Strike Force Harrier (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[a][STRIKE Start] 16.8KB
Asteroids Deluxe (1984)(Atari)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.5KB
Stratobomber (1982)(IJK)[STRATOB Start] 4.6KB
Puc-Man (19xx)(-)[SNAPPER Start] 5.8KB
Go (19xx)(Acornsoft)[b2][GO Start] 10.4KB
April Showers (19xx)(Bevan Technology)[APRILSH Start] 5.8KB
Space Pilot (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +3 Orlando][bootfile] 7.1KB
Geoff Capes Strong Man (19xx)(Martech)[a][GEOFF Start] 14.4KB
Convoy (19xx)(-)[CONVOY Start] 2.4KB
Awari (1984)(Understanding)[a][+.AWARI Start] 2.4KB
Tempest (1985)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 10.9KB
Triple Decker 10 (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.6KB
GLM PD (1990)(GLM)(GLM-5)[bootfile] 143.8KB
Elite – BBC System Menu (1984)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 122.6KB
Adventure Quest (19xx)(Level 9)[a3][QUEST Start] 19.1KB
Harston PD Library – Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-3)[various Start] 43.3KB
Asteroids Deluxe (1984)(Atari)[a2][A.AST-DEL Start] 8.3KB
Rainbow’s End (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.3KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AG2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 121.2KB
Tobruk (1986)(C.T. McGurk)[TOBINTR Start] 6.7KB
Program Power 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 102.1KB
Main-Line (1982)(CSL)[a][MAINLIN Start] 2.4KB
Ransack! (1987)(Audiogenic)[t][a2][CHEAT Start] 21.2KB
Adult Basic Education Disks 34,36 & Talking Disc (19xx)(P. Davy)[bootfile] 51.1KB
Acorn User (1992-02)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 64.7KB
Who Dares Wins 2 (1986)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 29.6KB
Programmer’s Revenge (1984)(Colisoft)[PROGRAM Start] 14.9KB
Karate Combat (19xx)(Martin Sykes)[cr S.M.][bootfile] 13.0KB
Shrinking Professor’s Quest, The (1983)(A&F)[a3][PROF Start] 12.0KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc R1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 124.6KB
Indoor Soccer (19xx)(Alternative)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.7KB
Teletext (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-11)[bootfile-ADFS] 45.7KB
Beebug Magazine – Volume 05 – Number 05 (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 31.0KB
64k Support (19xx)(-)[RUN BAS128] 17.0KB
Boffin 2 (1985)(Addictive Games)[a2][BOFIN21 Start] 14.9KB
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 31.4KB
Skirmish (19xx)(D.D. Harriman)[b3][SK Start] 10.5KB
Vindaloo (1986)(Tynesoft)[b][CURRY Start] 10.8KB
Acorn User (1990-02)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 57.1KB
Games Disk 005 – 9 Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 118.0KB
Tom Seddon’s Music Disk (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 42.8KB
Sting, The (1984)(Gemini)[STING Start] 6.3KB
Apollo Picture Show (19xx)(-)(TBI-110-1)[bootfile] 254.0KB
System 8 (1988)(Blue Ribbon)[b][SYSTEM8 Start] 5.3KB
Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 111.1KB
Legion Adventure (1983)(Software Projects)[b2] 9.2KB
Codename-Droid, Stryker’s Run Part 2 (1987)(Superior) 24.2KB
Qwak! (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 13.1KB
Grid Worz (19xx)(Ivan Bach)[a][GRIDWOR Start] 4.0KB
Web Runner (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
Galactic Wipeout (19xx)(R.H.)[WIPEOUT Start] 6.2KB
Volcano (1983)(Acornsoft)[a][VOLCANO Start] 8.2KB
Secret Garden (1986)(J. Ormond)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 15.3KB
Astro Plumber (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[ASTLOAD Start] 6.8KB
Micro User, The (1984-03)(Micro User) 14.8KB
Fast Access – Vol. 1 Issue 3 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 84.4KB
Q-Man (19xx)(-)[QMAN Start] 3.8KB
Mr. T’s – Number Games – Lady Bug (19xx)(Ebury)[bootfile] 11.8KB
Skulls (19xx)(Micro User)[SKULLS Start] 4.1KB
Grand Prix Construction Set (1987)(A. Bradley)[GPCSLOA Start] 29.9KB
Sinistar (1985)(Atarisoft)[SINIST1 Start] 7.6KB
Chess V2.32 (1983)(Computer Concepts)[CHESS Start] 8.8KB
Star Quake (1987)(Bubble Bus)[h TSTH][bootfile] 27.6KB
Quest Probe 1 – Incredible Hulk Vb-126 (1984)(Adventure International)[GAMEB Start] 11.2KB
Digger (1983)(Visions)[a][DIGGER Start] 5.1KB
Arkanoid (1981)(Imagine)[cr 81 Red][a3][ARKLOAD Start] 9.6KB
HeadFirst PD (19xx)(HeadFirst)[h 8-Bit](TBI-24)[!MENU Start] 26.0KB
Alien 8 (19xx)(Ultimate)[bootfile] 14.3KB
Bug Eyes (1985)(Icon)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 7.1KB
Wordsearch Generator V2 (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-13)[bootfile] 105.4KB
Sphinx Adventure (1982)(Acornsoft)[a][SPHINX Start] 11.8KB
Mr. T’s – In The Mystery Maze – Pathfinder (1984)(Ebury)[bootfile] 12.0KB
Science Topics – Polymers (19xx)(BBC)[bootfile] 22.8KB
Birdie Barrage V2.0 (1983)(CDS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Sub-Strike (1985)(TDS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.9KB
Robotron 2084 (1984)(Atari)[cr Simon][bootfile] 11.5KB
Robomania – The Ultimate (19xx)(S. Greenman)[ROBOMAN Start] 7.9KB
Village Of Lost Souls (1987)(Robico)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 21.7KB
Dino And The Saurus Races (19xx)(Gordon Key)[DINO Start] 6.8KB
Acorn Adventure (1983)(CSL Microdata)[bootfile] 4.0KB
Dam Busters (1983)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.2KB
Games Disk 002 – 4 Games (19xx)(-) 43.3KB
Quest Probe 3 – Fantastic Four, Chapter 1 V1.0 (1985)(Adventure International)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.2KB
8-Bit Software Issue 53 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 189.9KB
Rockfall (19xx)(D.M.)[a][ROCKFAL Start] 1.5KB
Space City (19xx)(-)[a][SP-CITY Start] 1.6KB
Samples 10 (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-19)[bootfile] 52.1KB
Fire Hawks (1983)(Postern)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Salamanca (19xx)(-)[a][SALINTR Start] 5.4KB
Music Processor (19xx)(-)[a][MUPROC Start] 4.8KB
Way Of The Exploding Fist, The (1985)(Melbourne House)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 14.9KB
Alien 8 (19xx)(Ultimate)[h MCC][ALIEN8 Start] 16.0KB
Castle Of Gems (1984)(MRM)[COFGEMS Start] 9.9KB
Tunnel Adventure (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.3KB
Whoopsy (1985)(Merrybuild)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.8KB
Killer Priscilla (19xx)(Superior)[h][a][KILLER Start] 4.1KB
Clogger (1988)(Impact)[CLOGGER Start] 21.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 55 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 1 Of 2)[bootfile] 125.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 47 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)(8BS-47)[bootfile-TBI-47] 97.9KB
TMS Sound And Music Library (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 24.2KB
World War I (1986)(M.C. Lothlorien)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.8KB
Time Adventure (1982)(Software For All)[TIMEWRP Start] 7.3KB
Killer Gorilla 2 (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 9.5KB
Acorn User (1991-01)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 60.3KB
Vertigo (1991)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 75.0KB
Polar Perils (1984)(R. Williams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Castle Quest (19xx)(Micro Power)[bootfile] 13.4KB
Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[ULTRON Start] 9.4KB
Flight Of The Unicorn, The (1985)(Flight 19)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
Fast Access – Vol. 2 Issue 1B (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 46.8KB
Star Wars – Return Of The Jedi (1984)(Domark)[a2][JED0 Start] 18.7KB
System Wadgebury (1987)(Andrew Cook)[a][bootfile] 9.4KB
Vertigo (1991)(Superior)[-BOOT Start] 65.7KB
Creepy Cave (19xx)(Atlantis)[a][CAVE Start] 10.5KB
Chicane (1985)(Kempston Microelectronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 01-02-03-04-05-06-08 – AKA Public Domain (19xx)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issues-ADFS] 298.1KB
Impossible Mission (1983)(Epyx)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.4KB
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[h 8-Bit](TBI-137) 96.6KB
Hyperball (19xx)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 18.9KB
8-Bit Software Issue 36 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 263.1KB
Christmas Crackers (19xx)(Micro User)[a] 33.3KB
Superman – The Game (1987)(First Star)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.8KB
Astro Navigator (1982)(J&P Courtney)[a][NAVIGAT Start] 5.6KB
White Magic (1989)(4th Dimension)[h TSTH][bootfile] 26.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 50 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 1 Of 2)[bootfile] 125.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 40 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 254.5KB
Chopper II (1983)(M. Beaton)[CHOPPER Start] 7.1KB
French On The Run (19xx)(Silversoft)[a][D.FOR Start] 48.8KB
Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back, The (1988)(Domark)[b] 16.4KB
Music Disk 1 (19xx)(DSPD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-55-6)[bootfile] 16.0KB
Tapper (1986)(U.S. Gold)[b][GOTAPPE Start] 26.5KB
Shrinking Professor’s Quest, The (1983)(A&F)[PROF Start] 12.0KB
Trafalgar (1983)(Squirrel)[a][TRFALGR Start] 7.4KB
Adventuresoft (19xx)(A&B)[h TSTH][bootfile] 56.1KB
Spy Hunter (1983)(U.S. Gold)[a][SPY Start] 15.5KB
Thriller (19xx)(-)[a][THRILER Start-music] 1.7KB
Star Drifter (1985)(Firebird)[cr XTB][DRIFTER Start] 12.1KB
Kremlin, The (1983)(Doctor Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Music 5000 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-62)[bootfile-jukebox Tracks] 26.4KB
Wongo (1986)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.8KB
Attack On Alpha Centauri (1983)(Software Invasion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Purple People Eaters (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 9.8KB
Spy Cat (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +6][bootfile] 21.5KB
Masters Of The Universe (19xx)(M. Woodroffe)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.4KB
Christmas Crackers (19xx)(Micro User) 33.3KB
Apocalypse (19xx)(Red Shift)[BBC&Electron] 23.0KB
Star Port (1990)(Superior)[bootfile] 13.4KB
Orpheus And The Underword (1985)(A&F)[a][ORPHEUS Start] 5.6KB
Helldriver (1983)(Micro Power)[HDRIVE2 Start] 8.0KB
Shadowfax (19xx)(Singleton & Foulkes)[a][SHADOW Start] 3.4KB
War V2.1 (1986)(Martech)[a][bootfile] 25.6KB
Tales Of The Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros)[a][LOADING Start] 8.9KB
BBC PD Disk 060 – Roly Poly Pudding (19xx)(-)(BBC-60)[RUN !BOOT Start] 149.1KB
One Last Game (1984)(Bevan Technology)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.2KB
Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][JSWII Start] 15.7KB
Psycho (19xx)(-)[PSYCHO Start] 2.7KB
A&B Computing Volume 4 No. 06 (1987)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 30.1KB
Balloon Buster (1989)(Blue Ribbon)[BLOADER Start] 8.0KB
Tynesoft 2 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 78.6KB
Wolfpack III (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a][WOLFPAC Start] 7.3KB
Rig Attack (19xx)(Tynesoft)[ATTACK Start] 6.7KB
Sharx Place 32 – 01 Item (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 41.8KB
Mysterious Adventure 10 – Ten Little Indians (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[INDIANS Start] 10.5KB
Lords Of Time (19xx)(Level 9)[a][bootfile] 20.2KB
Wiggler (1984)(Shingo Sugiura)[a][WIG Start] 3.3KB
Micro User, The – Vol 4 Issue 12 (1987)(Micro User) 31.3KB
Centipede (1984)(Wilsonsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.4KB
Time And Magik (1988)(Level 9 & Mandarin)[h TSTH][bootfile-game Disk] 116.3KB
Rocket Raid (1982)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 7.2KB
Acorn User (1986-10)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 95.2KB
Harston PD Library – DOS Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-15)[INTRO Start] 23.4KB
King Lear – Parts 1 To 9 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-94)[bootfile] 76.6KB
Robotron 2084 (1984)(Atari)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.4KB
Mysterious Adventure 10 – Ten Little Indians (19xx)(Digital Fantasia)[LOADER Start] 11.1KB
Star Wars (19xx)(C. Arnold)[a][STAR Start] 3.7KB
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[a][FOOTBAL Start] 11.2KB
Sharx Place 12 – 20 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 92.0KB
Music Files (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-90)[bootfile] 43.2KB
Dragon Quest (1982)(Bugbyte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.7KB
Pad Switch Games (1986)(Brilliant Computing)[bootfile] 9.6KB
8-Bit Software Catalogue (1998)(C. Richardson)(TBI-00-1)[bootfile] 68.9KB
Pink Panther (19xx)(-)[a][Music-PINK Start] 819.0B
Rocket Attack (1981)(John Gooderson)[ROCKET Start] 3.1KB
Adventure 11 – Savage Island Part II – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[bootfile] 10.3KB
Marvin The Paranoid Disk Copier (19xx)(-)[a][MARVIN1 Start] 1.9KB
Hopper (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 6.2KB
Sphenisciformes (1984)(J.C. Mutton)[a][bootfile] 7.6KB
Sharx Place 44 – 13 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 118.1KB
JJF PD Disk 10 – Wordsquare 1 (19xx)(J. Farmer)[bootfile] 14.3KB
Pyramid, The (19xx)(-)[PYRA Start] 7.7KB
Acorn User (1991-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 68.6KB
War (1986)(Martech)[bootfile] 25.6KB
Acorn User (1985-09)(Redwood Publishing)[MENU Start] 25.0KB
Gauntlet (1984)(Micro Power)[GAUNTLT Start] 10.8KB
Sim City (1990)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 34.9KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 1 Number 05 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 13.9KB
System 15000 (19xx)(AVS)[SYS1500] 12.3KB
Aviator – Black&White (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 15.5KB
Killer Gorilla – Killa The Upgrade (19xx)(Bit Twiddlers)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.2KB
Adventure 04 – Voodoo Castle – BBC V1.0 (1979)(Adams)[a2][4BBC Start] 9.0KB
Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite Lives] 8.6KB
Eye Vs Eye (1987)(Romsoft)[EYEEYE Start] 2.3KB
Lunar Rescue (1983)(S. Evans)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.0KB
Sphere Of Destiny (1986)(Gary Partis)[h TSTH][t +5][bootfile] 25.7KB
Philosopher’s Quest (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][m AJH][bootfile-with Game Save] 15.3KB
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h][t +5][a][FRAK Start-porno Hack] 8.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 54 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 2 Of 2)[bootfile] 89.0KB
Stock Car (1983)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.9KB
Acorn User (1984-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 14.5KB
Mr. T’s – Money Box – Money Box (19xx)(Ebury)[bootfile] 9.1KB
Secret Sam – Adventure 2 (1983)(MRM)[SECRET Start] 7.8KB
Quest For The Last Baked Bean, The (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.2KB
Steve Davis Snooker (19xx)(CDS)[bootfile] 6.7KB
Tapper (1986)(U.S. Gold)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.6KB
Voida II (1988)(Andrew Groom)[VOIDA2 Start] 5.7KB
Acorn User Gallery (1985)(-)(Disk 2 Of 2)[a][bootfile] 78.1KB
Chess V2 (1983)(Acornsoft)[CHESS Start] 10.7KB
Vindaloo (1986)(Tynesoft)[b3][CURRY Start] 10.8KB
Games A-1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 106.3KB
Colossal Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[a][COLOSSA Start] 19.1KB
Logotext V1.04 (1987)(M.E.S.U.)[bootfile] 11.3KB
Acorn User (1985-03)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 16.4KB
Micro User, The – Vol 9 Issue 04 (1991)(Micro User)[a][bootfile] 25.9KB
JJF PD Disk 01 – Music Disc (19xx)(J. Farmer)(MusicDisc1)[bootfile] 68.4KB
Xadomy (19xx)(Brassington Enterprises)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.9KB
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[a2][FOOTBAL Start] 11.2KB
Elbug Magazine Volume 2 Number 02 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 19.2KB
Firien Wood (1982)(MP)[FWOOD Start] 13.7KB
Games 29 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 116.0KB
Adventure 08 – Pyramid Of Doom – BBC Vb-124 (1984)(Adams)[GAME Start] 11.1KB
Honeybug (1983)(A. Gray)[a][HONEY Start] 7.5KB
Stock Market (1982)(Bob Chappell)[a][STOCKMK Start] 4.1KB
Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[a][DISRIDE Start] 10.3KB
Acorn User (1988-10)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 78.0KB
Rocket Attack (1981)(John Gooderson)[a][ROCKET Start] 3.1KB
Castle Frankenstein – Epic Adventure 1 (19xx)(Epic) 18.7KB
JJF PD Disk 11-2 – Fractals J-N (19xx)(J. Farmer)[bootfile] 129.6KB
Jet Power Jack (1984)(Program Power)[JETJACK Start] 7.5KB
Seek (1982)(Steven Probyn)[SEEK Start] 4.3KB
Santa’s Delivery (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 12.8KB
BBC PD Disk 003 – Spellcheck (19xx)(-)(BBC-3)[bootfile] 48.6KB
Helter Skelter (1990)(Audiogenic)[a][LOADER Start] 18.4KB
Auf Wiedersehen Pet (1984)(Tynesoft)[AUF Start] 7.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 50 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)(Disk 2 Of 2)[bootfile] 144.1KB
Sex Invaders (1985)(M)[S-INV Start] 3.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 61 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 143.1KB
Invaders (1982)(IJK)[INVADER Start] 5.9KB
Rick Hanson Trilogy, The – Saga Of A Spy (1986)(Robico)[bootfile] 59.5KB
Acorn User (1986-01)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 87.2KB
Fast Access Volume 2 Issue 5 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](FAC-2-11)[bootfile-ADFS] 117.9KB
Cavey (1986)(Players)[a][CAVEY Start] 8.7KB
Hi-Q Quiz (1989)(Blue Ribbon)[a2][LOADER Start] 7.2KB
Commando (19xx)(Elite)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.8KB
Discmaster (19xx)(Beebug)[bootfile] 29.4KB
Foods Database 2 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-100-2)[bootfile] 63.4KB
Alien 8 (19xx)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 16.6KB
War Games – Tobruk & Salamanca (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.5KB
Crazy Caves (19xx)(Swift)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.9KB
Lost Crystal, The – Epic Adventure 5 (1987)(Epic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 35.9KB
Sorcerer’s Kingdom, The (1983)(Glengary Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
Powerplay – The Game Of The Gods (1985)(Arcana)[h TSTH][bootfile] 91.6KB
Janine (19xx)(-)[a][JANLOAD Start] 2.9KB
Whoopsy (1985)(Merrybuild)[WHOOPSY Start] 6.6KB
Acorn User July 1991 To December 1991 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-ADFS] 249.9KB
Village Of Lost Souls (1987)(Robico)[h TSTH][bootfile] 37.8KB
Thrust (1986)(Superior)[cr Echo][THRUST Start] 16.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 57 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 170.6KB
Myorem – Rick Hanson Part 3 V1.1 (1986)(Robico)[h TSTH][bootfile-tape] 19.8KB
Mr. Shifter (19xx)(MRM)[SHIFTER Start] 4.8KB
Growing Pains (1984)(Alligata)[a][GARLOAD Start] 10.8KB
Suds (19xx)(Riverdale)[h TSTH][bootfile] 26.2KB
Test Match Cricket (1983)(Computer Rentals)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.5KB
Paul Daniels’ Magic Show (1984)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 22.7KB
Tomahawk V2 (1985)(R. Sears)[a][T-HAWK Start] 6.9KB
Sim (19xx)(Software Factory)[cr Ole Cracker][a][SIM Start] 9.8KB
Select Your Favorite Tune! (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-114)[bootfile] 8.6KB
Harston PD Library – Archive Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-16)[various Start] 80.9KB
Project Thesius – Rick Hanson Part 2 (1986)(Robico)[b] 15.6KB
XOR (1987)(Astral)[cr Paul Eason][bootfile] 12.6KB
9 Classic Card And Board Games – No. 1 (19xx)(Micro & Electron User)[a][bootfile] 29.0KB
Bruce Lee (1985)(Micro Power)[a2][BRULOAD Start] 13.3KB
AMX Extras – Font Convertor (19xx)(Tecnation)(Side 0)[FONTCON Start] 57.9KB
Desperate Dan’s Dungeon (1984)(Thor)[a][DAN1 Start] 8.1KB
Carnival (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.8KB
Marvin The Paranoid Disk Copier (19xx)(-)[MARVIN1 Start] 1.9KB
Superman – Man Of Steel (1989)(Tynesoft)[bootfile] 102.1KB
Fleet Street Editor – Library (19xx)(Mirrorsoft) 59.1KB
System Wadgebury (1987)(Andrew Cook)[h 8-Bit](TBI-129)[bootfile] 12.9KB
Red Moon (1985)(Level 9)[a][REDMOON Start] 19.0KB
Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen) 5.8KB
Drain Mania (19xx)(Icon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.7KB
Micro User, The (1985-10)(Micro User) 18.9KB
Vindaloo (1986)(Tynesoft)[b2][CURRY Start] 10.7KB
Daley Thompson’s Super Test (19xx)(Ocean)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.4KB
Stairway To Hell (1985)(Software Invasion)[HELLST Start] 16.7KB
Spy Cat (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 20.7KB
Apocalypse (19xx)(Games Workshop-Commando)[bootfile] 19.3KB
Games B-C (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 102.8KB
L – A Mathematical Adventure (1984)(ATM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 34.4KB
8-Bit Software Magazine Database Issue 16 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 68.0KB
Sabre Wulf (19xx)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.2KB
Helter Skelter (1990)(Audgiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 21.8KB
Evil Dead, The (19xx)(Palace)[h TSTH][EVIL Start] 13.7KB
Stock Car (1983)(Program Power)[bootfile] 9.7KB
Talk Back (19xx)(-)[cr MCC][bootfile] 7.2KB
Looney Lift (1983)(H&H)[a][LOONLFT Start] 4.4KB
Sound Samples (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-16)[ADFS] 469.0KB
Warlord, The (19xx)(Acorn User)[bootfile] 31.4KB
Jump Jet (1984)(Doctor Soft)[a][JET Start] 6.4KB
Acorn User (1985-02)(Redwood Publishing) 20.9KB
Micro User, The (1984-07)(Micro User) 13.3KB
Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][DUNE Start] 6.2KB
Denis Through The Drinking Glass (1984)(Applications)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.3KB
Chemical Structures (19xx)(Acornsoft) 7.7KB
Monsters V3 (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Nevryon (1990)(4th Dimension)[bootfile] 34.3KB
Micro User, The (1985-01)(Micro User) 26.0KB
Fire Track (1987)(Aardvark)[bootfile-sideways RAM] 26.4KB
Voida II (1988)(Andrew Groom)[a][VOIDA2 Start] 5.7KB
Pinball Arcade (1983)(Kansas City)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
Hutworks Text Files (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-60)[bootfile] 160.1KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AS2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 68.7KB
Harston PD Library – EcoMenu (19xx)(J.G. Harston)[b](JGH-14) 12.3KB
Jetset Willy II (19xx)(Tynesoft)[cr Simon][a2][JSWII Start] 15.7KB
A&B Computing Volume 3 No. 04 (1986)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 68.3KB
Grfx & Snd1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile-BBC9] 55.4KB
Sim (19xx)(Software Factory)[cr Ole Cracker][SIM Start] 9.8KB
Frankenstein 2000 V2.0 (1985)(Icon)[a][LOADER Start] 10.6KB
Harmony (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a][HARMONY Start] 2.1KB
Disk User 02 – August-September (1987)(-)[a][bootfile] 44.7KB
Adventure 07 – Mystery Fun House – BBC Vb-145 (1984)(Adams) 11.9KB
Stormcycle (1989)(Atlantis)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.9KB
Micro User, The – Vol 8 Issue 02 (1990)(Micro User)[bootfile] 33.6KB
Martian Adventure (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.3KB
BBC PD Disk 008 – 6502 Macro Assembler (19xx)(-)(BBC-8) 100.1KB
Acorn User (1992-09)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 60.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc TY2-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 184.5KB
Letter Puzzle (1985)(Mahesh Punchihewa)[a][PUZZLE Start] 2.9KB
White Magic (1989)(4th Dimension)[cr Tom][MENU Start] 30.9KB
Micro User, The (1984-08)(Micro User) 19.4KB
Quest For The Holy Grail, The – Epic Adventure 2 V2 (19xx)(Epic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.4KB
Sharx Place 41 – 07 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 42.9KB
Teletext Generator (1983)(Quicksilva)[a][TELLOAD Start] 8.5KB
Acorn User (1993-05)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 47.3KB
Super Spy Flint (1984)(Potter Programs)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
French On The Run (19xx)(Silversoft)[D.FOR Start] 48.8KB
Acorn User (1992-01)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 69.8KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc BU1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 80.5KB
Interbase Programming Manual (19xx)(-)(TBI-132)[ADFS] 99.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 27 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 256.3KB
Acorn User (1986-12)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 71.5KB
Castle Assault (1984)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
ADFS Compilation (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-21)[ADFS] 218.8KB
Inheritance (1982)(Simon Hessel)[a][INHERIT Start] 12.1KB
Disk Utilities (19xx)(-)(TBI-103-4)[bootfile] 34.2KB
Elite – Commander Utilities (19xx)(-) 5.5KB
Valley, The (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 10.0KB
Swoop (1982)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile-no Joystick] 5.3KB
Micro User, The – Vol 7 Issue 03 (1989)(Micro User)[bootfile] 24.6KB
Steve Davis Snooker – BBC Micro Version (1988)(Blue Ribbon)[SDS Start] 7.2KB
REVS – 5 Tracks (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 23.4KB
Quasimodo Game (1985)(Beebug)[QMODO Start] 3.7KB
Joey (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[JOELOAD Start] 8.4KB
White Knight – MK12 (1984)(BBC)[WK12 Start] 12.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 14 (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 138.6KB
Winter Olympiad ’88 (1988)(Tynesoft)[cr Barnsy][a][WINTER Start] 47.3KB
Asteroid Storm (1982)(Program Power)[STORM Start] 8.3KB
Vindaloo (1986)(Tynesoft)[CURRY Start] 10.8KB
Shrinking Professor’s Quest, The (1983)(A&F)[bootfile] 12.2KB
Dr. Who – The First Adventure (19xx)(BBC)[INTRO Start] 19.8KB
Reversa Square (1984)(Trevor Truran)[REVSQR Start] 1.7KB
Inertia (1990)(4th Dimension)[a][bootfile] 17.9KB
Teletext (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-11)[bootfile] 39.9KB
XLCR – Squiggly Snake II (19xx)(M. Grant)[bootfile] 9.1KB
Enthar Seven, The Mega Adventure (1985)(Robico)[a][bootfile] 50.9KB
Shipwreck (19xx)(R. Jones)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 29 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 178.1KB
Pinball Arcade (1983)(Kansas City)[h TSTH][a2][bootfile] 8.5KB
Music Tunes (1985)(Byte The Apple)(Side 0)[bootfile] 55.3KB
Crystal Castles (1984)(Atarisoft)[bootfile] 7.9KB
Wheel Of Fortune – Epic Adventure 4 (1984)(Epic)[FORTUNE Start] 17.0KB
Omega Probe (19xx)(Mark Smiddy)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.2KB
Chichen Itza (19xx)(Alligata)[a][CHICHNZ Start] 12.6KB
Games For Cheaters (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 45.4KB
Acorn Adventure (1983)(CSL Microdata)[a][ACORNAD Start] 3.9KB
Indoor Soccer (19xx)(Alternative)[INDOOR Start] 13.7KB
High Bouncers (1984)(Mirrorsoft)[BOUNCE Start] 9.4KB
Superman – Man Of Steel (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 Of 2)[h TSTH][bootfile] 57.1KB
Skirmish (19xx)(D.D. Harriman)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.9KB
Donkey Kong Jr. (1984)(Atarisoft)[a][DONKEY Start] 10.2KB
Swag! (19xx)(Micro Power)[bootfile] 9.3KB
Kensington (1984)(Leisure Genius)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 7.0KB
Saigon (1988)(Tynesoft)[t Xtasy][a][SAIGON1 Start] 24.1KB
Micro User, The (1985-03)(Micro User) 14.4KB
Acorn Adventure (1983)(CSL Microdata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.1KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc CH13-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 139.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 26 (1992)(Daniel Shimmin)[bootfile-back Issue] 157.3KB
Vortex (1983)(Software Invasion)[a][VORTEX Start] 9.8KB
War (1986)(Martech)[WARPLUS Start] 19.6KB
Mix_Ed & Run_Bld V1 & Samples (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-4)[bootfile] 224.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 63 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 182.6KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu (19xx)(Imagine)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-energy Boost] 16.4KB
Astro Plumber (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[a2][ASTLOAD Start] 6.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 47 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 255.3KB
Christmas Carol Music (19xx)(Micro User)[CAROL Start] 2.1KB
Chip Buster (19xx)(Software Invasion)[a][CHIP Start] 10.4KB
Quadline (1985)(Acorn User)[a][MINEQ Start] 3.8KB
System 15000 (19xx)(AVS)[a][SYS1500] 12.3KB
Eye Of Zolton, The (1983)(Brainstorm)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.0KB
Micro User, The (1984-06)(Micro User) 16.7KB
Starship Command (1982)(Acornsoft)[STARSHI Start] 10.8KB
8-Bit Software – Hints And Tips (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-48)[bootfile] 59.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 30 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 203.2KB
BBC PD Disk 166 – Disc JL9 (19xx)(-)(BBC-166)[bootfile] 77.1KB
Master Break (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 63.8KB
Galaxy Birds (1982)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 13 (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 150.3KB
Spel 01 (19xx)(-) 50.2KB
Predator (19xx)(Superior)[cr Tom Seddon][PRED Start] 18.2KB
Online World Handbook, The V1.7 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-80-2)[bootfile] 86.9KB
Space Maze (19xx)(J. Barfield)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.4KB
Electro Freddy (1984)(Softspot)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.0KB
World Travel Game (1983)(S. Hessel)[TRAVEL Start] 8.2KB
XLCR – Squiggly Snake II (19xx)(M. Grant)[XLCR Start] 8.8KB
Adventure Quest (19xx)(Level 9)[QUEST Start] 19.0KB
Swarm (19xx)(POM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.5KB
Auf Wiedersehen Pet (1984)(Tynesoft)[a][AUF Start] 7.6KB
Adventure 15 – Buckaroo Banzai – BBC V1.0 (1984)(Adams)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.8KB
8-Bit Software – Christmas Disc V2 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-117)[bootfile] 81.1KB
Adventure (1983)(Program Power)[a][ADVENTR Start] 7.9KB
Meteor Mission (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 6.0KB
Worm Book The (19xx)(J. And A. Ahlberg)[h 8-Bit](TBI-95)[bootfile] 91.1KB
Adult Basic Education Disks 1,4,6 & 8 (19xx)(P. Davy)[h 8-Bit](TBI-46-1)[bootfile] 128.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 64 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 155.2KB
747 Flight Simulator (1983)(D.A.C.C. Ltd)[DACC747 Start] 5.2KB
Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic)[cr FIG][t +5][PSYCAST Start] 25.0KB
View Professional V2.0 (19xx)(Colton)[h 8-Bit](TBI-74-1)[bootfile] 107.9KB
PASCAL (19xx)(-)[b][bootfile] 43.9KB
Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic)[bootfile] 21.9KB
Airlift (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-extra Lives] 5.8KB
Games K-L (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 142.4KB
Killer Gorilla (19xx)(Program Power)[b2][KG1 Start] 8.0KB
Adventurescape Games – Amnesia & Xanadu (19xx)(A&B)[bootfile] 35.6KB
Snake Pit (19xx)(Postern)[b2] 2.2KB
Plan B – Part 2 – Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press)[MUN Start] 12.4KB
Frogger (19xx)(Superior)[FROGGER Start] 5.5KB
Citadel (1985)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +7][bootfile] 15.6KB
Mister Freeze (1985)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.4KB
Digital Waveforms (1985)(Darren Allen)[bootfile] 140.6KB
Yoyo (1985)(P. Scott)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.8KB
Games 36 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 94.1KB
Loderunner (1985)(Broderbund)[LODE Start] 21.8KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AT1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 151.6KB
Estra (19xx)(Firebird)[a][ESTRA Start] 13.4KB
Frak! (1984)(Aardvark)[h][t +5][FRAK Start-porno Hack] 8.6KB
Five Spheres, The (1984)(Kansas City Systems)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.9KB
Kensington (1984)(Leisure Genius)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.1KB
Ziggy (1987)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Master] 26.0KB
Trench (19xx)(-)[TRENCH Start] 5.7KB
Aviator – Black&White (19xx)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 16.0KB
Humour Printout D-J (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-69-4)[bootfile] 127.4KB
ASCII & Disc Utilities (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-79] 38.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 35 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 163.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 23 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 112.0KB
Lords Of Time (19xx)(Level 9)[B.TIME Start] 20.6KB
Castle Frankenstein – Epic Adventure 1 (1983)(Epic)[bootfile] 13.9KB
Labyrinths Of LaCoshe (19xx)(Micro Power)[h Dicksoft][a][LABYRIN Start] 13.2KB
8-Bit Software Issue 52 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 206.9KB
Loco Motion! (1985)(BBC Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.8KB
Hangman (1982)(IJK)[a3][HANGMAN Start] 7.3KB
Blitzkrieg – Mono Color (1984)(Software Invasion)[BLITZ Start] 9.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 66 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 147.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 11 (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 129.3KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc CH07-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 186.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AC4-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 223.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 33 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 143.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 42 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 219.6KB
Strip Poker II Plus (1988)(Anco)[h TSTH][bootfile] 40.4KB
Goldrun (1985)(Macsen)[h TSTH][bootfile] 23.4KB
Palace Of Magic (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-extra Energy] 13.9KB
SubKiller (19xx)(DKtronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
Spheroids (1987)(Quad Squad)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 17.2KB
Slide Show – Star Wars (1986)(HeroZoft)(Side 0)[bootfile] 126.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 09 – AKA Public Domain (19xx)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 108.9KB
US Drag Racing (19xx)(Tynesoft)[US.DRAG Start] 10.1KB
Repton 3 & Editor (1986)(Superior)[bootfile] 38.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 46 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 235.3KB
Galactic Landers (19xx)(-)[a2][KILL500 Start] 2.5KB
Sample Disk 2 (1991)(Yorkshire Boys)[h 8-Bit](TYB-03)[bootifle] 304.9KB
Pink Panther (19xx)(-)[Music-PINK Start] 819.0B
Star Wars (1987)(Domark)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.9KB
Star Swarm (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
Mega Rok (1987)(Bug Byte)[MG Start] 9.9KB
BBC PD Disk 048 – Coronado C Language Tutorial (19xx)(-)(BBC-48) 88.9KB
Acorn User Network Utility Disk (1986)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 53.1KB
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t +5 C. Richardson][bootfile] 16.9KB
Microbe (1983)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.7KB
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[FOOTBAL Start] 11.2KB
Slide Show 08 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-13-3)[bootfile] 211.9KB
Mutant Spiders (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 4.4KB
Mix Mania (1990)(Yorkshire Boys)[RUN !BOOT Start] 262.1KB
Nightmare Maze (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[NIGHT Start] 6.6KB
Fistful Of Fun (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 43.8KB
Plutonium Plunder (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][PLUTON Start] 8.0KB
BBC PD Disk 096 – L. Osterballe Vol. 6 (19xx)(-)(BBC-96)[bootfile] 195.3KB
Fruit Worm (19xx)(Shingosoft)[a][FRUITW Start] 3.9KB
Pro Golf (19xx)(PCW)[a][GOLF Start] 3.3KB
Cheats ‘n Things – Disc 2 (19xx)(C.J. Richardson)(CJR-2)[bootfile] 52.7KB
Xanadu Cottage (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.9KB
Hacker, The (19xx)(Firebird)[HACKER Start] 6.9KB
Chess (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.4KB
Zany Kong Junior (1984)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.5KB
Swordmaster (1985)(Acorn User)[a][SWORD Start] 10.5KB
Fat Man Sam (1985)(Firebird)[FATMAN Start] 18.5KB
Icarus (1988)(Mandarin)[STARTCO Start] 24.3KB
Strike Force Harrier (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.1KB
Starship Command (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 11.4KB
REVS – 5 Tracks Manual (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.2KB
White Knight – MK11 (1983)(BBC)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.6KB
Apollo Picture Show (19xx)(-)(TBI-110-3)[bootfile] 202.8KB
Chemical Analysis (19xx)(Acornsoft) 14.2KB
Gauntlet (1984)(Micro Power)[a2][GAUNTLT Start] 10.8KB
Video Card Arcade (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.8KB
Carousel (19xx)(Acornsoft)[CAROUSE Start] 7.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 55-1 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 169.9KB
Galactic Commander (19xx)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
Pool Hall (19xx)(Dynabyte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.3KB
Ten Pin Bowling Game – Beebug Bowl (1986)(Beebug)[TENPIN Start] 3.4KB
Yes Prime Minster (19xx)(Five Ways)[h TSTH][bootfile] 141.9KB
Garden (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.9KB
Starship Discovery (19xx)(Alligata)[a][STARSHP Start] 12.1KB
Computer Hits 2 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 96.4KB
Qwak! (19xx)(Superior)[a][QWAK! Start] 9.9KB
Print Wise (1986)(Beebug)[bootfile] 41.5KB
Owzat (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 7.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 31 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 144.0KB
Moon Mission (19xx)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 4.8KB
Pokes Disc, The – Issue 1 (19xx)(-) 17.0KB
Adventure Quest (19xx)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.7KB
Chuckie Egg (19xx)(A&F)[a2][CHUCK-2 Start] 9.5KB
Way Of The Exploding Fist, The (1985)(Melbourne House)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.8KB
Jouster (19xx)(Westsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.3KB
Acid Drops (19xx)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.9KB
White Knight – MK12 (1984)(BBC)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 25 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 270.3KB
Kingdom Of Klein, The – Epic Adventure 3 (1984)(Epic)[a][KLEIN Start] 18.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 59 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 186.2KB
CrazyTracer (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.2KB
Philosopher’s Quest (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 15.0KB
Starfleet Encounter (1984)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.6KB
Devil’s Causeway (1983)(Database)[DEVIL Start] 7.6KB
Tarot (1983)(S. Williams)[TAROT Start] 7.0KB
Acid Drops (19xx)(Firebird)[bootfile] 10.0KB
Harvey Headbanger (1985)(Firebird)[a][HARVEY Start] 12.4KB
Icarus (1988)(Mandarin)[a2][STARTCO Start] 24.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 43 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 288.1KB
Castle Of Riddles V2 (1982)(Acornsoft) 15.0KB
Program Power 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 108.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 43 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 136.0KB
Monopoly (1982)(IAS)[MONOPO Start] 10.2KB
Bandits V2.1 (1983)(Oak)[a][BANDITS Start] 7.2KB
Flags (1982)(IJK)[FLAGS Start] 4.7KB
Tarzan (1987)(Martech)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.4KB
Reversi (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 2.1KB
Zalaga (19xx)(Techno-Graffiti)[h TSTH][m Coma][t +2] 9.4KB
Animated Pictures (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 123.7KB
Battle Of Britain (19xx)(Design People)[START Start] 5.5KB
Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[a][DUNGEON Start] 20.3KB
Laser Command (1982)(Micro Power)[a2][LASER-C Start] 4.9KB
Seventh Star, The (19xx)(Acornsoft)[b] 21.2KB
8-Bit Software Issue 56 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 252.9KB
Stratobomber (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.8KB
Super Invaders (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 6.0KB
Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[h TSTH][t +3][bootfile] 18.6KB
Grfx & Snd1 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 2.9KB
8-Bit Software (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-140)[bootfile] 27.5KB
BBC PD Disk 013 – Byte The Apple Music Disc 6 (19xx)(-)(BBC-13)[bootfile] 69.8KB
Neutron (19xx)(Superior)[NEUTRON Start] 4.1KB
Gisburne’s Castle (1984)(Martech)[a][GCASTLE Start] 12.4KB
Repton Infinity (1988)(Superior)[data] 56.4KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc IJ1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 113.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 48 (1996)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 239.9KB
Adventure Games (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-93)[bootfile] 96.3KB
Loderunner (1985)(Broderbund)[a][LODE Start] 21.8KB
Survivors, The (1987)(Atlantis)[a][SURVIVO Start] 7.4KB
Santa (19xx)(Icon)[SANTA Start] 6.6KB
Maze In Space, A (1983)(Slogger)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.8KB
Words Words Words (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 11.8KB
Dominoes (19xx)(-)[a2][DOMINO Start] 3.3KB
Computer Concepts ROMS (19xx)(Computer Concepts)(Side 0)[bootfile] 104.9KB
Quondam (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 16.6KB
House Of Horrors (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
Contract Bridge (1983)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.9KB
Reversi (1989)(W.H. Scholten)[REV2P Start] 6.8KB
Night World (19xx)(Alligata)[a][NIGHT Start] 10.9KB
Repton 3 & Editor (1986)(Superior)[REPTON0 Start] 38.4KB
Pagerom & Kangaterm (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-72)[bootfile] 19.2KB
Q-Bert (19xx)(Superior)[b][LOADER Start] 6.9KB
Alien Swirl (1983)(Amcom)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
Planetfall (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.1KB
Kane (1986)(Mastertronic)[+.KANE Start] 9.5KB
Sim (19xx)(Software Factory)[a][SIM Start] 9.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 61 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 142.6KB
Fire Track (1987)(Aardvark)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.4KB
Acheton (1984)(Acornsoft)[cr P.N.][bootfile] 96.2KB
Firebug (1984)(Acornsoft)[FIREBUG Start] 8.1KB
Strip Poker II Plus (1988)(Anco)[a][bootfile] 38.8KB
Rubble Trouble (1983)(Program Power)[RUBBLE Start] 10.4KB
Seek (1982)(Steven Probyn)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.7KB
SWR Utilities (1986)(Acorn User)[bootfile] 23.8KB
Paperboy (1987)(Elite)[PAPERBY Start] 14.6KB
Super Barricade (19xx)(Shingo Sigura)[BARCADE Start] 3.8KB
Martech & MRM Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 88.0KB
Gunsmoke (1983)(Software Invasion)[a][GUN1 Start] 6.2KB
Spaceman Sid (1984)(English)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.5KB
SBPD Disk 74 – Beebnet Col. Vol 1 (19xx)(SBPD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-53)[bootfile] 61.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 44 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 223.8KB
Syncron (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 32.8KB
737 Flight Simulator (19xx)(Salamander)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Dracula Island V1.1 (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h TSTH – Mike Tomlinson][bootfile-E00DFS] 8.3KB
Winter Olympics (1986)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 23.7KB
Wizard’s Challenge (19xx)(Ian Muriss)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.9KB
Galilee (19xx)(Shards)[GALILEE Start] 17.4KB
Watford ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 114.0KB
Mikie (19xx)(Imagine)[MKLOAD Start] 14.2KB
Millepede (19xx)(Shingo Sugiura)[MILPEED Start] 2.2KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc LV1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 203.8KB
Solidisk And Assorted ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[bootfile] 36.6KB
National Lottery Programs (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-82-4)[bootfile] 39.6KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[b2][EMBA1 Start] 5.6KB
Awari (1984)(Understanding)[bootfile] 2.4KB
Kissin’ Kousins (1985)(English)[KK Start] 10.5KB
Space Hawk (19xx)(-)[SPHAWK Start] 4.0KB
Castle Dracula (1984)(Duckworth) 13.3KB
Snapper V1 (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.2KB
Strip Poker (19xx)(Artworx)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 24.5KB
Gladiator (19xx)(-)[a][GLADIAT Start] 1.7KB
Program Power 2 (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 108.0KB
Astrorun (19xx)(Ivan Bach)[ASTRO Start] 6.1KB
Mark Twain – What Is Man Part 1 (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-76-1-D)[bootfile] 142.9KB
Polar Perils (1984)(R. Williams)[a][PERIL1 Start] 9.0KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu (19xx)(Techsoft)[bootfile] 17.6KB
Evening Star (19xx)(Hewson)[a][+.EVEN Start] 14.9KB
Woodbury End (19xx)(Shards)[h TSTH][bootfile-E00DFS] 12.3KB
Reluctant Hero (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.9KB
Eagle Empire (1983)(Alligata)[a][EAGEMP Start] 6.9KB
Atomic Protector (1983)(Optima)[ATOM Start] 5.0KB
Nutcracka (1984)(J.M. Phillips)[NUTCRAK Start] 8.8KB
Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9)[EMERALD Start] 22.1KB
BBC PD Disk 027 – Clip Art For AMX PageMaker – Stop Press (19xx)(-)(BBC-27)[RUN !BOOT Start] 47.7KB
Vegas Jackpot (19xx)(Mastertronic)[VEGASL Start] 4.3KB
Fortress (1983)(Amcom)[bootfile] 11.8KB
Repton 2 (1985)(Superior)[REPTON2 Start] 19.1KB
Acid Drops (19xx)(Firebird)[a][ACID-L Start] 9.8KB
Meteors (1982)(Acornsoft)[METEORS Start] 6.2KB
8-Bit Software Issue 45 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 139.2KB
Ant Killer (1983)(G. Wells)[ANT Start] 5.2KB
Repton 3 & Editor (1986)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 38.6KB
Sadim Castle (1984)(MP)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.5KB
Smash 7 (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 54.8KB
Statix (1984)(Psion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.2KB
Volcano (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 16.1KB
Space Jailer (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][SP-JAIL Start] 5.5KB
Hex (1988)(Larsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.3KB
Eagle (1983)(Salamander)[a][EAGLE Start] 6.2KB
Ultron (1984)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.2KB
Pacman (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 6.6KB
Wolfpack III (1983)(Doctor Soft)[WOLFPAC Start] 7.3KB
Redcoats (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.1KB
Compose (1983)(Bug Byte)[COMPOSE Start] 1.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 60 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 174.3KB
Annabel Gray (19xx)(A. Lee)[h TSTH][bootfile] 19.2KB
Monopoly (1982)(IAS)[a][MONOPO Start] 10.2KB
Statix (1984)(Psion)[a2][STATIX Start] 5.0KB
Tempest (1985)(Superior)[TEMPEST Start] 7.5KB
Where! (1982)(Micro Power)[WHERE Start] 5.9KB
Amateur Radio (19xx)(-)(TBI-71)[bootfile-ADFS] 72.1KB
Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players)[a][GAME Start] 14.5KB
Ziggy (1987)(Audiogenic)[t +3][CHEATZY Start] 10.4KB
Chuckie Egg (19xx)(A&F)[CHUCK-2 Start] 9.5KB
Lords Of Time (19xx)(Level 9)[bootfile] 20.2KB
Geordie Racer (1987)(BBC Enterprises)[bootfile] 35.7KB
Pirates In Space (19xx)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.7KB
Acid Drops (19xx)(Firebird)[a2][ACID-L Start] 9.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 63 (1998)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 151.7KB
Draughts V2.1 (19xx)(Acornsoft) 6.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 42 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 140.9KB
Klax (1990)(Atari)[h][KLAX Start] 20.2KB
Space Adventure (1983)(Virgin Games)[SPACE Start] 9.2KB
Waterloo (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a][SECWAT Start] 15.1KB
Games Disk 004 – 3 Games (19xx)(-) 44.9KB
Roboman (19xx)(Alligata)[a][ROBO Start] 8.8KB
Games V-W (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 107.0KB
Word Search (1984)(P. Forrest)[WORD Start] 3.5KB
Sharx Place 59 – 05 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 47.9KB
Acid Drops (19xx)(Firebird)[a3][ACID-L Start] 9.8KB
Software Invasion Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 146.3KB
Gulp! (19xx)(Peaksoft)[GULP Start] 5.0KB
Going Places – Disc 1 (19xx)(Widgit)[bootfile] 12.9KB
Owzat (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
3D Space Ranger (1983)(MicroByte)[RANGER Start] 10.6KB
Harston PD Library – Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-18)[various Start] 35.2KB
Last Ninja 2, The (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 34.8KB
Peeko-Computer (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 3.7KB
Meteors (1982)(Acornsoft)[METEOR Start] 6.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 39 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 132.8KB
Horse Lord, The (1984)(J. Griffiths)[a][HORSE Start] 7.5KB
Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a4][DUNE Start] 6.2KB
Imogen (1986)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile-tape] 48.3KB
Tanks (1986)(Design People)[a2][TANKS! Start] 23.4KB
Who Dares Wins 2 (1986)(Alligata)[WHODWIN Start] 29.3KB
Galaxy Raiders (19xx)(Visions)[b] 10.6KB
737 Flight Simulator (19xx)(Salamander)[a][FS7371 Start] 6.6KB
Games V-W (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 91.1KB
Wonder Worm (1983)(Thor)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu II (19xx)(Imagine)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.7KB
Rasillion (19xx)(M. Donnelly)[h TSTH][bootfile] 24.7KB
Starship Command (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 11.8KB
737 Flight Simulator (19xx)(Salamander)[FS7371 Start] 6.5KB
8-Bit Software Reviews (1998)(8-Bit)(TBI-111)[bootfile] 111.1KB
Pontoon (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.1KB
Zombies (19xx)(-)[a][ZOMBIES Start] 1.8KB
3D Pool (1989)(Aardvark-Firebird)[bootfile] 31.2KB
Music Tunes (1985)(Byte The Apple)(Side 1) 30.4KB
Micro Derby (19xx)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.6KB
F.S.S. Liberator (19xx)(Nebulae)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.8KB
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile-tube Enhanced] 42.1KB
3D Maze (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.1KB
Discmaster (19xx)(Beebugsoft)[bootfile] 21.3KB
What’s Eeyore’s (19xx)(Magus)[h TSTH][bootfile] 18.3KB
8-Bit Software Issue 31 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 242.2KB
Games I-J (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 197.7KB
3D Space Raider – Space Ace (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.0KB
Banana Man (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
Repton 1 & 2 & Editor (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 39.0KB
Wheeler Dealer (1983)(OIC)[a][bootfile] 14.6KB
Thunder Struck! (19xx)(Audiogenic)[a2][THUNDER Start] 16.9KB
Space City (19xx)(-)[SP-CITY Start] 1.6KB
Soccer Manager (19xx)(Micro User)[SOCCER Start] 8.0KB
Sea Lord (1983)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
Inu (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 3.2KB
Time Lords (19xx)(Red Shift)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.9KB
Interbase Xmenu ROM (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-133) 11.5KB
Games B-C (19xx)(-)(Side 0) 116.8KB
Mr. Wimpy (19xx)(Ocean)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.0KB
Backgammon (19xx)(-)[BACKGAM Start] 4.1KB
Killer Gorilla (19xx)(Program Power)[a2][KILLER Start] 8.0KB
Stock Car (19xx)(Program Power)[bootfile] 9.9KB
Warp-1 (1984)(Icon)[WARP Start] 6.2KB
Games 65 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 93.3KB
Q-Bix (1986)(Alligata)[a2][LOADER Start] 6.8KB
Gate Crasher (1984)(Quicksilva)[GATE Start] 7.4KB
Gateway To Karos (1983)(Acornsoft)[GATE Start] 18.9KB
Mr. Wimpy (19xx)(Ocean)[a][MRWIMPY Start] 8.5KB
Nightmare Maze (1984)(MRM)[MINTRO Start] 7.2KB
Ultron (1986)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.7KB
Sea Wolf (19xx)(Optima)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.6KB
Volcano (1984)(Acornsoft)[VOLCANO Start] 9.1KB
Spitfire Flight Simulator (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.3KB
Drive 0D Games (1984)(H. Hoornik)[bootfile] 32.2KB
Superior Collection – Vol 1 (19xx)(Superior)(Disk 2 Of 2)[h TSTH][bootfile] 46.4KB
Knight Lore (19xx)(Ultimate)[b][KNIGHT Start] 18.3KB
Star Wars (1987)(Domark)[STARW Start] 17.7KB
Centipede (1984)(Wilsonsoft)[a2][CENTIPE Start] 9.1KB
Super Pool (1984)(Software Invasion)[SUPOOL Start] 9.0KB
AMX Fonts (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[AMX3] 33.9KB
Starship Command (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.4KB
Centipede (1984)(Wilsonsoft)[a][CENTIPE Start] 9.1KB
Bar Billiards – BBC Version (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[a2][BAR Start] 7.2KB
Aviator – Color (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.4KB
Palace Of Magic (19xx)(Superior)[a][PALACE Start] 23.8KB
Quest (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 16.0KB
Palace Of Magic (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 23.8KB
Swoop (1982)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 40 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 130.1KB
Acorn User (1990-11)(Redwood Publishing)[bootfile] 48.8KB
White Barrows, The (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.5KB
Amateur Radio (19xx)(-)(TBI-71) 64.7KB
Pinball Arcade (1983)(Kansas City)[PINBALL Start] 7.5KB
Flight Simulation (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 4.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 34 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 142.1KB
Mouse Trap (19xx)(Tynesoft)[MOUSE Start] 12.0KB
Johnny Reb (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[JR Start] 7.6KB
Emily (19xx)(Sigma Six)[EMILY Start] 8.6KB
Zarm (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][ZARM Start] 7.1KB
Airlift (19xx)(Superior)[a] 6.2KB
Rocky (1983)(R. Wallen)[ROCKY Start] 5.9KB
Megaplay Volume 1 (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 63.6KB
Gold Collection (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 105.7KB
Banjax (1985)(Robico) 12.0KB
Wordpower (1986)(Ian Copestake)[h 8-Bit](TBI-58)[bootfile] 35.4KB
Zenon (1988)(Impact)[a][START Start] 13.8KB
Hunkie Egg (1987)(G.J. Key)[a][HEGG Start] 6.1KB
XOR Designer (1987)(Astral)[bootfile] 31.2KB
Wiggler (1984)(Shingo Sugiura)[WIG Start] 3.3KB
Hacker 2000 (1984)(Micrograf)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.6KB
Heist (1983)(Softspot)[HEILOAD Start] 5.8KB
Thunder Struck! (19xx)(Audiogenic)[THUNDER Start] 16.9KB
Great Wall, The (1986)(Unicorn)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.5KB
Sentinel, The (19xx)(-)[b][bootfile] 13.7KB
Prison (19xx)(Swift)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.5KB
3D Tank Zone (1984)(Dynabyte)[a][TANK Start] 9.7KB
Tetris (19xx)(Mirrorsoft)[a][TETRIS Start] 5.3KB
Son Of Blagger (1984)(Alligata)[a][SBLAGER Start] 6.9KB
Zor’s Revenge (19xx)(Kansas)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.1KB
Duck! (19xx)(Firebird)[DUCK Start] 5.1KB
3D Space Raider – Space Ace (19xx)(Alligata)[a][RAILOAD Start] 13.8KB
Predator (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 18.0KB
Pentominoes (19xx)(Statasoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.7KB
3D Snooker (1990)(Players Premier)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.8KB
Tower Bridge (1983)(Micro User)[a][TOWER Start] 2.9KB
Gunsmoke (1983)(Software Invasion)[GUN1 Start] 6.2KB
Repton 2 (1985)(Superior)[bootfile] 18.8KB
Games M-2 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 70.2KB
Games Galore (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.9KB
Simon (19xx)(-)[a][SIMON Start] 922.0B
Whodunnit (19xx)(Ken Smith)[a][WHODUN Start] 7.5KB
Program Power 2 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 204.5KB
Plank Walk (1983)(Vigin Games)[bootfile] 4.9KB
Turbo (19xx)(R. Sears)[TURBO Start] 5.5KB
Manic Miner (1984)(Software Projects)[a][MINER Start] 14.7KB
747 (1983)(Doctor Soft)[joystick Version] 7.2KB
Wongo! (1984)(Icon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 7.0KB
Number Gulper (1983)(ASK)[bootfile] 5.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 38 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 244.2KB
Games 30 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 103.6KB
Woks!! (1986)(Unicorn)[h TSTH][bootfile] 11.3KB
Quest (1988)(Superior)[QUEST Start] 11.2KB
Simon (19xx)(-)[SIMON Start] 922.0B
Chess V2.1 (19xx)(Acornsoft) 12.5KB
Games D-3 (19xx)(-) 19.2KB
Worm In Paradise (1985)(Level 9)[a][WORM Start] 21.5KB
Worm In Paradise (1985)(Level 9)[WORM Start] 21.5KB
Maze, The (19xx)(Micro Power)[MAZE Start] 12.5KB
Waterloo (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)[SECWAT Start] 15.0KB
8-Bit Software Issue 37 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 214.8KB
Missile Base (1982)(Acornsoft)[MISSILE Start] 7.7KB
Zarm (19xx)(Micro Power)[a2][ZARM Start] 7.5KB
A&B Computing Volume 1 No. 07 (1984)(A&B)[h Dave][bootfile] 35.0KB
Android (1984)(JK Programs)[ANDROID Start] 5.8KB
8-Bit Software Issue 58 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 142.6KB
Gorf (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a4][GORF Start] 8.7KB
Spaceman Sid (1984)(English)[a][SID Start] 10.3KB
Estra (19xx)(Firebird)[ESTRA Start] 13.4KB
3D Wars (1984)(Aardvark)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.7KB
Snooker (19xx)(Visions)[a][SNOOKER Start] 5.8KB
Whist (19xx)(-)[WHIST Start] 3.6KB
KIX (1986)(Superior)[bootfile] 8.8KB
Janine (19xx)(-)[JANLOAD Start] 2.9KB
Wizadore (1985)(Imagine)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.2KB
Imagine Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 93.4KB
Psycho (19xx)(-)[a][PSYCHO Start] 2.7KB
Facemaker (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 9.3KB
Eagle Empire (1983)(Alligata)[EAG Start] 7.0KB
Cheese (19xx)(-)[a][CHEESE Start] 2.4KB
Wheeler Dealer (1983)(OIC)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
8-Bit Software Catalogue (2000)(C. Richardson)(TBI-000)[bootfile] 119.8KB
Golf (19xx)(-)[a][GOLFY Start] 4.8KB
Zenon (1988)(Impact)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.9KB
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.4KB
Airlift (19xx)(Superior) 6.3KB
Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 91.4KB
Killer Gorilla 2 (1988)(Superior)[KILLER2 Start] 9.4KB
Web Runner (19xx)(Alligata)[WEBRUN Start] 5.3KB
Pig (19xx)(-)[a][PIG Start] 2.1KB
Adventure Quest (19xx)(Level 9)[a2][QUEST Start] 19.0KB
View Printer Drivers (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-67)[bootfile] 27.0KB
Spitfire Flight Simulator (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.9KB
Ziggy (1987)(Audiogenic)[t +3][a2][CHEATZY Start] 10.4KB
Q-Bert (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 5.3KB
Magic Mushrooms (1985)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 6.9KB
Word Processor Program (19xx)(-)[WORDPRO Start] 3.0KB
Zany Kong (1983)(Solarsoft)[ZANY Start] 7.2KB
Five, The (19xx)(Techsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.2KB
Gambit (1984)(Acornsoft)[GAMBIT Start] 5.5KB
Fortress (1983)(Amcom)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.0KB
US Gold Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 142.3KB
Pole Position (1984)(Atari)[POLEPOS Start] 9.4KB
Galactic Patrol (1984)(Mastertronic)[GALAXY Start] 7.3KB
Virus (19xx)(-)[VIRUS Start] 1.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 39 (1994)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-ADFS] 224.9KB
Winged Warlords (1984)(Superior)[WARLRDS Start] 7.1KB
Freefall (1983)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 12.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 22 (1992)(Daniel Shimmin)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 210.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 12 (1991)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 134.5KB
Roboman (19xx)(Alligata)[ROBO Start] 8.8KB
Zorakk The Conqueror (19xx)(Icon)[a][ZORAKK Start] 5.7KB
Tim Strong’s Music – Disk 4 (19xx)(-) 19.1KB
Moonbase Alpha (19xx)(-)[a][MBASE Start] 6.1KB
Acheton (1984)(Acornsoft)[ACHETON Start] 96.2KB
Galaxians (1982)(Superior)[bootfile] 6.0KB
Galaforce 2 (1988)(Superior)[LOADER Start] 14.0KB
8-Bit Software Issue 32 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue-ADFS] 229.1KB
Planes (1982)(A&F)[a][PLANES Start] 5.0KB
Mr. Wimpy (19xx)(Ocean)[MRWIMPY Start] 8.5KB
Neutron (19xx)(-)[NEUTRON Start] 4.1KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu (19xx)(Imagine)[bootfile] 16.2KB
3D Space Raider – Space Ace (19xx)(Alligata)[a2][RAIDER Start] 13.8KB
Snapper V1 (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 13.8KB
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][t][bootfile] 18.2KB
Acheton (1984)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 99.0KB
Dune Hunter (19xx)(G.J. Key)[a][HUNTER Start] 6.8KB
Slide Show 14 – BBC2 (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile] 69.6KB
US Invaders (19xx)(-)[INVLOAD Start] 2.6KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu (19xx)(Imagine)[h TSTH][bootfile] 16.3KB
Banana Man (19xx)(MRM)(nl)[a][BANANA Start] 4.8KB
MeLogo (19xx)(A. Hobart)[bootfile] 14.5KB
Pipeline (1988)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 48.0KB
Space Invaders (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 4.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 44 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 144.6KB
Wizard’s Challenge (19xx)(Ian Muriss)[WC1 Start] 12.7KB
Demo (19xx)(Atom)[b] 27.2KB
Zelda Meets The Bug Eyes (19xx)(Icon)[a][BUGEYES Start] 8.2KB
Knight Lore (19xx)(Ultimate)[NITELOR Start] 17.8KB
Arkanoid (19xx)(Imagine) 9.9KB
Sea Lord (1983)(Bug Byte)[a][SEALORD Start] 5.2KB
Noc A Bloc (19xx)(Virgin Games)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.0KB
Citadel (1985)(Superior)[CITADEL Start] 24.7KB
3D Munchy (1983)(MRM)[MUNCHY Start] 5.1KB
Repton 2 (1985)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 18.7KB
Elite (1984)(Acornsoft)[a2][ELITE Start] 31.4KB
Citadel 2 V1.6 (1993)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 23.8KB
Leap Frog (19xx)(IJK)[LEAPFRO Start] 5.8KB
AMRAC Packet Radio (19xx)(Siskin Electronics)[h 8-Bit](TBI-148)[bootfile] 54.3KB
Defender (19xx)(-)[DEFENDE Start] 6.3KB
Autofire (19xx)(Mark De Weger)[CHEAT Start] 819.0B
Swamp Monsters (1982)(MP)[b] 5.8KB
Posidroid (19xx)(Jonathan Temple)[a][POSIDRO Start] 4.7KB
3D Munchy (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.8KB
Anarchy Zone (1988)(Atlantis)[cr][ZONE Start] 7.9KB
Wizadore (1985)(Imagine)[WIZ Start] 13.0KB
Scorpion Patience (19xx)(Micro User)[a][SCORPIO Start] 3.1KB
System 15000 (19xx)(AVS)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.5KB
Trench (19xx)(-)[a][TRENCH Start] 5.7KB
Cops N Robbers (1987)(Atlantis)[a][COPS1 Start] 7.0KB
Palace Of Magic (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 45.6KB
Slow Scan Image Terminal (19xx)(Meteosat)[h 8-Bit](TBI-20)[bootfile] 13.8KB
Ultimate PD Games (19xx)(GLM)[bootfile] 79.2KB
Roman Empire (19xx)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a][EMPIRE Start] 5.9KB
747 (1983)(Doctor Soft)[keyboard Version] 8.8KB
Virus (19xx)(-)[a][VIRUS Start] 1.5KB
Quest Probe 2 – Spiderman V1.0 (1984)(Adventure International)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.1KB
8-Bit Games Disc 2 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-82-2)[bootfile] 115.9KB
Zelda Meets The Bug Eyes (19xx)(Icon)[BUGEYES Start] 8.2KB
Fairground (1983)(Superior)[bootfile] 6.4KB
3D Tennis (19xx)(Bug Byte)[TENNIS Start] 5.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 21 (1992)(Daniel Shimmin)[bootfile-back Issue] 134.0KB
Horse Race (19xx)(Dynabyte)[a][RACE Start] 6.8KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc K1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 39.6KB
Gunsmoke (1983)(Software Invasion)[a][GUNSMOK Start] 8.7KB
Hex (1988)(Larsoft)[a][HEX Start] 10.1KB
Acornsoft Aracade – 4 Games (19xx)(-) 12.0KB
Thunder Struck II (1986)(Audiogenic)[cr Simon][MINDMAS Start] 18.5KB
Watford ROMS (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 175.4KB
Mr. Do (1983)(Paul Haigh)[MRDO Start] 7.7KB
Sim City (1990)(Superior)[bootfile] 35.1KB
Sim City (1990)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 32.4KB
WBMUG MR-8 – ACSII Files & Texts (19xx)(Mad Rabbit)[h 8-Bit](TBI-59-2)[bootfile] 24.2KB
Spy Hunter (1983)(U.S. Gold)[h TSTH][bootfile] 27.3KB
Monsters (19xx)(-)[MONSTER Start] 2.5KB
Nifty Lifty (19xx)(Visions)[a][NIFTY-L Start] 4.7KB
3D Space Raider – Space Ace (19xx)(Alligata)[RAIDER Start] 13.8KB
Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[a][DUN-ADV Start] 20.3KB
Eldorado Gold (1982)(Program Power)[ELDOR Start] 9.4KB
Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English)[cr Simon][JBT Start] 10.4KB
Football Supremo (19xx)(-)[a][FOTBOLL Start] 7.2KB
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[a4][FOOTBAL Start] 11.2KB
3D Tennis (19xx)(Bug Byte)[a][TENNIS Start] 5.5KB
Music Player (19xx)(PCW)[MUSIC Start] 1.5KB
Special Operations (19xx)(M.C. Lothlorien)[SO Start] 17.9KB
Tutankhamun’s Revenge (1987)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 33.8KB
Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 1)[DUNJUNZ Start-Model B] 45.9KB
Micro Fair (19xx)(-)[FAIR Start] 2.7KB
Lords Of Time (19xx)(Level 9)[a2][B.TIME Start] 20.6KB
3D Tanx (1984)(DKtronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.1KB
Acornsoft Games 1 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 116.4KB
Disk User 14 (19xx)(-)[a][bootfile] 53.8KB
Sentinel, The (19xx)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.7KB
8-Bit Software Issue 41 (1995)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 154.8KB
Thrust (1986)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] 24.0KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu II (19xx)(Imagine)[h TSTH][t +2 C. Richardson][bootfile] 23.4KB
Frogger (1982)(A&F)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.6KB
8-Bit Software Issue 20 (1992)(Daniel Shimmin)[bootfile] 149.7KB
Winged Warlords (1984)(Superior)[bootfile] 7.2KB
Pandemonium (19xx)(Top Ten)[bootfile] 14.2KB
IJK Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 41.9KB
Arkanoid (1981)(Imagine)[ARKLOAD Start] 21.2KB
Wizadore (1985)(Imagine)[a][WIZ Start] 13.0KB
War Games (1985)(Betasoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 35.1KB
Hunchback (19xx)(Superior)[b] 6.2KB
Snooker V4 (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 5.8KB
Knight Lore (19xx)(Ultimate)[KNIGHT Start] 17.5KB
Frak! (1983)(Aardvark)[b][FRAK! Start] 22.6KB
3D OXO (19xx)(J.R. Wilson)[a][OXO Start] 3.0KB
Arcade Games 04 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 131.5KB
8-Bit Software Issue 28 (1992)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 126.5KB
Adventure (1982)(Program Power) 8.4KB
Slide Show 14 – BBC2 (19xx)(-)(Side 1) 1.4KB
Donkey Kong Jr. (1984)(Atarisoft)[a2][DONKEY Start] 10.2KB
Galilee (19xx)(Shards)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.5KB
Hostages (1990)(Superior)[HOSTAGE Start] 30.1KB
Roboman (19xx)(Alligata)[a2][ROBO Start] 8.8KB
Fire Track (1987)(Aardvark)[bootfile] 24.2KB
Music Tracker (1994)(DSPD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-55-2)[bootfile] 24.1KB
3D Pool – Prerelease (1989)(Aardvark-Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 31.4KB
Teletext Screen Editor (19xx)(-)[a][EDIT Start] 2.9KB
Cybertron (1983)(Micro Power)[CYBER Start] 9.7KB
8-Bit Games Disc 3 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-82-5)[bootfile] 114.2KB
Paperboy (1987)(Elite)[a][PAPERBY Start] 14.6KB
Maniac – Manic Miner (1983)(Partis Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.7KB
3D Space Raider – Space Ace (19xx)(Alligata)[RAILOAD Start] 13.8KB
VU Calc (19xx)(Psion)[bootfile] 40.1KB
Sink The Bismarck (19xx)(Design People)[a2][TITLE Start] 26.3KB
3D Munchy (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] 5.6KB
Wizblob (19xx)(Micro User)[a][WIZLOAD Start] 2.9KB
Arcadia (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
3D Tank Zone (1984)(Dynabyte)[TANK Start] 9.7KB
Stix (19xx)(-)[STIX Start] 3.9KB
Games 22 (19xx)(-) 110.7KB
3D Tank Zone (1984)(Dynabye)[h TSTH][bootfile] 9.8KB
3D Maze (1982)(IJK)[a][3DMAZE Start] 3.0KB
Blue Dragon (1983)(MP)[a][LOADER Start] 16.0KB
3D Pool (1989)(Aardvark-Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] 28.6KB
Drain Mania (19xx)(Icon)[DRAIN Start] 12.3KB
3D Space Ranger (1983)(MicroByte)[a][RANGER Start] 10.6KB
3D Munchy (1985)(Blue Ribbon) 6.1KB
Plan B (1987)(Bug Byte)[a][PLANB Start] 12.7KB
Moon Raider (1983)(Program Power)[bootfile] 7.6KB
Killer Gorilla (19xx)(Program Power)[a][KILLER Start] 8.0KB
Stranded! (1989)(Robico)[h TSTH][bootfile] 62.3KB
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[a][ATLOAD Start] 18.1KB
Roboto (1985)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 23.0KB
8-Bit Software Issue 58 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[a][bootfile] 76.4KB
8-Bit Software Issue 60 (1997)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile] 142.0KB
Arcadians (1982)(Acornsoft)[a][bootfile] 11.9KB
8-Bit Software Issue 18 (1992)(Duncan Webster)[bootfile-back Issue] 141.7KB
Aqua Attack (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.9KB
3D Space Raider – Space Ace (19xx)(Alligata)[a][RAIDER Start] 13.8KB
3D Space Ranger (1983)(MicroByte)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.8KB
Galactic Landers (19xx)(-)[a][KILL500 Start] 2.5KB
Contract Bridge (1983)(Alligata)[a][bootfile] 11.4KB
Magic Mushrooms (1985)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 8.6KB
MRUN Utility (19xx)(-) 410.0B
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[REPTON Start] 16.0KB
Strip Poker (19xx)(Artworx)[POKER Start] 24.5KB
Ziggy (1987)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][t +3][bootfile] 10.5KB
3D OXO (19xx)(J.R. Wilson)[OXO Start] 3.0KB
Podd (19xx)(Acornsoft)[b] 9.8KB
Helldriver (1983)(Micro Power)[a2][HDRIVE2 Start] 8.0KB
Mallory Manor (1983)(Micro Primer)[MALLORY Start] 4.5KB
Solidisk And Assorted ROMS (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 165.7KB
Moon Cresta (19xx)(Incentive)[CRESTA Start] 8.0KB
3D Pool (1989)(Aardvark-Firebird)[a2][bootfile] 31.2KB
8004 Words (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-43)[bootfile] 48.2KB
Sabre Wulf (19xx)(Ultimate)[WULF Start] 18.4KB
Castle Of Riddles V1 (1982)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] 13.6KB
8-Bit Games Disc 1 (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-82-1)[bootfile] 137.4KB
Pandemonium (19xx)(Top Ten)[PMONIUM Start] 13.9KB
Adventures I-The Lost Frog & Merlin’s Castle (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] 35.7KB
BeebTalk (1984)(Cheetah) 3.6KB
Twin Kingdom Valley (1983)(Bug Byte)[TITLE Start] 19.6KB
Zorakk The Conqueror (19xx)(Icon)[ZORAKK Start] 5.7KB
Aladdin (1984)(S. Lucas)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.3KB
3D Munchy (1983)(MRM)[a][MUNCHY Start] 5.1KB
Citadel (19xx)(Superior) 22.9KB
Arcadians V1.2 (19xx)(Acornsoft) 12.8KB
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A&F)[bootfile] 8.3KB
Saigon (1988)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 22.3KB
Zenon (1988)(Impact)[START Start] 13.7KB
Hexplode (19xx)(-)[HEXPLOD Start] 1.3KB
Dragon World (19xx)(4Mation)[bootfile] 36.1KB
Yie Ar Kung Fu II (19xx)(Imagine)[cr FIG][h TSTH][t +2][bootfile] 18.5KB
Hampstead (19xx)(-)[b] 16.5KB
Acid Drops (19xx)(Firebird)[ACID-L Start] 9.8KB
Zombies (19xx)(-)[ZOMBIES Start] 1.8KB
Strip Poker (19xx)(Artworx)[a][POKER Start] 24.5KB
Cheats (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-38)[bootfile] 85.4KB
Run Silent Run Deep (1985)(Acorn User)[SILENT Start] 5.8KB
3D Munchy (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.3KB
Arcadians (19xx)(Acornsoft) 12.7KB
Podd (19xx)(Acornsoft)[a2][PODD Start] 8.8KB
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)[h TSTH][bootfile] 17.3KB
Fast Pacman (19xx)(-)[a][FASTPAC Start] 5.4KB
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[a2][bootfile] 16.2KB
3D Dotty (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] 8.0KB
3D Maze (19xx)(-)[3DMAZ Start] 2.3KB
3D Grand Prix (1984)(Software Invasion)[a][3D-GP0 Start] 13.1KB
Mandelbrot (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 9.8KB
3D Dotty (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[bootfile] 6.7KB
Pipeline (1988)(Superior)[bootfile] 46.3KB
3D Dotty (1987)(Blue Ribbon – Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 12.3KB
3D Convoy (1984)(Doctor Soft)[3DCONVY Start] 4.7KB
3D Convoy (1984)(Doctor Soft)[a][3DCONVY Start] 4.7KB
3-Deep Space (19xx)(Postern)[h TSTH][bootfile] 4.2KB
Repton (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] 16.2KB
3D Convoy (1984)(Doctor Soft) 6.1KB
3D Dotty (1987)(Blue Ribbon)[b][bootfile] 7.9KB
10 Of The Best Games (19xx)(Database)[h TSTH][bootfile] 49.6KB
32016 Utilities (19xx)(-)(TBI-7)[ADFS] 263.9KB
3-Deep Space (19xx)(Postern)[3D-SP1 Start] 4.1KB
1984 (19xx)(Incentive)[b] 14.6KB
10 Of The Best Games (19xx)(Database) 43.0KB
Granny’s Garden (1983)(4Mation)[a][GRAN1 Start] 19.5KB
Music Processor (19xx)(-)[MUPROC Start] 4.8KB
3D Grand Prix (1984)(Software Invastion)[h TSTH][bootfile] 13.2KB
Sharx Place 23 – 14 Items (19xx)(-)[menu-BeebAid ROM] 114.6KB
3D Tank Zone (1984)(Dynabyte)[a2][TANK Start] 9.8KB
2002 Rendezvous And Docking Simulator (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] 6.9KB
Airlift (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.5KB
3D Grand Prix (1984)(Software Invasion)[GP Start] 14.1KB
Sphenisciformes (1984)(J.C. Mutton)[bootfile] 7.6KB
Footballer Of The Year (19xx)(-)[cr Simon][a][FOTLOAD Start] 17.5KB
2002 Rendezvous And Docking Simulator (19xx)(Superior)[RUN Start] 9.7KB
2002 Rendezvous And Docking Simulator (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] 6.6KB
3D Maze (1982)(IJK)[3DMAZE Start] 3.0KB
Stairway To Hell – Games Disc AU1-r1 (19xx)(-)[bootfile] 214.3KB
Special Operations (19xx)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a][SO Start] 17.9KB
Missile Attack (1983)(Doctor Soft)[MISSILE Start] 10.3KB
3D Convoy (1984)(Doctor Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 5.8KB
Island Adventure (1983)(Glengary Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] 10.4KB
1984 (19xx)(Incentive)[h TSTH][bootfile] 14.6KB
3-Deep Space (19xx)(Postern)[a][3D-SP1 Start] 4.1KB
8-Bit Software Issue 32 (1993)(C.J. Richardson)[bootfile-back Issue] 144.6KB