Atari 2600 ROMs

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Game Title File Size
Jawbreaker (1982) (Tigervision) (PAL) [p2] 2.9KB
Greeting Cart Decepticon(PD) 2.3KB
Marble Craze (PAL) (02-02-2003) (Paul Slocum) 14.4KB
Hangman Monkey Wordlist (Hangman Hack) 2.1KB
Invaders By Erik Mooney (Alpha 2) (PD) 1.5KB
Gunfight 2600 – Limit Broken Again! (2001) (MP) 819.0B
Lines Demo (Eckhard Stolberg) (PAL) (PD) 410.0B
Hangman Man Wordlist (Hangman Hack) 2.1KB
Greeting Cart Original(PD) 2.2KB
Radial Pong – Version 10 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 1.2KB
Dragonstomper Preview (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 2.5KB
Image – Baboon (Interlaced Demo 2) (15-02-2003) (TJ) 3.3KB
Jammed (2001) (XYPE) [a1] 2.7KB
Matt Demo (PD) 307.0B
Inv Demo 3 (2001) (Erik Mooney) (PD) 1.2KB
Qb (V2.09) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Laser Blast (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 1.8KB
Qb (2.07) (Retroactive) (NTSC) 3.1KB
Green Bar Text Demo (PD) 410.0B
Raumpatrouille (CCE) (PAL) 3.0KB
Gunfight 2600 – Release Candidate (2001) (MP) (PAL) 2.7KB
Overhead Adventure Demo 5 (PD) 717.0B
How To Draw A Playfield (1997) (Jim Crawford) (PD) 307.0B
Greeting Cart (AD) 2.8KB
Jammed Demo (1999) (Hozer Video Games) 3.9KB
Fu Kung! (V0.10) (28-01-2003) (AD) 16.1KB
Many Blue Bars And Text Demo (PD) 410.0B
Rabbit Transit Preview (1982) (Starpath) 4.2KB
Greeting Cart Goth (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.5KB
Landung In Der Normandie (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Image – Samantha Fox (Colour) (09-02-2003) (AD) 16.6KB
Maze Demo 2 (PD) 717.0B
M.A.S.H. (CCE) 3.3KB
Gunfight 2600 – One Step Forward & Two Steps Back (2001) (MP) 922.0B
Qb (V1.00) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.0KB
Qb (V2.03) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.0KB
Laser Blast (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Invader Sprites In A Line Demo (PD) 512.0B
JKH Text Scrolling Demo (PD) 1.5KB
Gunfight 2600 – Fixed Beta Release! (2001) (MP) 2.6KB
Euchre (19-08-2001) (Eric Eid) (PD) 2.3KB
Hangman Invader Wordlist (Hangman Hack) 2.1KB
Quadrun (Video Conversion) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 4.4KB
Qb (V0.10) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.5KB
Interleaved ChronoColour Demo (NTSC) (05-03-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
Red And White Checkerboard Demo (PD) 512.0B
Marble Craze Song (Paul Slocum) (PD) 922.0B
Laser Gates (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.3KB
Indy 500 (1978) (Atari) [h3] 1.8KB
Greeting Cart Cathy (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.3KB
Fu Kung! (V0.14) (01-02-2003) (AD) 16.0KB
Image – Clown (10-02-2003) (AD) 16.1KB
Greeting Cart Gene (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.1KB
Maze Demo 1 (PD) 717.0B
Qb (V2.04) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Interleaved ChronoColour Demo (SECAM) (05-03-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
Hangman Pac-Man Biglist1 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Image – Clown (09-02-2003) (TJ) 1.5KB
Lightbulb Lightens, The (PD) (Non Functional) 2.1KB
Marble Craze (05-02-2002) (Paul Slocum) 1.0KB
Qb (V0.10) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.4KB
Death Derby (19-01-2003) (TJ) [a1] 922.0B
Rabbit Transit (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 5.9KB
Globe Trotter Demo 1 (24-03-2003) (Weston) 1.0KB
Laseresal 2002 (PAL-49) (PD) 2.1KB
Hangman Man Biglist3 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Full Screen Bitmap Drawing System (12-02-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
Gunfight 2600 – Not Mergeable With Colbert Wizardry… (2001) (MP) 1.2KB
Fu Kung! (V0.06a Cuttle Cart Compatible) (15-01-2003) (AD) 9.8KB
Greeting Cart Tanya (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.2KB
Gunfight 2600 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (2001) (MP) 1.0KB
Multi-Color Demo 3 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 1.2KB
Fun With Numbers (1977) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Marble Craze (mc7_23) (Paul Slocum) 14.3KB
Euchre (Beta) (PAL) (12-09-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Hangman Monkey Biglist1 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Kwibble (198x) 2.6KB
Quest For Quintana Roo (Telegames) (PAL) 5.3KB
Oh No! (Version 3) (18-01-2003) (AD) 18.2KB
Healthbars (PD) 512.0B
Dragonstomper (3 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) 4.6KB
Gunfight 2600 – Music & Bugfixes 2 (2001) (MP) 2.7KB
Gunfight 2600 – The Final Kernel Part 2 (MP) 2.1KB
Qb (2.11) (Retroactive) (Stella) 3.1KB
Dragonstomper (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 5.3KB
Fu Kung! (V0.16) (2003) (AD) 16.6KB
Qb (V2.09) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Hangman Pac-Man Wordlist (Hangman Hack) 2.1KB
Hangman Pac-Man Original Words (Hangman Hack) 3.4KB
Max3 (2001) (Maxime Beauvais) (PD) 410.0B
Mangia’ (1983) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 3.0KB
Gunfight 2600 – Final Run Part 2 (2002) (MP) 2.5KB
Cosmic Creeps (1982) (Telesys) (PAL) 2.8KB
Gunfight 2600 – The Final Kernel (MP) [a1] 1.2KB
Multi-Sprite Demo V1.1 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 717.0B
Jammed (V0.1) (Demo) (2001) (TJ) 3.7KB
RealSports Soccer (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 3.9KB
Invaders By Erik Mooney (Beta) (PD) 2.1KB
Reactor (1982) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.2KB
Hozer Video Demo (PD) 614.0B
Omega Race DC (2003) (TJ) (Omega Race Hack) 6.1KB
Hangman Man Biglist2 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Kung Fu Sprite Demo 2 (PD) 1.1KB
Qb (V2.08) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Qb (2.06) (Retroactive) (Stella) 3.1KB
Qb (Special Edition, Some Bugfixes) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Multiple Moving Objects Demo (B. Watson) 1.4KB
Marble Craze (V0.90) (Easy Version) (Paul Slocum) 7.1KB
Greeting Cart Carmon (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.2KB
Qb (V2.03) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.0KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.27) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.2KB
Jammed (2001) (XYPE) (NTSC) 3.9KB
Interlacing Game (19-08-2002) (Billy Eno) 717.0B
Demo Image Series 9 – Genius (28-02-2003) (AD) 5.7KB
M.A.D. (1982) (Carrere Video) (PAL) 3.2KB
Euchre (Improved Colors) (PAL) (26-09-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Kung Fu Sprite Demo (PD) 1.9KB
Lumberman By Cracker Jack Productions (Pac-Man Hack) 3.2KB
Dragonstomper Preview (1982) (Starpath) 5.1KB
Vertically Scrolling Playfield (02-02-2003) (Aaron Bergstrom) 614.0B
Island Flyer Demo (PD) 922.0B
Lost Luggage (1981) (Apollo) (NTSC) 2.6KB
Qb (V2.17) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Oh No! (Version 4) (22-01-2003) (AD) 18.2KB
Euchre (20-07-2001) (Eric Eid) (PD) 1.0KB
Greeting Cart The Snail(PD) 2.1KB
Greeting Cart Brook Burke Blue Bikini(PD) 2.2KB
Communist Mutants From Space (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 5.1KB
Multi-Sprite Demo V2.0 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 1.0KB
Invaders 2 By Eric Mooney (PD) 2.3KB
Incoming (22-08-2002) (Ben Larson) (PD) 2.1KB
Hypnotic (V0.04) (2001) (Inkling) (PD) 614.0B
Image – Clown (Full Screen) (12-02-2003) (AD) 12.7KB
Rabbit Transit (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.5KB
Euchre (Release Candidate 2) (PAL) (01-10-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Othello (1978) (Atari-Picture Label) (PAL) [a1] 1.9KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (3 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) 2.8KB
Gunfight 2600 – Design Thoughts (MP) 1.3KB
Mines Of Minos (1982) (CommaVid) (PAL) 3.3KB
How To Draw A Playfield II (1997) (Erik Mooney) (PD) 410.0B
M.A.S.H. (CCE) (no Logo) (PAL) 3.3KB
Qb (V0.10) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.4KB
TP Bug By Charles Morgan (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Dragonfire (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.2KB
Mountain King (1983) (CBS Electronics) [a1] 6.2KB
Riddle Of The Sphinx (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.2KB
Peter Penguin (Jagt Auf Diamanten-Frisco) (ITT) (PAL) 3.3KB
Hangman Man 4letter (Hangman Hack) 1.9KB
Lock ‘N’ Chase (1982) (Mattel) (PAL) 2.8KB
Lilly Adventure (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Qb (2.14) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
Qb (V2.08) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Communist Mutants From Space Preview (1982) (Starpath) 4.8KB
Gopher (1982) (Carrere Video) (PAL) 3.0KB
Mega Force (1982) (20th Century Fox) (PAL) [a1] 3.5KB
RealSports Soccer (1983) (Atari) [a1] 4.0KB
Hangman Monkey Biglist3 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Quick Step! (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) [a1] 2.7KB
Greeting Cart Blond On Brunette (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.6KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.27) (PAL) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.2KB
Hit HMOVE At Various Cycles After WSYNC Test (Bradford W. Mott) (1998) (PD) 1.3KB
Laseresal 2002 (NTSC) (PD) 2.1KB
Qb (V1.00) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.0KB
Suicide Mission Preview (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.8KB
My Golf (1990) (HES) (PAL) 5.3KB
Noize Maker Demo (PD) 307.0B
Island Flyer Demo 2 (PD) 1.0KB
Qb (2.06) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
Gunfight 2600 – Release Candidate (2001) (MP) 2.7KB
Laser Demo (B. Watson) 1.5KB
Qb (V1.01) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Qb (2.00) (Retroactive) (Stella) 3.1KB
Greeting Cart 2600 (PD) 1.9KB
Synthcart Plus (09-02-2003) (Paul Slocum) 4.5KB
Party Mix Preview (1982) (Starpath) 3.6KB
Red Line Demo (PD) 205.0B
Suicide Mission (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 3.9KB
Lost Luggage (1981) (Apollo) [a1] 2.8KB
Grid Demo (PD) 410.0B
Labyrinth (Goliath) (PAL) 2.8KB
Overhead Adventure Demo 1 (PD) 614.0B
Math Gran Prix (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 3.0KB
Euchre (Release Candidate) (PAL) (28-09-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Euchre (Alpha) (PAL) (31-08-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Music Kit (V2.0) – Song Player (Paul Slocum) 1.3KB
Greeting Cart Sue (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.3KB
Fu Kung! (V0.04) (10-01-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Hangman Pac-Man Biglist2 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Lilly Adventure (Starsoft) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.2KB
Euchre (Beta) (NTSC) (12-09-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Qb (V0.04) (Non-Lax Version) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.2KB
Qb (2.00) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Greeting Cart Amy (SnailSoft)(PD) 1.9KB
Greeting Cart Atari Coin (V2) (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.8KB
Star Fire – Creating A Universe (09-09-2002) (MP) 1.2KB
Qb (2.12) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Gravitar (1988) (Atari) [a1] 5.2KB
Incoming (08-11-2002) (Ben Larson) (PD) 2.7KB
Image – Baboon (10-02-2003) (AD) 16.5KB
Fu Kung! (V0.04 Single Line Resolution) (10-01-2003) (AD) 1.4KB
Human Cannonball (AKA Cannon Man) (1979) (Atari) (PAL) 2.0KB
Indy 500 (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Death Derby (2LK Demo) (26-01-2003) (TJ) 1.1KB
Multi-Sprite Game V2.4 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.1KB
Star Fire – Shootable (Friendlier Collision Detection) (26-09-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Gas Gauge Demo (2001) (Joe Grand) (PD) 410.0B
RealSports Tennis (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 4.8KB
Marauder (1982) (Tigervision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Qb (V2.08) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Many Blue Bars Demo (PD) 307.0B
Gunfight 2600 – Red River (MP) 1.2KB
Qb (V0.12) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.7KB
Qb (2.15) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
Monster Aus Dem All (1983) (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Fu Kung! (V0.03) (10-01-2003) (AD) 1.6KB
Horizonal Color Bars Demo 2 (PD) 307.0B
Marble Craze (Kernel Works) (Paul Slocum) 1.2KB
Othello (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Incoming (30-10-2002) (Ben Larson) (PD) 2.5KB
Image – Girl (AD) 12.8KB
Star Fire – Radar Completed (22-10-2002) (MP) 2.4KB
Star Fire – Cockpit View (10-10-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Euchre (More For Less) (NTSC) (22-08-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Im Reich Der Spinne (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Hell Driver (ITT Family Games) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.0KB
Okie Dokie (Older) (PD) 1.6KB
Labyrinth (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Warring Worms (28-01-2002) (Billy Eno) 2.5KB
Hangman Monkey 4letter (Hangman Hack) 1.9KB
Fun With Numbers (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Nightmare (Sancho) (PAL) 3.1KB
Multi-Color Demo 1 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 819.0B
Dragonstomper (1 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) 5.0KB
Move A Blue Blob Demo (PD) 410.0B
Megademo (19xx) (PD) 1.4KB
Fu Kung! (V0.17) (07-02-2003) (AD) 16.5KB
Hangman Pac-Man Biglist3 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Race Demo (PD) 1.1KB
No Escape! (1983) (Imagic) [a1] 3.3KB
Tunnel Demo (Red Spiral) (30-03-2003) (AD) 1.9KB
Polar To Cartesian And VV (2001) (Roger Williams) 1.6KB
Jam Demo 2 (PD) 307.0B
Gunfight 2600 – Worst Nightmare… (2001) (MP) 922.0B
Euchre (NTSC) (09-11-2001) (Erik Eid) 2.6KB
Qb (2.11) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
Greeting Cart Moon(PD) 2.1KB
Qb (2.07) (Retroactive) (Stella) 3.1KB
Multiple Moving Objects Demo 2 (B. Watson) 1.5KB
Green And Yellow Number 1 Demo (PD) 512.0B
Star Fire – New Shields (03-04-2003) (MP) 3.9KB
Gefaehrliche Maeusejagt (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Invaders Demo (PAL) (2001) (Eckhard Stolberg) 717.0B
Gangster Alley (1983) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 2.9KB
Magicard (CommaVid) 1.8KB
Exorcise (Adventure Hack) 3.0KB
Radar Lock (1989) (Atari) (PAL) 10.4KB
Gunfight 2600 – Westward Ho! (2001) (MP) 819.0B
Oh No! (Version 2) (18-01-2003) (AD) 18.2KB
John K Harvey’s Equalizer (NTSC) (PD) 1.0KB
Globe Trotter Demo (24-03-2003) (Weston) 922.0B
Mission Survive (1983) (Video Gems) (PAL) 2.8KB
RIOT RAM Test (26-11-2002) (Dennis Debro) 1.3KB
Obelix (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 4.5KB
Off The Wall (1989) (Atari) (PAL) 7.5KB
Krieg Der Sterne (Atlantis-Ariola) (PAL) 3.0KB
Dragonstomper (2 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) 3.9KB
Laser Blast (CCE) 1.8KB
Nuts (Technovision) (PAL) [a1] 2.3KB
My Golf (CCE) 5.3KB
Greeting Cart Ali Landry Bikini (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.4KB
Death Derby (12-01-2003) (TJ) 819.0B
Imagic Selector (Imagic) 2.6KB
Lock ‘N’ Chase (1982) (Telegames) (PAL) 2.8KB
Laseresal 2600 (16-12-2001) (Andrew Wallace) (PD) 2.0KB
Oink! (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.3KB
Euchre (Alpha) (NTSC) (31-08-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Greeting Cart Ann R (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.0KB
Cosmic Commuter (CCE) 3.2KB
Greeting Cart Ali Landry Closeup (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.2KB
Greeting Cart (RSIDDALL) (PD) 2.0KB
Marble Craze (V0.90) (Paul Slocum) 7.1KB
Hangman Monkey Original Words (Hangman Hack) 3.4KB
Gunfight 2600 – The Final Kernel (MP) 1.4KB
Suicide Mission Preview (1982) (Starpath) 3.8KB
Multi-Sprite Demo 2 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.5KB
Invasion (07-10-2002) (CT) 2.5KB
Ghost Manor (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) 4.4KB
DiscoTech (12-02-2003) (Andrew Davie, Paul Slocum And Christopher Tumber) 2.0KB
Holey Moley (Atari) 3.5KB
Ikari Warriors (1990) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 6.5KB
Laser Blast (1981) (Activision) [a1] 1.8KB
Radial Pong – Version 4 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 819.0B
Gunfight 2600 – Cowboy Hair (2001) (MP) 922.0B
Multi-Color Demo 6 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 2.1KB
Invaders By Erik Mooney (V2.1) (1-3-98) (PD) 2.4KB
Rescue Terra I (1982) (Venture Vision) 3.2KB
PAL-NTSC Detector (15-11-2002) (CT)[a1] 410.0B
Fast Eddie (CCE) 2.7KB
Euchre (NTSC) (Erik Eid) (PD) 2.8KB
Euchre (Jul 15) (2002) (Eric Eid) (PD) 2.8KB
Multiple Missiles Demo (19-12-2002) (CT) 307.0B
Multi-Color Demo 4 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 1.5KB
Invaders Demo (2001) (TJ) 717.0B
Missile Demo (1998) (Ruffin Bailey) (PD) 410.0B
Overhead Adventure Demo 2 (PD) 717.0B
Quick Step! (1983) (Imagic) 2.7KB
Gunfight 2600 – AI (MP) 2.2KB
Qb (2.07) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
Music Effects Demo (21-01-2003) (Paul Slocum) 1.3KB
Greeting Cart Autobots(PD) 2.0KB
Invaders By Erik Mooney (Alpha 1) (PD) 1.5KB
Star Fire – Faster Skipping 1 (24-10-2002) (MP) 2.5KB
Mobile 48 Sprite Kernel (Bug Fixed) (10-01-2003) (Eric Ball) 717.0B
Ghost Manor (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) [a1] 4.4KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.19) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.1KB
Image – Qb Cover Art (09-02-2003) (AD) 11.6KB
Gunfight 2600 – Improved AI (MP) 2.2KB
Party Mix Preview (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.6KB
Gorf (1982) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 3.2KB
Kung Fu Master (1984) (Activision) (PAL) [a1] 6.2KB
Crackpots (1983) (Activision) [a1] 3.2KB
Warring Worms (Beta 1) (2002) (Baroque Gaming) 2.0KB
MMetall (Miniature Golf Hack) 1.8KB
Qb (V2.04) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Qb (V2.02) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Gunfight 2600 – It Could’ve Been Soooo Cool, But… (2001) (MP) 922.0B
Dragster (1980) (Activision) (PAL) 1.8KB
China Syndrome (1982) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 2.9KB
RealSports Tennis (CCE) 4.8KB
Indy 500 (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Party Mix (1 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) 3.8KB
Cube Conquest (Improved Interlace) (Billy Eno) (PD) 1.1KB
Multi-Sprite Demo 1 (PD) 307.0B
Quest (11-10-2002) (Chris Larkin) 1.4KB
Qb (2.14) (Retroactive) (Stella) 3.1KB
Starfield Demo 2 (20-12-2002) (CT) 307.0B
Greeting Cart Atari Coin (V1) (SnailSoft)(PD) 1.6KB
Communist Mutants From Space Preview (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.8KB
Hole Hunter (PAL) 3.0KB
Fu Kung! (V0.09) (26-01-2003) (AD) 18.6KB
Quest For Quintana Roo (Telegames) 5.2KB
Mangia’ (1983) (Spectravideo) 3.0KB
Okie Dokie (4K) (PD) 2.8KB
Oscar’s Trash Race (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 6.1KB
Cosmic Ark (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.1KB
Oink! (CCE) 3.3KB
RealSports Tennis (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 4.8KB
Nightmare (CCE) 3.1KB
Sound X (1994) (Ed Federmeyer) 1.6KB
Laser Volley (1983) (Zellers) 3.3KB
Star Voyager (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.3KB
Milpede (Atari) 8.2KB
Warring Worms (Beta 2) (2002) (Baroque Gaming) 2.1KB
Escape From The Mindmaster Preview (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.7KB
Green And Yellow Number 1 Demo 2 (PD) 512.0B
New Questions (1998) (John K. Harvey) (PD) 307.0B
Pro Wrestling (Absolute-Activision) (PAL) [a2] 2.4KB
Push (V0.02) (1998) (AD) 2.1KB
Invaders From Space By David Marli (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Movable Grid Demo (PD) 410.0B
Mines Of Minos (1982) (CommaVid) 3.2KB
Image – Samantha Fox (09-02-2003) (AD) 16.1KB
Mega Force (1982) (20th Century Fox) (PAL) 3.5KB
Face Invaders 2 By Barry Laws Jr. (Space Invaders Hack) 2.8KB
Interlace Demo (Glenn Saunders) 717.0B
Dragonstomper (1 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 5.1KB
Cosmic Swarm (1982) (CommaVid) [a1] 1.8KB
Red Pong Number 2 Demo (PD) 922.0B
Kabobber (Activision) 3.3KB
Star Fire – Warping!! (13-04-2003) (MP) 717.0B
Multi Ball Demo (PD) 717.0B
Golf (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Star Fire – Creating A Universe (09-09-2002) (MP) [a1] 1.2KB
Motorodeo (1990) (Atari) (PAL) 7.3KB
Party Mix (2 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) 4.2KB
Cross Force (1982) (Spectravision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Ice Hockey (PAL) 3.0KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.0e) (2001) (B. Watson) 1.6KB
Hili Ball (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.5KB
Flag Capture (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Cube Conquest (Demo Interlace) (Billy Eno) (PD) 717.0B
Harbor Escape (1983) (Panda) (PAL) 3.1KB
Mr. T (AKA Fast Eddie) (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Qb (2.06) (Retroactive) (NTSC) 3.1KB
Jammed (V0.2) (Demo) (2001) (TJ) 3.7KB
International Soccer (1982) (Mattel) (PAL) 2.8KB
Fu Kung! (V0.02) (2003) (AD) 1.0KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.25) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.2KB
Master Builder (1983) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 3.1KB
Golf (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Unknown Title (bin00026 (200110)) (PD) 614.0B
Glib (1983) (Selchow & Righter) 3.1KB
Missile War (Goliath) (PAL) 2.5KB
Register Twiddler Demo (PD) 1.3KB
Radial Pong – Version 7 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 1.0KB
Kaboom! (CCE) 1.7KB
Rescue Bira Bira (Chris Cracknell) 2.9KB
Greeting Cart Green Dress (SnailSoft)(PD) 1.9KB
Crazy Valet (Hozer Video Games) 2.2KB
Super Breakout (1978) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 2.7KB
Greeting Cart Halle Berry (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.5KB
Private Eye (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 5.8KB
Fu Kung! (V0.11) (28-01-2003) (AD) 15.8KB
Radial Pong – Version 11 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 1.2KB
Missile Control (AKA Raketen-Angriff) (Ariola) (PAL) 2.9KB
Qb (V2.08) (Half Speed Version) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Music Kit (V1.0) – Song Player (Paul Slocum) 1.0KB
Marble Craze Demo (PD) 1.2KB
Ikari Warriors (1990) (Atari) (PAL) 6.5KB
Euchre (More For Less) (PAL) (22-08-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
John K Harvey’s Equalizer (NTSC) (PD) [a1] 614.0B
Malagai (1983) (Answer Software) 3.1KB
Trick Shot (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.0KB
Fu Kung! (V0.01) (08-01-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Strawberry Shortcake – Musical Match-Ups (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.0KB
Radial Pong – Version 8 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 1.1KB
Suicide Mission (no Title Screen) (1982) (Starpath) 3.5KB
Qb (Special Edition) (NTSC) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Slot Machine (1979) (Atari) 1.7KB
Gunfight 2600 (MP) (PAL) 2.7KB
Climber 5 (For Philly Classic 4) (16-04-2003) (Dennis Debro) 2.6KB
Greeting Cart Barb (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.3KB
Jam Demo 1 (PD) 307.0B
Mountain Man (AKA Winterjagt) (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 3.1KB
Moonsweeper (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) [a1] 5.8KB
Polaris (1983) (Tigervision) (maybe Beta) 5.4KB
Maze (AKA Slot Racers) (1978) (Sears) 1.7KB
NOIZ Invaders By SPIKE The Percussionist (2002) (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Color Tweaker (V1.0) (2001) (B. Watson) 922.0B
Omega Race JS (TJ) 6.1KB
Football (AKA Fussball) (Ariola) (PAL) 2.8KB
Pressure Cooker (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 4.9KB
Gunfight 2600 – Scenarios Complete (MP) 2.4KB
Daredevil (V1) (Stunt_Cycle_Rules!) (PD) 1.6KB
Radial Pong – Version 2 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 410.0B
Rad Action Pak – Kung-Fu,Frostb,Freeway (1990) (HES) (PAL) 11.5KB
Cube Conquest (Non Interlaced) (Billy Eno) (PD) 1.1KB
Mr. Postman (1983) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Many Blue Bars And Text Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Star Fire – Warping Star (13-04-2003) (MP) 4.2KB
Fuchs & Schweinchen Schlau (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.3KB
Radial Pong – Version 6 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 922.0B
Name This Game (AKA Octopus) (PAL) 3.0KB
Star Fire – Animated Patricles (06-10-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Interlace Game Demo (01-09-2002) (Billy Eno) 717.0B
Dukes Of Hazzard V2 (Atari) 1.7KB
Image – Woody (19-02-2003) (AD) 12.7KB
Mobile 48 Sprite Kernel (04-01-2003) (Eric Ball) 717.0B
Party Mix (3 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) 4.2KB
Human Cannonball (AKA Cannon Man) (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 2.0KB
Pressure Cooker (1983) (Activision) (PAL) [a1] 4.9KB
Climber 5 (30-10-2002) (Dennis Debro) 1.6KB
Cosmic Creeps (1982) (Telesys) 2.8KB
Infiltrate (1982) (Apollo) 2.9KB
Fu Kung! (V0.05 Cuttle Card Compattle Revision) (14-01-2003) (AD) 3.1KB
Multi-Sprite Game V2.0 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 1.7KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (1 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) 4.9KB
Minesweeper (V.99) (Soren Gust) (PD) 1.4KB
Demo Image Series 15 – Three Marios (NTSC) (06-03-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
Radial Pong – Version 3 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 819.0B
Lochjaw (1982) (Apollo) 2.8KB
Cosmic Town (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 3.1KB
Vertical Playfield Demo 2 (PD) 307.0B
Unknown Title (bin00007 (200102)) (PD) 512.0B
Multi-Sprite Game V2.5 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.2KB
Climber 5 (20-03-2003) (Dennis Debro) 2.4KB
Pressure Gauge 2 Beta (Hozer Video Games) 1.9KB
Incoming (02-10-2002) (Ben Larson) (PD) 2.5KB
Full Screen Bitmap (3-D Green) (PD) 1.0KB
Fire Birds (AKA Scorpion) (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 3.0KB
Bumper Bash (1983) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 3.0KB
Euchre (Release Candidate) (NTSC) (28-09-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Maze Craze (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 2.9KB
Radar (CCE) (PAL) 2.7KB
Out Of Control (1983) (Avalon Hill) 3.2KB
Octopus (AKA Name That Game) (Carrere Video) (PAL) 3.1KB
Mr. Do! (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 5.5KB
Sound Paddle V1 (Dennis Caswell & Jim Nitchals) (PD) 614.0B
John K Harvey’s Equalizer (PAL) (PD) 1.0KB
Greeting Cart Jeri Ryan (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.2KB
Ocean City Defender (Zellers) 3.0KB
Fu Kung! (V0.05 Cuttle Card Compatible) (13-01-2003) (AD) 3.1KB
Nitemare At Sunshine Bowl-a-Rama (beta 2) (Atari Freak 1) 9.4KB
Okie Dokie (PD) 1.6KB
Vertical Playfield Demo 1 (PD) 307.0B
Fu Kung! (V0.15) (Negative Version) (05-02-2003) (AD) 17.1KB
Millipede (1984) (Atari) (PAL) 8.9KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.25) (PAL) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.2KB
Texas Golf (miniature Gold Hack) 1.8KB
Hell Driver (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 2.9KB
Marble Craze (Kernel) (17-02-2002) (Paul Slocum) 717.0B
Unknown Title (bin00016 (200110)) (PD) 1.4KB
Multi-Color Demo 5 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 1.8KB
Gefecht Im All (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.17) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.1KB
Mini Golf 812631 (Miniature Golf Hack) 1.8KB
Interleaved ChronoColour – Nude Art (17-04-2003) (AD) 1.8KB
Synthcart (Beta) (2002) (Paul Slocum) 3.7KB
Fast Eddie (1982) (20th Century Fox) 2.8KB
Daredevil (V2) (Stunt_Cycle_Rules!) (PD) 1.6KB
Laser Base (AKA World End) (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 3.1KB
GBImprov (Ghostbusters Hack) 5.9KB
Moonsweeper (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 5.8KB
This Planet Sucks (Greg Troutman) [a1] 2.4KB
Party Mix (1 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.8KB
Fu Kung! (V0.08) (2003) (AD) 18.5KB
Hangman Pacman Demo (Cropsy) (PD) 2.1KB
Sokoban (01-01-2003) (Adam Wozniak) [a1] 614.0B
Cookie Monster Munch (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.3KB
Radial Pong – Version 9 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 1.2KB
Dark Mage (rough Beta) (Greg Troutman) (PD) 1.7KB
Multi-Sprite Game V2.3 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 2.9KB
Survival Island (2 Of 3) (1983) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.5KB
M.A.D. (1982) (US Games) 3.2KB
Multi-Color Demo 7 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 2.5KB
Move A Blue Blob Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Tennis (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Miniature Golf (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Hunt & Score (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Greeting Cart Cindy Margolis (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.3KB
Cave Demo (21-04-2003) (CT) 819.0B
Steeple Chase (Video Gems) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 2.6KB
Star Voyager (1982) (CCE) 3.2KB
Radial Pong – Version 12 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 1.3KB
Name This Game (AKA Octopus) (1982) (US Games) 3.1KB
Phantom Panzer II (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Hot Wave (Starsoft) (w-Black Label) (PAL) 3.1KB
This Planet Sucks (Greg Troutman) (PAL) 2.7KB
Space Instigators (V1.7) (17-10-2002) (CT) 2.8KB
Cosmic Swarm (1982) (CommaVid) (PAL) 1.8KB
Kung Fu Master (CCE) 6.1KB
Greeting Cart Atari-Troll(PD) 2.3KB
Universal Chaos (Telegames) (PAL) 3.0KB
This Planet Sucks Demo 2 (Greg Troutman) (PD) 1.6KB
Cubis (6K) (1997) (Eckhard Stolberg) 3.2KB
Ground Zero (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Droid Demo 22 (David Conrad Schweinsberg) (PD) 1.7KB
Moving Maze Demo (PD) 1.2KB
My Golf (1990) 5.3KB
Gas Gauge Demo – Revisited (2001) (Joe Grand) (PD) 410.0B
Racquetball (1981) (Apollo) 2.5KB
Vertical Rainbow Demo (PD) 307.0B
Multi-Sprite Game V1.0 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 1.4KB
Mind Maze (Atari) 2.7KB
Omega Race (1983) (CBS Electronics) 6.0KB
Gunfight 2600 – This Time It’s Your Decission! (2001) (MP) 1.1KB
Grand Prix (CCE) 2.4KB
How To Draw A Playfield II (Joystick Hack) (1997) (Eric Bacher) (PD) 410.0B
Suicide Mission (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.8KB
Super Home Run (2003) (Larry Petit) (Home Run Hack) 1.9KB
Jungle Jane (2003) (Greg Zumwalt) (Pitfall! Hack) 3.1KB
My Golf (1990) (HES) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 5.4KB
Gunfight 2600 – Music & Bugfixes 1 (2001) (MP) 2.7KB
Math Gran Prix (1982) (Atari) 3.0KB
Dragon Defender (PAL) 2.9KB
No Escape! (1983) (Imagic) 3.3KB
Hangman Man Original Words (Hangman Hack) 3.4KB
Gunfight 2600 – One Limit Reached! (2001) (MP) 819.0B
Klax (1990) (Atari) (PAL) 9.2KB
Crash Dive (1983) (20th Century Fox) (PAL) 3.3KB
Image – USA Flag (15-02-2003) (AD) 10.8KB
Obelix (1983) (Atari) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 4.6KB
Rabbit Transit (Atari) 4.7KB
Othello (1978) 1.8KB
KC Munckin (29-01-2003) (J. Parlee) 512.0B
Stampede (1981) (Activision) (PAL) 1.9KB
Radial Pong – Version 5 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 819.0B
Marilyn Monroe Demo (PD) 2.5KB
Home Run (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Qb (V2.12) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Strategy X (1982) (Gakken) (PAL) 3.3KB
Synthcart (14-01-2002) (Paul Slocum) 1.4KB
Nick Bensema Demo (Nick Bensema) 1.1KB
Joust (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.8KB
Cruise Missile (AKA Radar) (1982) (Froggo) 2.7KB
RealSports Volleyball (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 3.0KB
Cosmic Ark (1982) (Imagic) (White Label) (PAL) 3.2KB
Ghostbusters II (1992) (Salu) (PAL) 7.6KB
Treasure Below (Video Gems) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.0KB
Gas Hog (AKA Marspatrouille) (1983) (Spectravideo) 3.1KB
Master Builder (1983) (Spectravideo) 3.1KB
Home Run (1978) (PAL) [a1] 1.9KB
Flash Gordon (1983) (20th Century Fox) (PAL) 2.9KB
Dark Mage (final Beta) (Greg Troutman) (PD) 2.4KB
Monstercise (Atari) 2.1KB
Tomcat – The F-14 Flight Simulator (2002) (Skyworks) 11.5KB
Planet Patrol (1982) (Spectravision) (PAL) 2.9KB
Revenge Of The Apes (Planet Of The Apes Hack) 5.6KB
Warring Worms (07-02-2002) (Billy Eno) 2.6KB
Racquetball (1981) (Apollo) (PAL) 2.5KB
Great Escape (Bomb) 3.0KB
Happy Birthday Demo (2001) (Dennis Debro) (PD) 614.0B
Color Tweaker (B. Watson) 922.0B
Motocross (Starsoft) (PAL) [a1] 3.0KB
Time Race (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 2.8KB
Joshua Invaders (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Mission Survive (1983) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 2.9KB
Tac Scan (1982) (Sega) (PAL) 3.3KB
Star Fire (28-11-2002) (MP) 3.6KB
Minesweeper (V.90) (Soren Gust) (PD) 1.1KB
Megaboy (Brazil) (PAL) 24.0KB
Oystron (V2.9) (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.3KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 4.9KB
Greeting Cart Brook Burke Closeup(PD) 1.8KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (Parker Bros) (Prototype 010384) 3.1KB
HMOVE Test (Bradford W. Mott) (1998) (PD) 410.0B
Lord Of The Rings – Fellowship Of The Ring By Adam Thornton (Dark Mage Hack) (PD) 2.8KB
Incoming (2 Player Demo) (PD) 2.1KB
Night Stalker (Telegames) (PAL) [a1] 3.2KB
SwordQuest – Earthworld (1982) (Atari) [a1] 5.2KB
Euchre (Jul 28) (2002) (Eric Eid) (PD) 2.8KB
Multi-Color Demo 0 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 2.0KB
Warring Worms (17-02-2002) (Billy Eno) 2.6KB
Warring Worms (19-01-2002) (Billy Eno) 2.5KB
Street Racer – Speedway II (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Horizontally Scrolling Playfield Thing (Rob Kudla) (PD) 819.0B
Laser Gates (1983) (CCE) 3.3KB
Demo Image Series 15 – Three Marios (PAL) (Non-Interleave) (06-03-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
Dark Mage Mod (AKA DM-FOOT) (PD) 205.0B
Dark Mage (SuperCharger) (Greg Troutman) (PD) 3.5KB
My Golf (1990) (HES) (PAL) [a1] 5.3KB
Slot Racers (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Shadow Keep (04-03-2003) (Andrew Towers) 2.5KB
Three Hugger (Pave Demo) (20-12-2002) (Billy Eno) 922.0B
Kiss Meets Pacman (Cody Pittman) (PD) 3.2KB
Mission 3000 A.D. (Bitcorp) (PAL) 3.0KB
Climber 5 (01-05-2003) (Dennis Debro) 3.0KB
Qb (2.15) (Retroactive) (NTSC) 3.1KB
Exocet (AKA Space Eagle) (Sancho-Goliath) (PAL) 2.7KB
Ice Hockey (1981) (Activision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Multi-Sprite Game V2.1 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 1.9KB
Euchre (25-11-2001) (Erik Eid) (PD) 2.5KB
Strahlen Der Teufelsvoegel (PAL) 3.0KB
Obelix (1983) (Atari) 4.5KB
Galactic (Funvision) (PAL) 2.2KB
Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.3KB
Kool Aid Man (PAL Conversion) (16-11-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 3.1KB
Laser Base (AKA World End) (ITT Family Games) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.2KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (Parker Bros) (Prototype 040584) 5.6KB
International Soccer (1982) (Mattel) [a1] 2.8KB
Synthcart (2002) (Paul Slocum) 4.4KB
International Soccer (1982) (Telegames) (PAL) 2.8KB
Demo Image Series 5 – Baboon (19-02-2003) (AD) 3.3KB
Commando Raid (1982) (US Games) (PAL) 3.1KB
Grid And Purple Dot Demo (PD) 717.0B
Image – Baboon2 (AD) 13.8KB
Many Blue Bars And Text Demo 3 (PD) 410.0B
Grid Pattern Demo 2 (20-12-2002) (CT) 307.0B
T.F. Space Invaders (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Resgate Espacial (CCE) 5.8KB
Super Kung-Fu (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) 5.2KB
Jawbreaker (1982) (Tigervision) (PAL) 2.9KB
Guardian (1982) (Apollo) 3.0KB
Mouse Trap (1982) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 3.0KB
Glacier Patrol (1983) (Telegames) 2.6KB
Nitemare At Sunshine Bowl-a-Rama (beta 1) (Atari Freak 1) 9.4KB
Home Run (1978) (PAL) 1.8KB
Phantom Tank (Bitcorp) (PAL) 2.8KB
Greeting Cart Blue-Ribbon Award(PD) 1.8KB
No Escape! (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.3KB
Dragon Defender (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 2.9KB
Grand Prix (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 2.5KB
Image – Nude1 (AD) 13.0KB
Overhead Adventure Demo 4 (PD) 614.0B
Demo Image Series 5 – Flag (19-02-2003) (AD) 6.2KB
Overhead Adventure Demo 3 (PD) 1.0KB
Haunted House (1981) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
Off Your Rocker (1983) (Amiga) 2.9KB
Maze 003 Demo (PD) 922.0B
Superman (1978) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 3.2KB
Oh No! (Version 1) (17-01-2003) (AD) 18.2KB
Moving Blue Ladder Demo (PD) 512.0B
Incoming (1 Player Version) (05-11-2002) (Ben Larson) 2.7KB
Ghostbusters II (1992) (Salu) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 7.7KB
Death Derby (v0002) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 410.0B
Demo Image Series 3 – Baboon (19-02-2003) (AD) 10.6KB
Dark Mage (8K) (Greg Troutman) (PD) 3.8KB
Laseresal 2002 (PAL-60) (PD) 2.1KB
Landungskommando (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.3KB
Ocean City 3.0KB
Cosmic Corridor (Zimag) 2.6KB
Color Bar Generator (Videosoft) 2.6KB
Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomatoes (1983) (20th Century Fox) 2.9KB
Oystron (V2.8) (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.3KB
Moon Patrol (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 6.0KB
Cross Force (1982) (Spectravision) 3.1KB
Gunfight 2600 – Early Play-kernel (2001) (MP) 717.0B
Daredevil (V3) (Stunt_Cycle_Rules!) (PD) 1.7KB
Im Schutz Der Drachen (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Multi-Sprite Game V2.2 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 2.1KB
Qb (V2.09) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Miniature Golf (1979) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
RealSports Soccer (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 3.9KB
Death Derby (v0001) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 410.0B
Othello (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Kung Fu (PAL) 2.5KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (Parker Bros) (Prototype 120583) 3.4KB
Unknown Title (bin00003 (200206)) (PD) 2.6KB
Color Table Display Helper (PD) 512.0B
Star Fire – 4K Version (25-10-2002) (MP) 1.9KB
Misterious Thief, A (CCE) 3.0KB
Marine Wars (1983) (Konami) 3.4KB
Mr. Do!’s Castle (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.2KB
Sound X (1996) (Ed Federmeyer) 1.1KB
How To Draw A Playfield (1997) (Nick Bensema) (PD) 410.0B
Double-Height 6-Digit Score Display (Two Background Color Change) (2001) (AD) 614.0B
Tunnel Demo (Cycling Colours) (29-03-2003) (AD) 1.9KB
Death Derby (2LK_16) (24-03-2003) (Glenn Saunders) 1.9KB
FlickerSort Demo (Updated) (20-04-2002) (MP) 819.0B
Star Fire – Reduced Flickering (06-10-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Fatal Run (NTSC Conversion) (TJ) 14.6KB
Gunfight 2600 – Beta Release! (2001) (MP) 2.6KB
I.Q. 180 (HomeVision) (PAL) 2.7KB
Fortress (Dual Version) (20-04-2003) (CT) 819.0B
Sky Skipper (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.0KB
Muncher By David Marli (Pac-Man Hack) 3.2KB
Dragonstomper (3 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.7KB
Death Derby (2LK_12) (24-02-2003) (Glenn Saunders) 1.7KB
Vom Himmel Durch Die Hoelle (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Euchre (28-07-2001) (Eric Eid) (PD) 2.1KB
Qb (2.15) (Retroactive) (Stella) 3.1KB
Qb (2.00) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
Pigs In Space Starring Miss Piggy (1986) (Atari) 6.0KB
Mr. Postman (1983) (Bitcorp) (PAL) 3.2KB
Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag) 2.7KB
Horizonal Color Bars Demo (PD) 307.0B
Laser Gate (Future Video Games) (PAL) 3.3KB
Marauder (1982) (Tigervision) 3.1KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (4 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.9KB
Checkers (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Suicide Mission (1982) (Starpath) 3.8KB
Time Race 2 (Funvision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Mogul Maniac (1983) (Amiga) 3.2KB
Ghostbuster 2 (NTSC) (King Atari) 7.6KB
Dishaster (AKA Mr. Chin) (Zimag) (PAL-M) 2.5KB
Dragonstomper Preview (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 2.5KB
Demo Image Series 10 – It’s Art (28-02-2003) (AD) 4.1KB
Pooyan (1982) (Konami-Gakken) (PAL) 3.4KB
Image – Baboon (Interlaced Demo 1) (15-02-2003) (TJ) 3.3KB
Motocross Racer – Joystick (1983) (Xonox) 5.0KB
Gunfight 2600 – Final Run (MP) 2.4KB
Gunfight 2600 – Descissions Had To Be Made (2001) (MP) 1.0KB
Duck Shoot (Kampf Um Die Schatzinsel) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
TRON – Deadly Discs (1983) (Telegames) (PAL) 3.1KB
Virtual Pet (V007) (after Demo 2) (CRACKERS) (PD) 1.4KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (4 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) 3.9KB
SCSIcide Pre-release 4 (Joe Grand) 1.0KB
Motocross (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Immies & Aggies (Emag) (PAL) 3.1KB
International Soccer (1982) (Mattel) 2.8KB
McDonald’s (1983) (Parker Bros) 3.3KB
This Planet Sucks (Fix) (27-12-2002) (Greg Troutman) 2.7KB
Death Derby (v0007) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 1.0KB
PC Invaders By Matthias Jaap (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
One Blue Bar Demo (PD) 307.0B
Gunfight 2600 – The Final Kernel Part 3 (MP) 2.2KB
Eckhard Stolberg’s Scrolling Text Demo 3 (PD) 2.0KB
Music Machine (1983) (Sparrow) 2.4KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.14) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.1KB
Star Fire – Crosshair (12-02-2002) (MP) 717.0B
Lord Of The Rings – Fellowship Of The Ring By Adam Thornton (Dark Mage Hack) (PD) [a1] 2.8KB
Death Derby (v0006) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 819.0B
Starfield Demo 1 (20-12-2002) (CT) 307.0B
Eckhard Stolberg’s Scrolling Text Demo 4 (PD) 2.1KB
Fu Kung! (V0.06) (14-01-2003) (AD) 9.7KB
Gas Hog (AKA Marspatrouille) (1983) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 3.1KB
Death Derby (v0010) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 922.0B
Demo Image Series 6 – Mario (Fixed) (26-02-2003) (AD) 2.6KB
Threshold (1982) (Tigervision) 3.1KB
Warplock (1982) (Data Age) 2.6KB
Death Derby (v0011) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 922.0B
Star Fire – Faster Skipping 2 (24-10-2002) (MP) 2.5KB
Demo Image Series 5 – Boofly (19-02-2003) (AD) 3.3KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (2 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) 2.6KB
Cosmic Commuter (PAL By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.3KB
Dragonstomper (2 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.9KB
Death Derby (v0004) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 614.0B
Death Derby (v0008) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 819.0B
Demo Image Series 4 – Donald (19-02-2003) (AD) 11.5KB
Stell-A-Sketch (03-11-1997) (Bob Colbert) (PD) 1.1KB
Qb (V2.02) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
SuperCharger – Escape From The Mindmaster (4 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 3.9KB
Kung Fu Superkicks (Telegames) (PAL) 5.2KB
Starmaster (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Bugs (1983) (Gameworld) (PAL) 2.4KB
Pickup (2002) (20th Century Fox) 3.2KB
I Want My Mommy (AKA Ursinho Esperto) (Zimag) 2.6KB
Off The Wall (1989) (Atari) 7.5KB
Mortal Kurling (02-01-2003) (CT) 1.2KB
Othello (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Death Derby (v0005) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 717.0B
Demo Image Series 1 – Sam (19-02-2003) (AD) 9.4KB
Single-Scanline Positioning Demo 1 (2001) (Roger Williams) 717.0B
Raumpatrouille (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Super Challenge Baseball (1982) (Mattel) 3.3KB
Demo Image Series 2 – Clown (19-02-2003) (AD) 10.2KB
Super Cobra (1982) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 4.5KB
Cubicolor (Rob Fulop) 3.0KB
Qb (V2.02) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) [a1] 3.1KB
Bugs (1982) (Data Age) 2.4KB
Demo Image Series 5 – Clown (19-02-2003) (AD) 2.5KB
Pins Revenge (Atari Freak 1) 3.2KB
Bumper Bash (1983) (Spectravideo) 3.0KB
Moonsweeper (1983) (Imagic) 5.8KB
Demo Image Series 7 – Two Marios (27-02-2003) (AD) 2.6KB
Lady In Wading (1982) (Playaround) 2.8KB
Cosmic Swarm (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Computer Chess (1983) (Atari) 3.1KB
Demo Image Series 0 (12-02-2003) (AD) 2.2KB
Oystron (V2.6) (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.2KB
Trick (1997) (Eckhard Stolberg) 410.0B
Multi-Color Demo 2 (Bob Colbert) (PD) 1.0KB
Pink Floyd (Kyle Pittman) (PD) 3.0KB
Synthcart (2002) (Paul Slocum) (PAL) 4.4KB
Color Test (26-09-2002) (Eckhard Stolberg) 922.0B
Thunderground (1983) (Sega) 2.9KB
Mega Funpak – Pac-Man, Planet Patrol, Skeet Shoot, Battles Of Gorf (HES) (PAL) 11.2KB
Death Derby (Experiment 02) (PD) 922.0B
Star Fire (28-11-2002) (MP) [a1] 3.6KB
Star Fire – Enemy Mine (2002) (MP) 819.0B
Qb (0.11) (Retroactive) (Stella) 2.5KB
Outlaw (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Lord Of The Rings (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.7KB
Eckhard Stolberg’s Scrolling Text Demo 2 (PD) 2.0KB
RealSports Basketball (Atari) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 4.2KB
Subterrenea (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) [a1] 6.4KB
Sound Paddle V2 (Dennis Caswell & Jim Nitchals) (PD) 614.0B
Skeleton+ (05-05-2003) (Eric Ball) (NTSC) 2.6KB
Qb (2.12) (Retroactive) (PAL) 3.1KB
GREGXM Demo (PD) 307.0B
Miss Piggy’s Wedding 1.1KB
Communist Mutants From Space (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.8KB
Death Derby (19-01-2003) (TJ) 922.0B
Parachute (HomeVision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Nothern Alliance (Aaron Bergstrom) (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Image – Nude2 (AD) 12.8KB
Dragrace (Dragster Hack) 1.7KB
Grid Pattern Demo 1 (20-12-2002) (CT) 307.0B
Ikari Warriors (1990) (Atari) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 6.6KB
Ghostbusters (1985) (Activision) (PAL) [a1] 6.0KB
Gopher (1982) (US Games) (PAL) 2.9KB
Immies & Aggies (CCE) 3.1KB
Qb (Fixed Background Animation) (2001) (AD) 1.2KB
Red Pong Number 2 Demo 2 (PD) 922.0B
Dumbo’s Flying Circus (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.8KB
Marineflieger (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Gyruss (1984) (Parker Bros) 5.9KB
One On One By Angelino (Basketball Hack) 1.9KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (2 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 2.6KB
Ventrra Invaders 2002 By Charles Morgan (Space Invaders Hack) 3.0KB
Mr. Pac-Man (El Destructo) 5.3KB
Jawbreaker (1982) (CCE) 2.9KB
Mr. Roboto By Paul Slocum (Berzerk Hack) 4.4KB
Mega Force (1982) (20th Century Fox) 3.5KB
SCSIcide (Score Hack 1) (24-02-2001) (Joe Grand) (PD) 819.0B
Nuts (Technovision) (PAL) 2.3KB
Smash Hit Pak – Frogr,Stampede,Seaqst,Boxng,Ski (HES) (PAL) 11.8KB
Slot Invaders By David Marli (Slot Machine Hack) 1.7KB
Moto Laser (CCE) 3.5KB
Demo Image Series 15 – Three Marios (PAL) (06-03-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
SwordQuest – Fireworld (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.4KB
Rambo In Afghanistan By Kyle Pittman (Riddle Of The Sphinx Hack) 3.3KB
Hangman Ghost Biglist2 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Quadrun (Atari) 4.3KB
RealSports Boxing (1987) (Atari) 5.7KB
Escape From The Mindmaster Preview (1982) (Starpath) 4.7KB
Midnight Magic (1984) (Atari) 8.2KB
Frame Counter 2 (2001) (Jake Patterson) (PD) 819.0B
This Planet Sucks Demo 3 (Greg Troutman) (PD) 1.7KB
Tunnel Runner (1983) (CBS Electronics) [a1] 7.3KB
Demo Image Series 8 – Two Marios (Different Interlacing) (27-02-2003) (AD) 2.6KB
Peek-A-Boo (Atari) 2.3KB
Video Olympics (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Party Mix (3 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.2KB
Dschungle Boy (AKA Tom Boy) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Planet Patrol (1982) (Spectravision) (PAL) [p2] 3.0KB
Space Instigators (21-10-2002) (CT) 2.8KB
If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another (1997) (Chris Cracknell) 512.0B
Superman (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.2KB
Qb (V0.12) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.7KB
Ghostbuster 2 (PAL) (King Atari) 7.6KB
Star Fire – New Paulstar WIP (MP) 1.1KB
Hangman Invader Original Words (Hangman Hack) 3.4KB
Pac Ghost Sprite Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Hot Action Pak – Ghostbusters, Tennis, Plaque Attack (1990) (HES) (PAL) 11.4KB
Oystron (V2.85) (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.3KB
Tank Plus (1977) (Sears) [a1] 1.9KB
Star Fire (01-05-2002) (MP) 819.0B
Thwocker (Activision) 6.0KB
Der Vielfrass (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.7KB
Crash Dive (1983) (20th Century Fox) 3.3KB
Fortress (Smooth Version) (20-04-2003) (CT) 819.0B
Purple Bar Demo (PD) 205.0B
Ikari Warriors (1990) (Atari) 6.5KB
Qb (Special Edition) (PAL) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Qb (Release Candidate 1) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Star Fire – Advice On Radar Needed (16-10-2002) (MP) 2.4KB
This Planet Sucks (16K) (Greg Troutman) 2.9KB
Title Match Pro Wrestling (1987) (Absolute) [a1] 5.7KB
Planet Patrol (Spectravideo) (PAL) 2.9KB
Hangman Invader Biglist3 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Jungle Fever (1982) (Playaround) 3.1KB
Star Fire – Meteor Dance (13-11-2002) (MP) 3.8KB
Mr. Pac-Man (New Start Tune) (El Destructo) 5.4KB
Hangman Invader Biglist1 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Plaque Attack (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Qb (V0.04) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.2KB
Fire Fighter (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.1KB
Lock ‘N’ Chase (1982) (Mattel) 2.8KB
Euchre (PAL) (Erik Eid) (PD) 2.9KB
Split Screen (Ballblazer) Demo (PD) 819.0B
Der Hungrige Panda (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Fun With Numbers (1977) (Atari) 1.8KB
CompuMate (Spectravideo & Universum) (PAL) 11.0KB
Miner 2049er Volume II (1983) (Tigervision) 5.7KB
Spice Invaders By Franklin Cruz (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Polaris (1983) (Tigervision) [a1] 4.6KB
Mega Mania Raid (1999) (Thiago Paiva) 3.0KB
Krull (CCE) 6.4KB
Star Fire – Paulstar WIP (MP) 1.0KB
Phaser Patrol (1982) (Starpath) 5.0KB
Final Approach (1982) (Apollo) 3.0KB
Colours Selector (Eckhard Stolberg) (PAL) 819.0B
SwordQuest – Fireworld (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.4KB
Star Fire (10-10-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Face Invaders Deluxe By Barry Laws Jr. (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Cookie Monster Munch (1983) (Atari) 5.3KB
FlickerSort Demo (20-04-2002) (MP) 819.0B
Fathom (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) [a1] 5.7KB
Fu Kung! (V0.13) (01-02-2003) (AD) 15.9KB
Qb (0.06) (Retroactive) 2.5KB
Brooni (PAL) (2001) (Andrew Wallace) (PD) 1.5KB
Ghost Manor (1983) (Xonox) 2.6KB
Human Cannonball (AKA Cannon Man) (1978) (Atari) 1.9KB
Hangman Pac-Man 4letter (Hangman Hack) 1.9KB
RealSports Volleyball (1982) (Atari) 3.0KB
Star Wars – The Battle Of Alderaan (Star Strike Hack) 3.1KB
Mystery Science Theater 2600 By Tim Snider (Megamania Hack) 3.1KB
High Bid! (BG Dodson) (Pepsi Invaders Hack) 3.1KB
Summer Games (1987) (Epyx) (PAL) 10.3KB
Laser Gates (1983) (CCE) [a1] 3.3KB
Obelix (1983) (Atari) (NTSC) 4.9KB
Vertical Ship Demo 1 (PD) 410.0B
Stell-A-Sketch (Bob Colbert) (PD) 2.3KB
Easy Playfield Graphics (1997) (Chris Cracknell) 410.0B
Qb (V0.05) (Macintosh) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.4KB
Title Match Pro Wrestling (1987) (Absolute) 5.7KB
Playfield Illustration And Logo Demo (2001) (Jake Patterson) (PD) 819.0B
Phaser Patrol (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 5.3KB
Demo Image Series 5 – Sam (19-02-2003) (AD) 3.2KB
Nightmare (Sancho) 3.1KB
Cookie Monster Munch (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.3KB
Communist Mutants From Space (1982) (Starpath) 4.8KB
PezZerk – PezMan In Ghost Manor (Berzerk Hack) 9.4KB
Robot City (V0.21) (15-09-2002) (TJ) 2.6KB
Chronocolor Frame Demo 2 (10-01-2003) (AD) 1.4KB
Fortress (20-04-2003) (CT) 819.0B
Poker Solitaire (V0.00a) (2001) (B. Watson) 1.2KB
Hangman Ghost Biglist3 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Joustpong (06-07-2002) (Kirk Israel) (PD) 512.0B
Pompeii (Apollo) 2.3KB
Gunfight 2600 (MP) 2.7KB
Robot City (V0.18) (01-09-2002) (TJ) 2.6KB
Poker Card Demo (PD) 410.0B
Demo Image Series 14 – Two Marios (4K Interleaved Chronocolour Vertical Movement) (05-03-2003) (AD) 2.4KB
Qb (0.11) (Retroactive) 2.5KB
Star Trek – Strategic Operations Simulator (1983) (Sega) 6.2KB
Megamania (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Star Fire – Shootable (26-09-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Frostbite (Digivision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Crystal Castles (1984) (Atari) (PAL) 8.9KB
Qb (V2.04) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
London Blitz (1983) (Avalon Hill) 3.1KB
Ed Invaders (Pepsi Invaders Hack) 3.1KB
Counter Demo (PD) 512.0B
Q-bert (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 3.0KB
Knight On The Town (1982) (Playaround) 2.8KB
Skeleton (PAL) (15-10-2002) (Eric Ball) 2.4KB
Play Demo (PD) 1.4KB
Demo Image Series 13 – Mario (4K Interleaved Chronocolour) (05-03-2003) (AD) 2.4KB
Survival Island (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 4.2KB
Gopher (1982) (US Games) 3.0KB
Miner 2049er (1982) (Tigervision) 5.1KB
Lunar Attack (2002) (Steve Engelhardt) (Z-Tack Hack) 3.1KB
Fat Albert By David Marli (Fast Food Hack) 3.0KB
Custer’s Viagra (JSK) (Custer’s Revenge Hack) 2.4KB
Droid Demo 2-M (David Conrad Schweinsberg) (PD) 1.9KB
Radar Lock (1989) (Atari) 10.4KB
Karate (1982) (PAL) 2.8KB
Chinese Character Demo (PD) 922.0B
James Bond 007 (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.7KB
China Syndrome (1982) (Spectravideo) 2.9KB
Death Derby (14-01-2003) (TJ) 922.0B
River Patrol (1984) (Tigervision) 4.3KB
Commando (1988) (Activision) [a1] 5.9KB
Qb (V2.05) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Sesam, Oeffne Dich (AKA Open Sesame) (Bitcorp) (PAL) 3.0KB
Frame Timed Sound Effects-EM (Eckhard Stolberg) 1.5KB
Phoenix (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.5KB
Death Derby (21-01-2003) (TJ) 1.0KB
Frame Counter 1 (2001) (Jake Patterson) (PD) 819.0B
Hangman Ghost Biglist1 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
War Of The Worlds By Kyle Pittman (Defender Hack) 3.3KB
Cosmic Ark (no Stars) 3.1KB
Star Fire – Framework Done (30-10-2002) (MP) 3.1KB
Sprite Movement Demo 2 (2001) (Roger Williams) 717.0B
Frogger Preview (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 4.8KB
Reactor (1982) (Parker Bros) 3.2KB
Rampage! (1989) (Activision) (PAL) 11.7KB
Xaxyrax Road By Charles Morgan (Freeway Hack) 1.7KB
Euchre (13-07-2001) (Eric Eid) (PD) 1.9KB
Dragonstomper (1982) (Starpath) 11.7KB
Private Eye (CCE) 5.7KB
Missile Control (AKA Raketen-Angriff) (Ariola) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.0KB
Qb (0.11) (Retroactive) (PAL) 2.5KB
Stell-A-Sketch (Bob Colbert) (PD) [a1] 2.3KB
Tunnel Demo (28-03-2003) (AD) 1.1KB
Dukes Of Hazzard (Atari) 7.4KB
Text Screen (25-01-2003) (AD) 18.4KB
Push (V0.03) (1998) (AD) 2.2KB
Night Driver (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Cute Dead Things House By Christian Samuel (Haunted House Hack) 3.4KB
Pro Wrestling (Absolute-Activision) (PAL) [a1] 5.7KB
Star Fire – Warping!! (10-04-2003) (MP) 4.1KB
Towering Inferno (1982) (US Games) 3.1KB
Robot Player Graphic (1996) (J.V. Matthews) (PD) 512.0B
Pigs In Space Starring Miss Piggy (1986) (Atari) (PAL) 6.1KB
Piece O’ Cake (1982) (US Games) 2.9KB
Fish Revenge (2003) (Greg Zumwalt) (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Comitoid Beta 3 (SnailSoft) 2.5KB
Sesam, Oeffne Dich (AKA Open Sesame) (Bitcorp) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.1KB
Spectrum Color Demo (PD) 307.0B
Tape Worm (1982) (Spectravideo) 2.8KB
Boardgame Demo (20-12-2002) (CT) 410.0B
Demo Image Series 15 – Three Marios (NTSC) (Non-Interleave) (06-03-2003) (AD) 2.3KB
Dizzy Wiz (2001) (B. Watson) 1.0KB
Demons! (2003) (SpkLeader) (Phoenix Hack) 5.5KB
Joustpong (16-09-2002) (Kirk Israel) (PD) 512.0B
Skeleton+ (03-05-2003) (Eric Ball) (PAL) 2.6KB
Video Jogger (Exus) (PAL) 2.6KB
Qb (Simple Background Animation) (2001) (AD) 1.4KB
Star Wars – Jedi Arena (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.0KB
Grover’s Music Maker (Atari) (PAL) 4.5KB
Dodge ’em (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 2.5KB
Binary To Decimal Routine (2001) (AD) 614.0B
Flippern (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Ice Hockey (CCE) 2.9KB
Commando Raid (1982) (US Games) 3.0KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (3 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 2.8KB
Phaser Patrol (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 5.1KB
Qb (05-02-2001) (AD) 1.6KB
Pooyan (1982) (Konami-Gakken) 3.3KB
General Retreat (Playground) (PAL) 2.5KB
Quick Step! (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 2.7KB
Double Dunk (1989) (Atari) (PAL) 10.3KB
Push (V0.06) (2001) (AD) 1.8KB
Demon Attack (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.3KB
Test Tape – Standalone (Atari) 1.2KB
Fishing Derby (1980) (Activision) (PAL) 1.8KB
Qb (V1.00) (NTSC) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.0KB
Mr. Do! (1983) (CBS Electronics) 5.5KB
Die Hungrigen Froesche (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.5KB
Fu Kung! (V0.07) (25-01-2003) (AD) 18.4KB
Robot City (V0.23) (13-11-2002) (TJ) 2.8KB
Crossbow (1987) (Atari) (PAL) 10.5KB
Flash Gordon (1983) (20th Century Fox) 2.9KB
Super Ferrari (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Bounce! (18-03-2003) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 1.1KB
Puzzle (Colin Hughes) (PD) 410.0B
Fu Kung! (V0.00) (07-01-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Qb (V0.12) (Stella) (2001) (Retroactive) 2.7KB
Warring Worms (2002) (Baroque Gaming) 2.6KB
Troll Demo (PD) 307.0B
Tape Worm (1982) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 2.8KB
RealSports Baseball (1982) (Atari) 5.9KB
Pac Kong (Starsoft) (NTSC Conversion) 2.7KB
Hangman Invader Biglist2 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Mondo Pong V1 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 2.2KB
Missile Command (CX-80 Trackball) (PAL) (2002) (TJ) 3.4KB
Missile Command (CX-80 Trackball) (NTSC) (2002) (TJ) 3.4KB
Fast Eddie (1983) (Activision) 2.8KB
Space Treat Deluxe (08-03-2003) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 3.0KB
Sucky Zepplin (Nick Bensema) (PD) 307.0B
Buck Rogers – Planet Of Zoom (1983) (Sega) 5.1KB
Push (V0.05) (2001) (AD) 1.6KB
Star Fire – Crash Scene (04-11-2002) (MP) 3.2KB
Star Fire (23-10-2002) (MP) 2.4KB
Sword Of Saros (1983) (Starpath) [a1] 4.9KB
Analog Clock (Additional Frame Info) (V0.0) (20-01-2003) (AD) 15.0KB
Death Derby (200204) (TJ) 922.0B
Plane Demo (Gonzalo) (PD) 717.0B
Frogger Preview (1982) (Starpath) 4.6KB
Hangman Monkey Biglist2 (Hangman Hack) 3.2KB
Fireball Preview (1982) (Starpath) 4.1KB
Star Fire (25-10-2002) (MP) 1.0KB
Confrontation (1983) (Answer Software) 3.0KB
Code Breaker (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Cosmic Ark Stars (1997) (Eckhard Stolberg) 410.0B
Fathom (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 5.7KB
Star Fire (08-10-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Col ‘N (HomeVision) 3.0KB
Sprite Color Demo (PD) 307.0B
Demo Image Series 6 – Mario (19-02-2003) (AD) 2.6KB
Feuerwehr Im Einsatz (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Marquee Drawer (2001) (B. Watson) 819.0B
Pyramid War (Suntek) (PAL) 3.4KB
Euchre (15-06-2001) (Eric Eid) (PD) 1.5KB
Sprite Test (29-11-2002) (Eric Ball) 410.0B
Demolition Herby (1982) (Telesys) 3.0KB
Fishing Derby (1980) (Activision) 1.8KB
Sports Action Pak – End,Hock,Fish,Drag (1988) (Activision) (PAL) 10.5KB
Eishockey-Fieber (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Thrust (V1.21) (2000) (TJ) 9.1KB
Spike’s Peak (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) [a1] 5.3KB
Cube Conquest (Billy Eno) (PD) 819.0B
Excalibur Demo (PD) 4.9KB
Shadow Keep (Fixed) (04-03-2003) (Andrew Towers) 2.5KB
Der Kleine Baer (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Laseresal 2002 (PAL) (PD) 2.1KB
Combat Rock (PD) [a1] 2.4KB
Video Life (CommaVid) 2.4KB
Crystal Castles (1984) (Atari) 8.6KB
Baubles (V0.001) (2001) (Jake Patterson) (PD) 717.0B
RealSports Soccer (1983) (Atari) 3.8KB
Deadly Duck (1982) (20th Century Fox) 2.7KB
Party Mix (2 Of 3) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.2KB
Super Hit Pak – RRaid,GPrix,Fishing,SkyJ,Chckrs (Activision) (PAL) 10.9KB
Joustpong (14-07-2002) (Kirk Israel) (PD) 512.0B
Crackpots (1983) (Activision) (PAL) [p2] 3.2KB
Fire Spinner (Emag) (PAL) 2.9KB
Star Fire – 1LK Intro (13-11-2002) (TJ) 1.3KB
Mondo Pong V2 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 2.4KB
Booster (Junkosoft) (PD) 307.0B
Tazer (John K. Harvey) 1.2KB
Space Treat (V1.1 Beta) (24-12-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 3.0KB
Crackpots (CCE) 3.1KB
Qb (V1.01) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Stand Alone Test Cart (SALT) Diagnostics (Atari) 1.2KB
Brooni (NTSC) (2001) (Andrew Wallace) (PD) 1.5KB
Breaking News (2002) (Ric Pryor) (Bump ‘n’ Jump Hack) 5.1KB
Wavy Line Test 2 (PD) 307.0B
Space Instigators (V1.6) (17-10-2002) (CT) 2.7KB
Wachroboter Jagt Jupy (AKA Hey! Stop!) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Jungle King (2003) (Jess Ragan) (Jungle Hunt Hack) 6.0KB
Title Match Pro Wrestling (2002) (Skyworks) 5.7KB
Road Runner (1989) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 8.6KB
Edtris (1995) (Ed Federmeyer) 2.1KB
Push (V0.07) (2001) (AD) 2.0KB
Picnic (1982) (US Games) 2.9KB
Death Derby (v0003) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 410.0B
RealSports Football (1982) (Atari) 5.6KB
Philly Flasher (1982) (Playaround) 2.7KB
Push (V0.08) (2001) (AD) 2.1KB
Night Stalker (Telegames) (PAL) 3.2KB
Space Instigators (V1.8) (19-10-2002) (CT) [a1] 2.8KB
Dice Puzzle (Panda) (PAL) 2.9KB
Desert Falcon (1987) (Atari) (PAL) 10.1KB
Push (V0.01) (1998) (AD) 2.1KB
Hangman Invader 4letter (Hangman Hack) 1.9KB
M.A.S.H. (1982) (20th Century Fox) 3.3KB
Gyruss (1984) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 5.9KB
Borgwars Asteroids (2003) (Jack Kortkamp) (Asteroids Hack) 4.7KB
Raft Rider (1982) (US Games) 2.4KB
Pete Rose Baseball (1988) (Absolute) 9.9KB
Party Mix (1982) (Starpath) 11.5KB
Euchre (Release Candidate 2) (NTSC) (01-10-2002) (Erik Eid) 3.0KB
Death Derby (v0005 New Build) (2001) (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 717.0B
Sprint Master (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 7.5KB
Pac Ghost Sprite Demo (PD) 410.0B
Buck Rogers – Planet Of Zoom (1983) (Sega) (PAL) 5.2KB
Killer Satellites Preview (1982) (Starpath) 4.5KB
Spider Fighter (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Die Ratte Und Die Karotten (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Pac-Space (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Bitmap Demo (13-01-2003) (AD) 3.1KB
Edtris (1994) (Ed Federmeyer) 1.5KB
Single-Scanline Positioning Demo 2 (2001) (Roger Williams) 717.0B
Vanguard (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.7KB
Droid Demo 2 (David Conrad Schweinsberg) (PD) 1.2KB
Bounce! (17-03-2003) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 1.1KB
Super Kung-Fu (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) [a1] 5.2KB
Klax (1990) (Atari) 9.2KB
Montezuma’s Revenge – Starring Panama Joe (PAL By Thomas Jentzsch) 5.7KB
Robot Fight (AKA Space Robot) (HomeVision) (PAL) 3.3KB
Fireball (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 4.8KB
Dancing Plates (1983) (BitCorp) (PAL) 2.4KB
Elk Attack (1987) (Atari) 4.9KB
Demons To Diamonds (1982) (CCE) 2.7KB
Exocet (AKA Space Eagle) (Panda) (PAL) 2.7KB
Demo Image Series 5 – Animegirl (19-02-2003) (AD) 2.8KB
RealSports Basketball (Atari) (PAL) 4.1KB
Demons To Diamonds (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 2.7KB
Skeleton+ (05-05-2003) (Eric Ball) (PAL) 2.6KB
Space War (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (1982) (Starpath) 10.6KB
Teddy Apple (HomeVision) (PAL) 2.6KB
Pyramid War (AKA Wuestenschlacht) (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.5KB
Superman (1978) (Atari) (PAL) [p2] 3.2KB
Pac Invaders (ZUT) 3.1KB
Oystron (V2.82) (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.3KB
Cubis (EM) (1997) (Eckhard Stolberg) 3.3KB
Sprite Demo (1997) (Bob Colbert) (PD) 819.0B
Vault Assault (19xx) (Prescott) 2.3KB
Purple Bar Demo 2 (PD) 307.0B
Meteor Smasher (SnailSoft) 2.5KB
Star Fire – Explosions! (10-10-2002) (MP) 2.2KB
Missile Command (CX-22 Trackball) (PAL) (2002) (TJ) 3.4KB
Super Baseball (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 7.5KB
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial By Scott Stilphen (Pits Hack) 5.9KB
Atari Logo Playfield Demo (2001) (Eric Ball) (PD) 410.0B
Missile Command (Amiga Mouse) (PAL) (2002) (TJ) 3.4KB
Survival Island (3 Of 3) (1983) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.8KB
Miss Piggy’s Wedding (Prototype 2) 2.4KB
Super Baseball (1988) (Atari) 7.5KB
Coffee Cup Soccer By Matthias Jaap (Pele’s Soccer Hack) 3.3KB
Super Football (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 9.3KB
Wing War (Imagic) (PAL) [a1] 6.1KB
Skeleton (V1.1) (06-09-2002) (Eric Ball) 2.4KB
Universal Chaos (Telegames) 2.9KB
Colour Display Programme (1997) (Chris Cracknell) 410.0B
Star Fire – Eckhard WIP (MP) 1.0KB
Star Fire – Meteor Dance 2 (18-11-2002) (MP) 3.9KB
Pressure Cooker (1983) (Activision) 4.9KB
Tomcat – The F-14 Flight Simulator (1988) (Absolute) [a1] 11.5KB
Sprite Demo 0 (PD) 512.0B
Excalibur 39 (PD) 4.0KB
Super Action Pak – Pitf,GPrix,LaserB,Barn (1988) (Activision) (PAL) 10.4KB
Street Racer – Speedway II (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
UFO 6 By Charles Morgan (Pepsi Invaders Hack) 3.1KB
Encounter At L5 (1982) (Data Age) 2.9KB
Dragonstomper (1982) (Starpath) [a2] 12.0KB
Time Test Demo (Eckhard Stolberg) (PAL) (PD) 512.0B
Snoopy And The Red Baron (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 6.1KB
Private Eye (1983) (Activision) 5.8KB
Auto-mobile Demo (2001) (Eckhard Stolberg) 1.0KB
Challenge Of…NEXAR (1982) (Spectravideo) (PAL) 2.7KB
Push (V0.03) (No Illegal Opcodes) (1998) (AD) 2.3KB
Robot City (V0.12) (TJ) 1.9KB
Star Strike (Telegames) (PAL) 3.1KB
Pressure Gauge (Hozer Video Games) 2.1KB
Die Springteufel (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Big Dig (V3) (20-10-2002) (CT) 2.1KB
Starmaster (1982) (Activision) (PAL) [a1] 3.2KB
Backwards Cannonball V2 (Human Cannonball Hack) 1.9KB
Gravitar (1988) (Atari) 5.2KB
I Robot (1984) (Atari) 717.0B
Demo Image Series 12 – Luigi And Mario (01-03-2003) (AD) 6.4KB
Surf’s Up (1983) (Amiga) 4.5KB
Kangaroo (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.8KB
Test (1996) (J.V. Matthews) (PD) 410.0B
Boing! (1983) (First Star Software) (PAL) 3.1KB
Journey – Escape (1982) (Data Age) 3.2KB
Mr. Postman (CCE) 3.1KB
Skeleton (V1.1) (NTSC) (24-10-2002) (Eric Ball) 2.5KB
Space Shuttle – Journey Into Space (1983) (Activision) [t2] (Fuel) 6.2KB
Freeway (1981) (Activision) (PAL) 1.7KB
Cubis (1997) (Eckhard Stolberg) 1.8KB
Fisher Price (CCE) (PAL) 3.0KB
Sea Hawk (AKA Overkill-RVision) (1982) (Sancho) (PAL) 2.9KB
Killer Satellites (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.5KB
Space Tunnel (Bitcorp) (PAL) 2.6KB
Space Instigators (Public Release) (02-01-2003) (CT) 3.3KB
Virtual Pet Demo 2 (CRACKERS) (PD) 1.4KB
Tom’s Eierjagd (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Thrust (V0.2) (2000) (TJ) 5.4KB
Surfer’s Paradise – But Danger Below! (Video Gems) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.1KB
Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.3KB
Sub Rescue (Real Title Unknown) 3.2KB
Asymmetric Reflected Playfield (Glenn Saunders And Roger Williams) 512.0B
Chronocolor Frame Demo (10-01-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Criminal Pursuit (Emag) 3.0KB
Crash Dive (PAL Conversion) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 3.4KB
Poker Solitaire (V0.0f) (2001) (B. Watson) 2.0KB
Parachute (HomeVision) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.1KB
This Planet Sucks Demo 1 (Greg Troutman) (PD) 1.1KB
Robin Hood (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) 4.9KB
Hangman Ghost 4letter (Hangman Hack) 1.9KB
Tank Brigade (Panda) (PAL) 2.7KB
Rabbit Transit (1982) (Starpath) 4.5KB
Krull (1983) (Atari) 6.4KB
Pole Position (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.3KB
Skate Boardin’ (1987) (Activision) (PAL) 4.9KB
Sprite Movement Demo 1 (2001) (Roger Williams) 614.0B
Robin Hood (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) [a1] 4.9KB
Death Trap (1983) (Avalon Hill) 3.1KB
Dark Cavern (1982) (Mattel) 3.2KB
Eric Bergstrom’s KC-135 (Radar Map) (Aaron Bergstrom) 512.0B
Planet Patrol (CCE) [a1] 2.8KB
Qb (2.11) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Bank Heist (1983) (20th Century Fox) (w-Skull Island Label) (PAL) 3.1KB
Weltraum Tunnel (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.3KB
Der Geheimkurier (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Pick ‘n Pile (PAL Conversion) (2003) (TJ) 6.4KB
Spider Kong (AKA Karate) (Goliath-Funvision) (PAL) 2.8KB
Video Chess (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.4KB
This Planet Sucks (Greg Troutman) [a2] 2.7KB
SwordQuest – Earthworld (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 4.8KB
Subterrenea (1983) (Imagic) 6.4KB
An Exercise In Minimalism (V1) (1999) (Marc De Smet) (PD) 307.0B
Blackjack (1977) (Atari) [a1] 1.8KB
Pick ‘n Pile (1990) (Salu) (PAL) 6.3KB
Purple Cross Demo (PD) 819.0B
Junkosoft One Year Demo (1999) (PD) 512.0B
Space Shuttle – Journey Into Space (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 6.2KB
Dodge Demo 1 (PD) 307.0B
Fireball Preview (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 3.7KB
Oystron (V2.7) (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.3KB
Push (V0.04) (2001) (AD) 1.3KB
Pink Floyd – The Wall (2003) (Barry Laws Jr.) (Berzerk Hack) 2.8KB
Golf (1978) (Atari) 1.9KB
Die Unterwasser-Bestien (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Double-Height 6-Digit Score Display (Background Color Change) (2001) (AD) 614.0B
Survival Island (3 Of 3) (1983) (Starpath) 3.8KB
Tunnel Demo 2 (27-03-2003) (CT) 410.0B
Super Football (1988) (Atari) 9.3KB
Polaris (1983) (Tigervision) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 5.4KB
Star Fire – Star Background (MP) 1.1KB
Moon Patrol (1982) (Shock Vision-Brazil) 3.6KB
G.I. Joe – Cobra Strike (1983) (Parker Bros) 3.1KB
Robin Hood (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Planet Patrol (1982) (Spectravision) 2.9KB
Defender II (1984) (Atari) (PAL) 5.4KB
Robot Tank (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 5.2KB
Laser Blast (1981) (Activision) 1.9KB
Demon Attack (1982) (Imagic) [t1] 3.3KB
Pro Wrestling (Absolute-Activision) (PAL) 5.7KB
Decathlon (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 6.1KB
Backwards Cannonball V1 (Human Cannonball Hack) 1.9KB
Qb (V2.05) (PAL) (2001) (Retroactive) 3.1KB
Garfield 4.1KB
Eli’s Ladder (Simage) 2.7KB
Hangman Ghost Wordlist (Hangman Hack) 2.1KB
Tuby Bird (AKA Vogel Flieh) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
This Planet Sucks Demo 4 (Greg Troutman) (PD) 2.0KB
Killer Satellites (1982) (Starpath) 5.7KB
River Raid II (AKA Katastrophen-Einsatz) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.3KB
Oink! (1983) (Activision) 3.4KB
Treasure Below (Video Gems) (PAL) 2.9KB
Domino (Ishido) (PD) 1.6KB
Fox & Goat (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.3KB
Blue Rod Demo (PD) 205.0B
Kool Aid Man (Fixed) (15-11-2002) (CT) 3.1KB
Title Match Pro Wrestling (1989) (Activision) 5.7KB
Star Trek – Strategic Operations Simulator (1983) (Sega) (PAL) 6.2KB
Bionic Breakthrough (1984) (Atari) 4.9KB
Star Fire – Return Of The Crosshair (MP) 1.0KB
Eckhard Stolberg’s Scrolling Text Demo 1 (PD) 2.0KB
Blair Witch Project By Tim Snider (Haunted House Hack) 3.3KB
Robot City (V1.0) (Alpha) (TJ) 1.9KB
Dolphin (1983) (Activision) [a1] 3.2KB
Paddle Demo (Joe Grand) (PD) 614.0B
Fireball (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.3KB
Dark Mage (4K) (Greg Troutman) (PD) 2.6KB
Test Cart (2002) (Paul Slocum) 2.1KB
Termool (AKA Fast Eddie) (PAL) 3.0KB
Dodge Demo 4 (PD) 512.0B
Phoenix (1982) (CCE) 5.5KB
Pac-Law By Jim Goebel (Pac-Man Hack) 1.7KB
Video Time Machine (Chris Cracknell) 2.0KB
Planet Invaders By Charles Morgan (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Challenge Of…NEXAR (1982) (Spectravideo) 2.7KB
SpaceMaster X-7 (1983) (20th Century Fox) 2.7KB
Fishing Derby (CCE) 1.8KB
Planet Patrol (1982) (Play Video) (PAL) 2.9KB
Panda Chase (HomeVision) 2.8KB
Missile Command (CX-22 Trackball) (NTSC) (2002) (TJ) 3.4KB
Greeting Cart Amy In Thong (SnailSoft)(PD) 2.1KB
Spitfire Attack (1983) (Milton Bradley) 2.5KB
SCSIcide Pre-release 2 (Joe Grand) 717.0B
Chase The Chuckwagon (1983) (Spectravideo) 2.7KB
Star Fire (07-10-2002) (MP) 2.1KB
Midnight Magic (1984) (Atari) (PAL) 8.2KB
PAL-NTSC Detector (15-11-2002) (CT) 614.0B
Earth Dies Screaming (1983) (20th Century Fox) (PAL) 3.0KB
Shuttle Orbiter (1983) (Avalon Hill) 2.9KB
Star Wars – Ewok Adventure (Parker Bros) (PAL) 5.7KB
Playfield Text Demo (2001) (Roger Williams) 1.2KB
Crazy Climber (1983) (Atari) 5.5KB
Robin Hood (Xonox) 4.9KB
Tax Avoiders (1982) (American Videogame) 4.2KB
Jumping Jack (Dynamics) (PAL) 3.0KB
Cosmic Commuter (1984) (Activision) 3.3KB
Phased Color Demo (PD) 1.4KB
Kool Aid Man (1982) (Mattel) 3.0KB
Earth Attack (Zellers) 3.2KB
Joustpong (21-09-2002) (Kirk Israel) (PD) 512.0B
Doomzerk (PD) 2.8KB
Tomcat – The F-14 Flight Simulator (1988) (Absolute) 11.5KB
DJdsl-wopd (PD) 1.9KB
Surfer’s Paradise – But Danger Below! (Video Gems) (PAL) 3.0KB
Star Fire – Return Of The Starfield (MP) 1.3KB
Spider Fighter (1983) (Activision) 3.1KB
Breakout – Breakaway IV (1978) (Atari) [t1] 1.9KB
Flag Capture (1978) (Atari) 1.7KB
Rainbow Invaders (non-playable Demo) (PD) 1.8KB
Pigs In Space Starring Miss Piggy (1986) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 6.1KB
Motorodeo (1990) (Atari) 7.2KB
Cube Conquest (Interlaced) (Billy Eno) (PD) 1.0KB
Forest (Sancho) (PAL) 3.0KB
Road Runner (CCE) 8.5KB
Custer’s Viagra (JSK) (Custer’s Revenge Hack) [a1] 2.4KB
Boring Taz (Taz Hack) 4.0KB
Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox) 5.2KB
JtzBall (Alpha) (TJ) 1.0KB
Space Jockey (1982) (Carrere Video) (PAL) 1.9KB
Fortress (21-04-2003) (CT) 819.0B
Concentration (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Pac Kong (Goliath) (PAL) 2.8KB
Phantom Tank (CCE) 2.7KB
Crossbow (1987) (Atari) 10.5KB
Hangman Ghost Original Words (Hangman Hack) 3.4KB
Die Ente Und Der Wolf (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.4KB
Tunnel Demo (Cycling Colours 2) (29-03-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Football (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Planet Patrol (CCE) 2.9KB
RealSports Tennis (1983) (Atari) 4.8KB
Outlaw – GunSlinger (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Diagnostic Cartridge (Atari) 1.2KB
Galactic (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.7KB
Egghead By Barry Laws Jr. (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Poker Plus (AKA Casino) (1978) (Sears) 3.3KB
Missile Command (Amiga Mouse) (NTSC) (2002) (TJ) 3.4KB
TomInv (31-07-2001) (TJ) 1.3KB
Video Simon (Mark De Smet) 1.2KB
Squeeze Box (1982) (US Games) 2.9KB
Fantastic Voyage (1982) (20th Century Fox) 2.9KB
Tanks DX By Charles Morgan (Tanks But No Tanks Hack) 2.7KB
Boring (PAL) (AD) 2.4KB
Sir Lancelot (1983) (Xonox) [a1] 5.0KB
Earth Dies Screaming (1983) (20th Century Fox) 3.0KB
Merlin’s Walls – Standard Edition (1999) (Ebivision) 2.5KB
Video Pinball (1980) (Atari) (PAL) 3.2KB
Crypts Of Chaos (1982) (20th Century Fox) 3.2KB
Cracked (1988) (Atari) 7.6KB
Escape Demo (PD) 717.0B
Plaque Attack (CCE) 3.0KB
Spice Girls Rule Demo (PD) 512.0B
Custer’s Viagra (Atari Troll) (Custer’s Revenge Hack) 2.4KB
Survival Run (1983) (Milton Bradley) 3.1KB
Unknown Title (bin00003) (PD) 1.4KB
Corys Adventure (Cody Pittman) (PD) 3.2KB
Front Line (1982) (Coleco) 5.7KB
H.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision) (PAL) [a2] 6.0KB
Narnia (Glenn Saunders) (PD) 3.1KB
Skeleton+ (17-04-2003) (Eric Ball) (PAL) 2.6KB
Crackpots (1983) (Activision) 3.3KB
Cyber Goth Galaxian By Manuel Polik (Galaxian Hack) 5.4KB
Turbo (Coleco) Prototype Fake V0.1 (TJ) 614.0B
Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1983) (Atari) 5.3KB
Pharoah’s Curse (TechnoVision) (PAL) [p2] 2.7KB
Gangster Alley (1982) (Spectravision) 2.9KB
Boulderdash Demo (Brighter Version) (09-12-2002) (TJ) 614.0B
Sword Fight (2000) (Intellevision Productions) 2.7KB
Survival Island (1 Of 3) (1983) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.2KB
RealSports Boxing (1987) (Atari) (PAL) 5.7KB
Overhead Adventure Demo 6 (PD) 717.0B
E.T. The Extra-Testical By Christian Samuel (E.T. Hack) 5.9KB
Betterblast By Fabrizio Zavagli (Astroblast Hack) 2.8KB
SwordQuest – Fireworld (1982) (Atari) 5.4KB
Super Challenge Football (1982) (Mattel) 3.2KB
Asymmetric Playfield (Roger Williams) 410.0B
Video Checkers (1978) (Atari) 3.2KB
Trick Shot (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) [a1] 3.0KB
Plaque Attack (Activision) (PAL) 2.9KB
Fatal Run (1990) (Atari) (PAL) 14.6KB
Space Treat (30-12-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 2.9KB
Space Treat (29-12-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 2.9KB
Superman (Stunt_Cycle_Rules!) (Superman Hack) 3.2KB
Baubles (V0.002) (2001) (Jake Patterson) (PD) 922.0B
Pac Kong (AKA Inca Gold) (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Demolition Herby (1982) (Telesys) (PAL) 3.0KB
Spike’s Peak (1983) (Xonox) 5.2KB
Freeway (CCE) 1.6KB
Phantom UFO (PAL) 3.0KB
Space Instigators (V1.8) (19-10-2002) (CT) 2.8KB
Sword Of Saros (1983) (Starpath) 4.7KB
Skeleton+ (03-05-2003) (Eric Ball) (NTSC) 2.6KB
Gremlins (1984) (Atari) 5.5KB
Canguru (Zirok) (Brazil) 5.7KB
Fast Food (Zirok) (Brazil) 2.7KB
Starfield (V1.0) (2002) (MP) 717.0B
Warring Worms (Midwest Classic Edition) (08-06-2002) (Billy Eno) 2.7KB
Jr. Pac-Man (1986) (Atari) 9.4KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (Parker Bros) (Prototype 122283) 3.2KB
Space Instigators (V1.8 Fixed) (20-10-2002) (CT) 2.8KB
SCSIcide (v1.1) (2001) (Joe Grand) 1.3KB
Farmyard Fun (Telegames) (PAL) 3.1KB
Gorf (1982) (CBS Electronics) 3.2KB
Scrolling Playfield With Score (10-02-2003) (Aaron Bergstrom) 922.0B
King Arthur (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
PIEROXM Demo (PD) 307.0B
Cory The Interviewer – The Hunt For Begis Billboard (Cody Pittman) (PD) 6.1KB
Rampage! (1989) (Activision) 11.6KB
Sound X6 (1994) (Ed Federmeyer) 1.2KB
Skeleton+ (14-05-2003) (Eric Ball) (PAL) 2.6KB
Dice Puzzle (Sancho) (PAL) 2.9KB
DUP Space Invaders (Ron Corcoran) 3.2KB
Warring Worms (Tim Strauss Edition) (20-12-2002) (Billy Eno) 2.7KB
Star Ship – Outer Space (1977) 1.9KB
SCSIcide (1.30) (CGE 2001 Release) (Joe Grand) 2.1KB
Q-bert’s Qubes (1983) (Parker Bros) [a1] 5.0KB
Time Race (Goliath) (PAL) 3.0KB
Crystal Castles (1984) (Atari) (NTSC) 9.0KB
Tooth Protectors (DSD-Camelot) 5.0KB
Smurfs – Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) [a1] 5.4KB
Blackjack (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Maze Craze (1978) (Atari) 2.9KB
Thrust (V0.9) (2000) (TJ) 7.5KB
Teleterm 2600 (John K. Harvey) (PD) 1.5KB
SCSIcide (V1.09) (2001) (Joe Grand) 1.4KB
Skeleton+ (14-05-2003) (Eric Ball) (NTSC) 2.6KB
An Exercise In Minimalism (V2) (1999) (Eckhard Stolberg) 307.0B
Space Instigators (Public Release 2) (06-01-2003) (CT) 3.3KB
Surround (1978) (Atari) [a1] 1.7KB
Save The Whales (2002) (20th Century Fox) 2.3KB
Ritorno Dei Frattelli Di Mario (Mario Bros Hack) 5.2KB
Space Treat (12-01-2003) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 3.0KB
Tunnel Runner (1983) (CBS Electronics) 7.3KB
Space Treat (30-12-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) [a2] 3.0KB
BMX Air Master (1989) (TNT Games) (PAL) 9.5KB
Warring Worms (Beta 3) (2002) (Billy Eno) 2.1KB
Fire Bird (Video Game Program) (PAL) 5.5KB
SCSIcide (v1.0) (2001) (Joe Grand) 1.3KB
Pharaoh’s Curse (TechnoVision) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 2.7KB
Frame Timed Sound Effects (Eckhard Stolberg) 1.5KB
Spiderdroid (1987) (Froggo) 2.8KB
Home Run (1978) 1.8KB
Solar Storm (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.1KB
Black And White Fast Scolling Demo (PD) 307.0B
Breakdown (AKA Capture) (Dynamics-Goliath) (PAL) 3.2KB
Armor Ambush (1982) (Telegames) (PAL) 2.8KB
Ghostbusters (1985) (Activision) 5.9KB
Time Machine (AKA Great Escape,Asteroid Belt) (PAL) 3.0KB
Blackjack (1977) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Venture (1982) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 3.3KB
Weltraum Tunnel (Bitcorp) (PAL) 2.6KB
Blue And White Sprite Demo (PD) 614.0B
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (Parker Bros) (Prototype 122383) 3.2KB
SCSIcide Pre-release 3 (Joe Grand) 1.1KB
Pygmy (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Cakewalk (PAL Conversion) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 3.1KB
Moonsweeper (1983) (Activision-PS2) 5.8KB
Big Bird’s Egg Catch (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.5KB
SwordQuest – Earthworld (1982) (Atari) 5.2KB
Rubik’s Cube Demo 3 (24-12-2002) (CT) 717.0B
Song (05-11-2002) (Paul Slocum) 2.1KB
Skeleton (NTSC) (06-09-2002) (Eric Ball) 2.4KB
Song (17-02-2003) (Paul Slocum) 1.9KB
Baubles (14-11-2001) (Jake Patterson) (PD) 922.0B
Challenge (Funvision) (PAL) [a1] 5.8KB
Ram It (1982) (Telegames) (PAL) 3.1KB
Chopper Command (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 3.5KB
Artillery Duel (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) [a1] 4.8KB
Boing! (PD) [a1] 2.3KB
Sniper (Feb 30) (2001) 512.0B
Mouse Trap (1982) (Coleco) 3.0KB
Rambo II – Streets Of Afghanistan (2003) (Kyle Pittman) (Double Dragon Hack) 10.1KB
Ship Demo (V 1501) (PD) 614.0B
Strawberry Shortcake – Musical Match-Ups (1983) (Parker Bros) 3.0KB
Fire Fighter (1982) (Imagic) 3.0KB
Spike’s Peak (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) 5.2KB
Eddy Langfinger, Der Museumsdieb (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Starmaster (1982) (Activision) 3.1KB
Skiing (1980) (Dactar) (PAL) 2.0KB
Kamikaze Saucers (198x) (Syncro) 2.4KB
Kabul! By Jess Ragan (Kaboom! Hack) 1.7KB
Sword Of Saros (1983) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.7KB
Big – Move This Demo 2 (PD) 717.0B
Thrust (V1.22) (2000) (TJ) 9.2KB
Thunderground (1983) (Sega) (PAL) 2.9KB
Demon Attack (1982) (Imagic W-Picture Label) 3.4KB
Yar Vs. Yar (2002) (Justin J. Scott) (Yars’ Revenge Hack) 3.2KB
Beany Bopper (1982) (20th Century Fox) 2.8KB
Bullet Demo (20-12-2002) (CT) 410.0B
Skeleton+ (17-04-2003) (Eric Ball) (NTSC) 2.5KB
Surround (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.6KB
Dragonfire (1982) (Imagic) 3.1KB
Attack Of The Mutant Space Urchins (2002) (Barry Laws Jr.) (Alien Hack) 3.4KB
Meteor Defense (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 2.5KB
Better Space Invaders (1999) (Rob Kudla) (PAL) 3.2KB
SCSIcide Pre-release 1 (Joe Grand) 717.0B
Smurfs – Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 5.4KB
Frogger (Official Version By Sega) (1982) (Starpath) [a1] 4.8KB
Secret Quest (1989) (Atari) (PAL) 9.2KB
Porky’s (1983) (20th Century Fox) 6.1KB
Sprite Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Venture II (2001) (Tim Snider) 3.4KB
Bars And Text Demo 3 (PD) 307.0B
Bar-Score Demo (2001) (Roger Williams) 512.0B
Space Attack (1982) (Telegames) (PAL) 3.0KB
Mein Weg (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Big Bird’s Egg Catch (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.5KB
Alpha Demo – The Beta Demo 2 (2000) (MP) 2.6KB
Carnival (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 3.2KB
Super Congo Bongo (2003) (Larry Petit) (Congo Bongo Hack) 5.8KB
Suicide Adventure By George Veeder (Adventure Hack) 3.1KB
Tennis (Pet Boat) (PAL) 1.8KB
Space Instigators (V1.9) (21-10-2002) (CT) 2.8KB
Space Shuttle – Journey Into Space (1983) (Activision) 6.2KB
Pharaoh’s Curse (TechnoVision) (PAL) 2.7KB
Frogger II – Threedeep! (1984) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 5.9KB
Combat TC (v0.1) 1.9KB
Aster-Hawk (2002) (Charles Morgan) (Asteroids Hack) 5.4KB
SCSIcide (25-02-2001) (Chris Wilkson) (PD) 717.0B
Star Fire – Kernel Done (MP) 1.1KB
Sub Scan (1982) (Sega) (PAL) 2.8KB
THX-1138 By Kyle Pittman (Berzerk Hack) 2.8KB
Space Robot (AKA Robot Fight) (Dimax) 3.3KB
Comitoid Beta 2 (SnailSoft) 2.5KB
Rubik’s Cube 3D Demo (Final) (08-01-2003) (TJ) 1.3KB
Surround (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.6KB
SCSIcide (24-02-2001) (Joe Grand) (PD) 717.0B
Double Dunk (1989) (Atari) 10.3KB
Comitoid (SnailSoft) 1.8KB
Super Cobra (1982) (Parker Bros) 4.5KB
Star Fire (MP) (2002) (PD) 2.5KB
Demo Image Series 11 – Donald And Mario (28-02-2003) (AD) 6.0KB
Sky Diver (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Sweat! – The Decathalon Game (1982) (Starpath) 4.7KB
Battlezone TC By Thomas Jentzsch (2 Joystick Hack) 5.9KB
Bogey Blaster (Telegames) (PAL) 3.1KB
Space 2002 By Angelino (Space Jockey Hack) 2.0KB
A-VCS-tec Challenge (beta 5) (PD) 1.1KB
Battlezone (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.7KB
Register Twiddler Demo 2 (PD) 1.4KB
Tutankham (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 5.3KB
Sky Jinks (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 1.9KB
Thrust (V0.1) (2000) (TJ) 3.0KB
Blueprint (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 5.0KB
Wall Ball (1983) (Avalon Hill) 2.9KB
SCSIcide (v1.2) (2001) (Joe Grand) 1.5KB
Virtual Pet Demo 1 (CRACKERS) (PD) 1.1KB
Dolphin (1983) (Activision) 3.3KB
Balls! (16-09-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 1.0KB
Squoosh (Apollo) 1.2KB
Star Fire – Sorting Fixed (MP) 1.0KB
Teller-Jonglieren! (AKA Tanzende Teller) (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.4KB
SCSIcide Pre-release 5 (Joe Grand) 1.0KB
Space War (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Corrida Da Matematica (CCE) 2.9KB
Trick 12 (2001) (TJ) 512.0B
Dodge Demo 3 (PD) 410.0B
Super Baseball (CCE) 5.8KB
Analog Clock (V0.1) (20-01-2003) (AD) 4.3KB
Dancing Plates (PAL) 2.3KB
Atari Logo Demo 1 (PD) 307.0B
Scrolling Playfield 1 (Junkosoft) (PD) 410.0B
Time Warp (CCE) 3.0KB
Basic Programming (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.0KB
Eggomania (1982) (US Games) 2.8KB
Analog Clock (V0.0) (20-01-2003) (AD) [a1] 15.4KB
Venture (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
Sky Diver (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
H.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision) (PAL) [a1] 6.0KB
River Raid II (1988) (Activision) [a1] 7.3KB
Xenophobe (1990) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 10.1KB
Bi! Bi! (AKA Ungeheuer Der Tiefe) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
WacMan (2003) (Greg Zumwalt) (Ms. Pac-Man Hack) 5.4KB
Frostbite (1983) (Activision) (PAL) [p2] 3.1KB
Atlantis (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) 3.0KB
Astroblast (1982) (Mattel) [a1] 2.7KB
UFO Patrol (Quelle) 2.9KB
Top Gun (AKA Air Patrol) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Billard (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Amidar DS (Fast Enemies) (2003) (TJ) (Amidar Hack) 2.9KB
Wing War (Imagic) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 6.1KB
Sprintmaster DC (TJ) 7.6KB
Alpha Beam With Ernie (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.7KB
Dark Chambers (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 8.9KB
Scroller Demo (02-01-2003) (CT) 1.0KB
Breakout – Breakaway IV (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Brick Kick (RJPG) 3.2KB
Sprite Demo 7 (PD) 410.0B
Big Dig (13-04-2003) (CT) 2.1KB
Slot Machine (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Taz (1983) (Atari) [a1] 4.1KB
Sweat! – The Decathalon Game (1 Of 2) (1982) (Starpath) 3.4KB
Fast Food (1982) (Telesys) 2.7KB
Solar Fox (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) [a1] 4.9KB
Bermuda Triangle (1982) (Data Age) 3.2KB
Atlantis (1982) (CCE) 3.0KB
Thrust (V1.0) (2000) (TJ) 8.4KB
Artillery Duel (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) 4.8KB
Masters Of The Universe – The Power Of He-Man (1983) (Mattel) 8.4KB
Boing! (PD) [a2] 2.3KB
Popeye (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 5.1KB
Sprite Demo 5 (PD) 512.0B
Subterrenea (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) 6.4KB
Base Attack (AKA Z-Tack,Laser-Loop,Sky Scrapper) (HomeVision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Sprite Demo 4 (PD) 410.0B
Solaris Trainer (2002) (Chris Larkin) (Solaris Hack) 12.4KB
Boring Journey Escape (Journey – Escape Hack) 3.2KB
Sssnake (1982) (Data Age) 2.7KB
Pole Position (1983) (CCE) 5.3KB
Xeno Plus (Xenophone Hack) 10.1KB
Sneek ‘n Peek (1982) (CCE) 3.2KB
Frostbite (Digitel) (Brazil) (PAL) 3.1KB
Skate Boardin’ (2002) (Skyworks) 4.9KB
Berzerk Renegade (2002) (Steve Engelhardt) (Room Of Doom Hack) 3.0KB
Evil Dead (2003) (Kyle Pittman) (Haunted House Hack) 3.4KB
Atari Logo Demo 5 (PD) 410.0B
Championship Soccer (AKA Pele’s Soccer) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
Boom Bang (AKA Kampf Dem Steinfresser) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Championship Soccer (AKA Pele’s Soccer) 3.3KB
Fire Fly (1983) (Mythicon) 2.8KB
Space Jockey (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Sprite Demo 1 (PD) 410.0B
Superman (1978) (Atari) [a1] 3.2KB
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.9KB
Alpha Beam With Ernie (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.7KB
Brain Games (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Rubik’s Cube 3D Demo (25-11-2002) (TJ) 614.0B
Space Shuttle – Journey Into Space (1983) (Activision) [t1] 6.2KB
Boulderdash (10 Blocks Wide) (02-04-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (Parker Bros) (Prototype 121583) 2.9KB
Cheese 98 (Dragonfire Hack) 3.1KB
Bridge (1981) (Activision) 3.3KB
Telepathy (Atari) 5.5KB
Skiing (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Kangaroo (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.8KB
Atari Logo Demo 6 (PD) 410.0B
Kung Fu Master (1984) (Activision) (PAL) 6.2KB
BMX Air Master (1989) (TNT Games) 9.6KB
Zi – The Flie Buster (2002) (Fernando Mora) (PD) 717.0B
Space Cavern (1981) (Apollo) 2.8KB
Skeleton (V1.1) (PAL) (24-10-2002) (Eric Ball) 2.5KB
Beanie Baby Bash By Inky (Beany Bopper Hack) 2.8KB
Wall Defender (Bomb) 3.1KB
Aufruhr Im Zoo (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.8KB
Space Treat (30-12-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) [a1] 3.0KB
Survival Island (1 Of 3) (1983) (Starpath) 4.2KB
Star Fire (200203) (MP) 1.0KB
Sprite Demo 6 (PD) 614.0B
Schussel, Der Polizistenschreck (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Space Treat (PAL) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 2.9KB
Yar’s Revenge (1981) (Atari) [a1] 3.2KB
Scroller Demo (Bob Colbert) (PD) 1.0KB
Ms. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.4KB
Robot Tank (1983) (Activision) 5.2KB
Circus Atari (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 2.4KB
Unknown Title (xxx00000 (200203)) (PD) 922.0B
Colors Demo (PD) 205.0B
Pengo – 1 Player Only (1984) (Atari) 5.7KB
Oystron X (Piero Cavina) (PD) 3.3KB
Turmoil (1982) (20th Century Fox) 3.0KB
Skeet Shoot (1981) (Apollo) 1.7KB
Space Jockey (1982) (US Games) 1.9KB
Artillery Duel (1983) (Xonox) [a1] 4.8KB
Amidar (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 2.8KB
Rubik’s Cube Demo 2 (23-12-2002) (CT) 410.0B
Alpha Demo – The Beta Demo (2000) (MP) 1.7KB
Boring (NTSC) (AD) 2.4KB
Steeple Chase (Video Gems) (PAL) 2.5KB
Ski Run (Funvision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Sprite Demo 3 (PD) 410.0B
Astroblast (Telegames) (PAL) 2.7KB
Coconuts (1982) (Telesys) 2.8KB
Challenge (Funvision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Boulderdash Demo (09-12-2002) (TJ) 614.0B
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (CCE) 5.8KB
Colored Wall Demo (PD) 512.0B
Plaque Attack (1983) (Activision) 3.0KB
Schnapp Die Apfeldiebe (AKA Catch Time) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Stampede (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Atari Logo Demo 3 (PD) 410.0B
Sub Scan (1983) (Sega) 2.8KB
Task Force (1987) (Froggo) 2.8KB
Bars And Text Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Super VoleyBall (CCE) 2.9KB
Time Warp (Zellers) 2.9KB
Star Fire (17-02-2003) (MP) 3.7KB
Yellow Submarine (Cody Pittman) (PD) 3.2KB
Pitfall! (says 1985) 3.0KB
Angling (Ariola) (PAL) 1.8KB
Boom Bang (AKA Crackpots) (Cooper Black) (PAL) 3.2KB
Better Space Invaders (1999) (Rob Kudla) 3.2KB
Basketball (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Skeleton (Complete) (06-09-2002) (Eric Ball) 2.4KB
Candi (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Air Raiders (1982) (Mattel) [a1] 3.1KB
Wavy Line Test (PD) 307.0B
Skiing (1980) (Activision) (PAL) 2.0KB
Atlantis FH (2003) (TJ) (Atlantis Hack) 3.1KB
Super-Cowboy Beim Rodeo (Starsoft) (PAL) 1.9KB
Stargate (1984) (Atari) (PAL) 5.4KB
Survival Island (2 Of 3) (1983) (Starpath) 4.5KB
Trick Shot (1982) (Imagic) 3.0KB
Cat Trax (PAL By Thomas Jentzsch) 2.8KB
Defender (Dor-x) (Defender Hack) 3.3KB
Entombed (1982) (US Games) 2.7KB
Ship Demo (V 10) (PD) 410.0B
Skindiver (AKA Aquatak) (Sancho) (PAL) 3.1KB
Blueprint (1983) (CBS Electronics) 5.0KB
Festival (PAL) 3.1KB
Defender (1981) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
Escape From The Mindmaster (1 Of 4) (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.9KB
Star Voyager (1982) (Imagic) 3.2KB
Sea Hawk (1987) (Froggo-Zellers) 2.8KB
Baubles 3 (Jake Patterson) (PD) 1.2KB
Bump ‘N’ Jump (Telegames) (PAL) 5.0KB
See Saw (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.5KB
Galaxian (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.4KB
Shootin’ Gallery (1982) (Imagic) 2.9KB
Whale (Sub Scan Hack) 2.8KB
River Raid (1982) (SpkSoft) [t1] 3.1KB
Asterix (1988) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 4.1KB
Springer (1982) (Tigervision) 5.8KB
Barnstorming (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 2.8KB
Sorcerer (1983) (Mythicon) 2.7KB
Sea Monster (Bitcorp) (PAL) 2.7KB
Cakewalk (CommaVid) 3.0KB
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back (1982) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.3KB
Xenophobe Arcade (2003) (Larry Petit) (Xenophobe Hack) 10.1KB
Space Invaders (2002) (Ron Corcoran) (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Balthazar (aka Babylon 5) (SnailSoft) 2.9KB
Karate (1982) (Froggo) 2.7KB
Chopper Command (1982) (Supervision) (PAL) 3.5KB
Jungle Hunt (1982) (CCE) 5.9KB
Dodge ’em (1980) (Atari) [a1] 2.5KB
Spider Maze (K-Tel Vision) 2.8KB
Fireball (1982) (Starpath) 4.3KB
Threshold (1982) (Tigervision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Donald Duck’s Speedboat (Atari) (PAL) 3.9KB
Miss Pack Man (Video Game Program) (PAL) 5.4KB
Tac Scan (1983) (Sega) 3.3KB
Burning Desire (1982) (Playaround) 3.1KB
River Raid (1982) (Activision) [a2] 3.2KB
SCSIcide Pre-release 6 (Joe Grand) 1.3KB
Snoopy (1983) (Century) (PAL) 6.1KB
Solar Storm (1983) (Imagic) 3.1KB
Star Gunner (1982) (Telesys) 2.9KB
Action Force (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.1KB
Big Bird’s Egg Catch (1983) (Atari) 5.6KB
Beast Invaders (double Shot Hack) 3.2KB
Bones (Arcade Golf Hack) 1.8KB
SCSIcide (09-06-2001) (Joe Grand) 1.3KB
Fathom (1983) (Imagic) 5.6KB
Riddle Of The Sphinx (1982) (Imagic) 3.2KB
Sky Skipper (1983) (Parker Bros) 3.0KB
Bars And Text Demo (PD) 307.0B
Freeway (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Worm War I (1982) (20th Century Fox) 3.0KB
Ship Demo (V 1502) (PD) 614.0B
Snail Against Squirrel (1983) (CCE) 3.0KB
Crackpots (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Slot Machine (1979) (Atari) (PAL) 1.6KB
Angriff Der Luftflotten (AKA Paris Attack) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Space Invaders 2 (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Acid Drop (1992) (Salu) (PAL) 4.1KB
Spacechase (1981) (Apollo) 2.9KB
Condor Attack (High-Score Games) (PAL) 2.1KB
Dodge ’em (Atari) (PAL) 2.5KB
Puzzled World (Cooper Black) (PAL) 2.9KB
Enduro (1983) (Activision-Dactar) (PAL-M) 3.2KB
Indiana Pitfall (Pitfall Hack) 3.0KB
Space Treat (60% Complete) (PD) 1.5KB
J-Pac (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Save Our Ship (Technovision) (PAL) [a1] 2.9KB
Stopp Die Gangster (AKA Mafia) (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Tennis (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Solar Fox (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 4.9KB
Word Zapper (1982) (US Games) 3.2KB
Tomarc The Barbarian (1983) (Xonox) 5.2KB
SCSIcide (1.32) (Hozer Video Games) 2.1KB
Save Our Ship (TechnoVision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Wizard Of Wor (1982) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 3.3KB
Bobby Is Going Home (CCE) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 3.1KB
Titans (SnailSoft) 1.8KB
Vanguard (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.7KB
SPAM Image Demo (PD) 3.3KB
Black Hole (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Big Dig (04-04-2003) (CT) 1.7KB
Pac-2600 (PD) 5.3KB
Freeway (Dactar) (PAL) 1.7KB
Basketball (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Moby Blues (2002) (ATARITALIA) (Mario Bros Hack) 5.0KB
Bachelorette Party (1982) (Mystique-Playaround) 2.3KB
Road Runner (1989) (Atari) (PAL) 8.7KB
Planet Of The Apes (20th Century Fox) 2.9KB
Mark’s Sound Demo (PD) 2.8KB
Boulderdash Demo (05-04-2003) (AD) 1.6KB
River Raid III (1985) (Digitel-Brazil) 3.2KB
Pitfall! (No Walls Hack) 3.0KB
Joustpong (05-07-2002) (Kirk Israel) (PD) 410.0B
Boulderdash (13 Blocks Wide) (02-04-2003) (AD) 1.3KB
Super Circus (PAL) 2.4KB
Polaris (1983) (Tigervision) 5.4KB
Dig Dug (V2) (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 9.4KB
Frogger (1982) (Starpath) (PAL) 4.6KB
Snoopy And The Red Baron (CCE) 6.1KB
Keystone Keypers (Zirok) (Brazil) 3.3KB
Space Cavern (1981) (Apollo) (PAL) 2.8KB
Motocross Racer (1983) (Xonox) 5.0KB
Pac Kong (Funvision) (PAL) 2.8KB
Greeting Cart Mario And Luigi(PD) 2.4KB
Galaxian By Jess Ragan (Enhanced Graphics) 5.4KB
Pitfall Cupcake (Pitfall Hack) 3.0KB
Adventure 34 By Kurt Howe (Adventure Hack) 3.0KB
River Raid (SpkSoft 98) 3.2KB
Backgammon (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.2KB
Sir Lancelot (1983) (Xonox) (PAL) 5.0KB
Space Canyon (Panda) (PAL) 2.7KB
Star Strike (1982) (Mattel) 3.0KB
Wing War (Imagic) (PAL) 6.0KB
Atari Video Cube (1982) (Atari) 3.0KB
Blue Dot Demo (PD) 307.0B
A-Team (2002) (Manuel Polik And Fabrizio Zavagli) (A-Team Hack) 5.6KB
Jungle Hunt (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 6.0KB
Tennis (1981) (Activision) (PAL) 1.8KB
Score Demo (B. Watson) 410.0B
Westward Ho (Playground) (PAL) 2.4KB
Video Cube (CCE) 2.9KB
Berenstain Bears (1982) (Coleco) 5.1KB
Space Treat (NTSC) (13-08-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli) 2.9KB
Challenge (Zellers) 3.0KB
Carnival Shooter (PD) 2.0KB
Star Wars – Ewok Adventure (Parker Bros) (NTSC By Thomas Jentzsch) 5.7KB
Comitoid Beta 4 (SnailSoft) 2.5KB
Espial (1983) (Tigervision) 4.4KB
Steeplechase (1980) (Sears) 1.8KB
Centipede (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.0KB
Astro Attack (Goliath) (PAL) 3.0KB
Kaboom! (1981) (Activision) (PAL) 1.7KB
Keystone Kapers (Digivision) (Brazil) 3.3KB
Bowling (Dactar) (PAL) 1.8KB
Demons To Diamonds (1982) 2.7KB
Space Treat (061002) (PD) 1.8KB
Incoming 1.1KB
Hangman (1978) (Atari) 3.4KB
Tennis (Dactar) (PAL) 1.8KB
Space Invaders Hack Demo (2003) (SnailSoft) 3.3KB
Super Breakout (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 2.7KB
SCSIcide (Score Hack 2) (24-02-2001) (Joe Grand) (PD) 819.0B
Time Pilot (1983) (Coleco) 4.6KB
Ski Hunt (HomeVision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Missile Command (1981) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
Berzerk (1982) (Atari) (PAL) [p2] 2.7KB
Schiessbude (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Scrolling Playfield 2 (Junkosoft) (PD) 410.0B
X-Doom V.26 (PD) 3.0KB
Pitfall! (1982) (Activision) (Beta) 2.9KB
Spy Vs. Spy (PAL) 3.4KB
Beany Bopper (CCE) 2.7KB
Carnival (CCE) 3.2KB
River Raid Plus By Thomas Jentzsch (River Raid Hack) 3.2KB
2600 Collison Demo 2 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 717.0B
Gauntlet (1983) (Answer Software) 2.9KB
Bogey Blaster (Telegames) (PAL) [a1] 3.1KB
Basic Programming (1978) (Atari) 3.0KB
Star Fire (07-01-2003) (MP) 3.6KB
Donkey Kong Junior (Coleco) 4.7KB
Barber Pole Demo (PD) 410.0B
Outlaw – GunSlinger (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Boing! (PD) 3.0KB
Walker (198x) 2.9KB
RPG Kernal (18-04-2003) (Paul Slocum) (PD) 1.1KB
6 Digit Score Display (1998) (Robin Harbron) (PD) 512.0B
Pitfall! (Steroids Hack) 3.0KB
Console Wars (PD) 1.8KB
Pitfall Unlimited (Atarius Maximus) 3.0KB
River Raid (SpkSoft) 3.2KB
BMX Air Master (1989) (Atari) (PAL) 9.6KB
Atlantis (Hack 01) (TJ) (Atlantis Hack) 3.1KB
2600 Digital Clock (Demo 2) (PD) 717.0B
Star Voyager (CCE) 3.2KB
Up ‘n Down (1983) (Sega) 4.8KB
Donkey Kong Gingerbread Man (Ben Hudman) 2.8KB
Atlantis (1982) (Activision) [a1] 3.0KB
Solaris (1986) (Atari) (PAL) 12.3KB
Yar’s Defeat (2002) (Justin J. Scott) (Yars’ Revenge Hack) 3.2KB
River Raid (Tanks Hack) 3.1KB
Scuba Diver (Panda) (PAL) 3.1KB
Star Raiders (1982) (Atari) 4.4KB
SpongeBob SquarePants (2003) (Kyle Pittman) (Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomatoes Hack) 9.7KB
3-D Corridor (29-03-2003) (Paul Slocum) (PD) [a1] 1.1KB
H.E.R.O. (1984) (CCE) 6.0KB
Winter Games (1987) (Epyx) (PAL) 11.1KB
Air-Sea Battle (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Video Reflex (Exus) (PAL) 2.5KB
Sancho – Words (198x) (PAL) 2.4KB
Boxing (Dactar) (PAL) 1.9KB
Checkers (1980) (Activision) 1.8KB
Big – Move This Demo (PD) 614.0B
Code Breaker (1978) (Atari) 1.7KB
Winter Games (1987) (Epyx) 11.1KB
Combat Rock (PD) 2.4KB
Space War (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Bowling (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Tank Plus (1977) (Sears) 3.3KB
Felix Return (Goliath) (PAL) 3.0KB
Thrust (V1.1) (2000) (TJ) [a1] 9.1KB
Year 1999, The (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 2.6KB
Chopper Command (CCE) 3.4KB
Freeway (AKA Rabbits) (PAL) 1.7KB
Sea Hawk (CCE) 2.7KB
Vanguard (CCE) 5.6KB
Rotating Colors Demo 2 (Junkosoft) (PD) 410.0B
Frogs And Flies (1982) (Mattel) (PAL) 2.7KB
2600 Digital Clock (V X.xx) (PD) 2.0KB
Sabotage (Ultravison) 3.5KB
Summer Games (1987) (Epyx) 10.3KB
Pizza Chef (CCE) 3.1KB
Tom Boy (Suntek) (PAL) 2.9KB
Rubik’s Cube Demo (23-12-2002) (CT) 307.0B
SCSIcide (1.31) (Joe Grand) 2.1KB
Amidar DS (2003) (TJ) (Amidar Hack) 2.8KB
Beast Invaders (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Brain Games (1982) (Atari) 1.8KB
Barnstorming (CCE) 2.7KB
Volleyball (Dactar) (PAL) 2.9KB
Saboteur (Atari) 5.6KB
Cosmic Avenger (PAL) 3.1KB
Combat AI (16-02-2003) (Zach Matley) 2.0KB
Super Ferrari (Quelle) 3.2KB
Brick Kick (PAL) 3.2KB
Galaxian (1983) (CCE) 5.3KB
Radial Pong – Version 1 (Jeffry Johnston) (PD) 410.0B
Worm War I (CCE) 2.9KB
Pac-Man (CCE) (PAL) 3.1KB
Montezuma’s Revenge – Starring Panama Joe (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.7KB
Sokoban (01-01-2003) (Adam Wozniak) 614.0B
Space Raid (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Air Raiders (1982) (Mattel) 3.1KB
Turbo WIP (TJ) 4.9KB
Snoopy And The Red Baron (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 6.1KB
Sprint Master (1988) (Atari) 7.5KB
Cosmic Ark (1982) (Imagic) 3.1KB
Volleyball (Starsoft) (PAL) 2.9KB
Space Raid (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) [a1] 3.0KB
Space Invaders (1978) (Atari) 3.2KB
Wabbit (1982) (Apollo) 2.7KB
Bobby Is Going Home (Rentacom) (Brazil) 3.1KB
Aquaventure (CCE) 5.1KB
Bobby Is Going Home (CCE) (PAL) 3.0KB
Word Zapper (1982) (US Games) (PAL) 3.2KB
Super Ferrari (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Sir Lancelot (1983) (Xonox) 5.0KB
Atlantis (CCE) 3.0KB
Sweat! – The Decathalon Game (2 Of 2) (1982) (Starpath) 1.8KB
Berzerk (CCE) 2.7KB
Cat And Mouse By George Veeder (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Pressure Cooker (CCE) 4.8KB
Sea Hunt (CCE) 3.0KB
3-D Corridor (Spiral Words) (31-03-2003) (AD) 1.8KB
Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 6.2KB
Pole Position (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.3KB
Airlock (1982) (Data Age) 2.6KB
Bump ‘N’ Jump (1983) (Mattel) 5.1KB
Frostbite (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Enduro (Digivision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Q-bert (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.0KB
Blue Line Demo (PD) 205.0B
River Raid (Polyvox) 3.0KB
3-D Corridor (Pink Spiral) (31-03-2003) (AD) 1.4KB
Ship Demo (PD) 512.0B
See Saw (Cooper Black) (PAL) 2.5KB
Dodge Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Atari Logo Demo (PD) (PAL) 307.0B
Traffic (RJPG) (PAL) 2.9KB
Return Of Mario Bros By Philip R. Frey (Mario Bros Hack) 5.2KB
Air-Sea Battle (1977) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Cathouse Blues (1982) (Mystique) 2.9KB
Gorilla Kong (Donkey Kong Hack) 2.8KB
Seaquest (CCE) 3.0KB
Yahtzee (Hozer Video Games) 2.2KB
Alligator People (20th Century Fox) 2.8KB
Asteroids SS (Asteroids Hack) 5.5KB
Beta Demo (V1.1) (26-09-2002) (MP) 2.5KB
Bobby Geht Nach Hause (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.0KB
Space Jockey (1982) (PAL) 1.8KB
Atari Logo Demo 2 (PD) 410.0B
Tunnel Demo (27-03-2003) (CT) 410.0B
Pitfall! (CCE) (PAL-M) 2.9KB
Asteroids DC+ By Thomas Jentzsch (Asteroids Hack) 5.5KB
Backgammon (1978) (Atari) 3.2KB
Gigolo (1982) (Mystique) 2.9KB
Moon Patrol (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 6.0KB
Boxing (1981) (Activision) (PAL) 1.9KB
Skate Boardin’ (1987) (Absolute) 4.9KB
Slot Racers (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Atlantis II (1982) (Imagic) 3.0KB
Beamrider (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 6.1KB
Star Raiders (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 4.4KB
RUN Platform Demo (PD) 512.0B
Bachelor Party (1982) (Mystique) 2.2KB
Stellar Track (1980) (Sears) 3.3KB
Xevious (CCE) 3.2KB
Asteroids (1979) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.4KB
Rumble 2600 By Grimlock (Mario Bros Hack) 4.9KB
Submarine Commander (1982) (Sears) 3.1KB
Dig Dug (V1) (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 9.4KB
Barnstorming (1982) (Activision) 2.7KB
Z-Tack (Bomb) 3.0KB
3-D Corridor Demo 2 (29-03-2003) (MP) 512.0B
Snow White (1983) (Atari) 4.4KB
Save Mary (1990) (Atari) 6.8KB
Casino (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
2600_2003 Demo (PD) 1.7KB
Video Chess (1978) (Atari) 3.4KB
Boring Pitfall (Pitfall Hack) 2.9KB
Space Attack (1982) (Mattel) 2.9KB
Space Tunnel (Cooper Black) (PAL) 2.7KB
River Raid II (1988) (Activision) (PAL) 7.3KB
Bugs Bunny (Atari) 5.1KB
Astroblast (1982) (Mattel) 2.7KB
Zaxxon (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 4.2KB
Frankenstein’s Monster (1983) (Data Age) 3.1KB
Asteroids (1979) (Atari) (PAL) [a2] 5.4KB
Phoenix (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.5KB
Battle For Naboo By Josh (Atlantis Hack) 3.0KB
Combat II (1982) (Atari) 4.2KB
Amanda Invaders (PD) 3.2KB
2600 Digital Clock (V B2) (PD) 2.0KB
Sea Hawk (1987) (Panda) (PAL) 2.8KB
Super Box (CCE) 5.7KB
Mountain King (1983) (CBS Electronics) 6.3KB
Alpha Beam With Ernie (1983) (Atari) 5.7KB
Autorennen (AKA Grand Prix) (Ariola) (PAL) 2.4KB
Zero Patrol By Charles Morgan (Moon Patrol Hack) 5.9KB
Yellow Submarine (Bermuda Triangle Hack) 3.2KB
Joust (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.8KB
Decathlon (1983) (Activision) 6.1KB
Boxen (Ariola) (PAL) 1.8KB
Bowling (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Apples And Dolls (CCE) 2.6KB
3-D Corridor (Green) (30-03-2003) (AD) 1.5KB
Circus Atari (1978) (Atari) (Paddles) 2.4KB
Keystone Kapers (CCE) [a1] 3.3KB
Atari Invaders By Ataripoll (Space Invaders Hack) 3.2KB
Cubo Magico (CCE) 3.0KB
2600 Digital Clock (V X.xx) (PD) [a1] 2.0KB
Xenophobe (1990) (Atari) (PAL) 10.1KB
X-Doom V.27 (PD) 3.0KB
Acid Drop (NTSC Conversion) (TJ) 4.1KB
Cosmic Ark (CCE) 3.1KB
Baby Center Animation (PD) 18.3KB
Seaquest (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.1KB
Keystone Kapers (CCE) 3.2KB
Bank Heist (1983) (20th Century Fox) 3.0KB
Q-bert’s Qubes (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.4KB
Worm War I (1982) (20th Century Fox) (PAL) 2.9KB
Superman (CCE) 3.2KB
Stronghold (CommaVid) 3.2KB
Warlords (1981) (Atari) (PAL) 2.8KB
Asteroids 2 (Asteroids Hack) 4.7KB
Berzerk (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 2.8KB
Asterix (1988) (Atari) (PAL) 4.1KB
Keystone Kapers (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.3KB
Frogs And Flies (1982) (Mattel) 2.6KB
Save Our Ship (PAL) 2.9KB
Survival Island (1982) (Starpath) 11.5KB
Robot City (V1.1) (TJ) 1.9KB
Double Dragon (CCE) 9.9KB
2600 Digital Clock (Demo 1) (PD) 717.0B
SwordQuest – Waterworld (1983) (Atari) 5.0KB
Donkey Kong Junior (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 4.7KB
Sinistar (Atari) 4.6KB
Combat – Tank AI (19-04-2003) (Zach Matley) 2.2KB
Frostbite (1983) (CCE) 3.0KB
Ghostbusters II (V2) 7.6KB
Surround (1978) (Atari) 1.5KB
Boring Freeway (Freeway Hack) 1.6KB
Turmoil (198x) (Activision) 3.0KB
Sea Hunt (1987) (Froggo) 3.0KB
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Asteroid 2 (Atari Freak 1 And Franklin Cruz) 4.7KB
Spider-Man (1982) (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.2KB
Analog Clock (V0.0) (20-01-2003) (AD) 15.5KB
Shark Attack (1982) (Apollo) 2.9KB
Super Futebol (Pussy Style) (CCE) 4.0KB
Armor Ambush (1982) (Mattel) 2.8KB
Bermuda (PAL) 3.1KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 5.6KB
Atlantis (1982) (Imagic) 3.0KB
Smurfs Save The Day (1983) (Coleco) 5.7KB
Snail Against Squirrel (1983) (Bitcorp) (PAL) 3.1KB
Sky Demo (PD) 307.0B
Artillery Duel (1983) (Xonox) 4.8KB
Adventure (Color Scrolling) 3.1KB
2600 Digital Clock (V B1) (PD) 1.1KB
River Raid (1982) (Activision) [a1] 3.1KB
Boring Pac-man (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Canyon Bomber (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Enduro (1983) (Activision) 3.1KB
11 Sprite Demo (Piero Cavina) (PD) 614.0B
Skeleton (NTSC) (2002) (Eric Ball) 2.1KB
Astrowar (Starsoft) 2.5KB
Boxing (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
3-D Corridor Demo (27-03-2003) (MP) 410.0B
Air Raiders (1982) (Mattel) (PAL) 3.2KB
River Raid II (1988) (Activision) 7.3KB
H.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision) [a1] 3.1KB
Thrust (V1.1) (2000) (TJ) 8.5KB
Alice’s Abenteuer (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Secret Agent (Data Age) 3.0KB
Bermuda (Rainbow Vision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Troll’s Adventure (Adventure Hack) 3.0KB
Combat (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Bermuda (Starsoft) (PAL) 3.1KB
Blackjack (1977) (Atari) 1.8KB
3-D Corridor (29-03-2003) (Paul Slocum) 512.0B
Wizard Of Wor (1982) (CBS Electronics) 3.3KB
King Kong (1982) (Tigervision) (PAL) 2.8KB
Solar Fox (1983) (CBS Electronics) 5.0KB
Sky Jinks (1982) (Activision) 1.9KB
Venture (1982) (Coleco) 3.3KB
2600 Digital Clock (Demo 3) (PD) 717.0B
Skiing (1980) (Activision) 2.0KB
Dodge ’em (1980) (Atari) 2.5KB
Polo (Atari) 1.9KB
Stargate (1984) (Atari) 5.4KB
4 Pak (Dark Green) 10.4KB
Alien’s Return (ITT Family Games) (PAL) 3.1KB
Defender (CCE) 3.2KB
Star Wars – Jedi Arena (1983) (Parker Bros) 3.1KB
TRON – Deadly Discs (1983) (Mattel) 3.0KB
Spider-Man (1982) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.2KB
RPG Engine (12-05-2003) (Paul Slocum) (PD) 2.3KB
Night Driver (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
King Kong (1982) (Tigervision) 2.8KB
Frog Pond (Atari) 3.8KB
Aquaventure (1983) (Atari) 5.2KB
Asteroids (1979) (Atari) [a1] 5.3KB
Ms. Pac-Man (1982) (CCE) 5.3KB
Space Invaders (Explosion Hack) 3.2KB
Ship Demo (V 15) (PD) 614.0B
Pitfall 2 Plus (Pitfall 2 Hack) 6.4KB
Enduro (Digivision) (Brazil) (PAL) 3.2KB
A-Team, The (Atari) (PAL-60) 5.5KB
4 Pak (Light Green) 11.8KB
Assault (Bomb) 3.0KB
Centipede 2k (2000) (PD) 5.0KB
Arcade Golf (1979) (Sears) 1.7KB
Sneek ‘n Peek (1982) (PAL) 3.2KB
Ghostbusters (1985) (Activision) (PAL) 6.0KB
Double Dragon (1989) (Activision) (PAL) 9.9KB
Smurfs – Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (1982) (Coleco) 5.3KB
Condor Attack (CCE) 2.9KB
Asterix (1988) (Atari) (NTSC) 4.1KB
Sky Jinks (CCE) 1.9KB
Adventures On GX-12 (Telegames) (PAL) 3.0KB
Sky Patrol (Imagic) 6.2KB
River Raid (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Video Olympics (1978) (Atari) 1.9KB
Shooting Arcade (1989) (Atari) 7.6KB
X-Man (1983) (CosmoVision-Universal Gamex) [a1] 3.2KB
Carnival (1982) (Coleco) 3.2KB
Kung Fu Master (1984) (Activision) 6.2KB
California Games (1988) (Epyx) (PAL) 11.3KB
Commando (1988) (Activision) 5.8KB
Dragster (1980) (Activision) 1.8KB
Star Wars – Death Star Battle (1983) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 6.2KB
Tie-Fighters (MP) 922.0B
Yar’s Revenge (1981) (Atari) (PAL) 3.2KB
Beat ‘Em And Eat ‘Em (1982) (Mystique) 2.6KB
Stunt Cycle (Atari) 1.6KB
Xevious (Atari) 3.3KB
Chronocolor Donkey Kong Sideways (PD) 1.3KB
Tutankham (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.3KB
Jr. Pac-Man (1984) (Atari) (PAL) 9.4KB
California Games (1988) (Epyx) 11.3KB
Pengo (1984) (Atari) 5.3KB
Bobby Is Going Home (Bitcorp) (PAL) 3.0KB
Battlezone (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.6KB
Dark Chambers (1988) (Atari) 8.9KB
Adventure (New Graphics) 3.0KB
Cat Trax (1983) (UA) 2.8KB
Grand Prix (1982) (Activision) 2.5KB
Rubik’s Cube 3.0KB
Sky Diver (1978) (Atari) 1.7KB
Taz (1983) (Atari) 4.1KB
Sentinel (1990) (Atari) 8.1KB
Schnecke Und Eichhoernchen (1983) (Bitcorp) (PAL) 3.1KB
Pac-Man 4 (Pac-Man Hack) 3.1KB
Scrolling Playfield 3 (Junkosoft) (PD) 410.0B
Alien (CCE) 3.3KB
Secret Quest (1989) (Atari) 9.2KB
Image – Megaman (AD) 3.0KB
Hangman Ghost Halloween (Kris) (Hangman Hack) 2.1KB
Kangaroo (1983) (Atari) 5.7KB
Stampede (1981) (Activision) 1.9KB
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 1.7KB
Dolphin (CCE) 3.1KB
Pac-Man (Atari) (PAL) 3.1KB
Moon Patrol (CCE) 5.9KB
Baseball (2002) (Skyworks) 9.9KB
Amidar (1983) (Parker Bros) 2.8KB
Galaxian (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.4KB
River Raid (Brazil) 3.1KB
Adventure Plus (2003) (Steve Engelhardt) (Adventure Hack) 3.1KB
Desert Falcon (1987) (Atari) 10.0KB
Wizard (Atari) 1.9KB
Fishing Derby (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) 1.8KB
Star Fox (1982) (Mythicon) 2.9KB
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978) (Atari) 1.7KB
Zaxxon (1983) (CBS Electronics) 4.2KB
Video Pinball (1980) (Atari) 3.2KB
Frogger II – Threedeep! (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.9KB
Ice Hockey (1981) (Activision) 3.0KB
River Raid (CCE) 3.0KB
Keystone Kapers (Shock Vision) 3.3KB
Rotating Colors Demo 1 (Junkosoft) (PD) 410.0B
Boxing (Activision) (PAL) 1.9KB
Star Wars – Death Star Battle (1983) (Parker Bros) 6.2KB
Elevator Action (Atari) 4.3KB
Ms. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari) 5.3KB
Popeye (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.0KB
Frogger (1982) (Parker Bros) (PAL) 3.2KB
Berzerk (Voice Enhanced) (Berzerk Hack) 9.3KB
Star Wars – The Arcade Game (1983) (Parker Bros) 5.5KB
Tennis (1981) (Activision) 1.8KB
Circus Atari (1978) (Atari) (Joystick) 2.5KB
Donkey Kong (1983) (Pet Boat) (PAL) 2.8KB
Donkey Kong (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) [a2] 2.8KB
DKjr Improved (Donkey Kong Junior Hack) 4.7KB
Track And Field (1984) (Atari) 10.8KB
Air Raid (Men-A-Vision) 2.8KB
Pac-Man (CCE) 3.1KB
Beamrider (1983) (Activision) 6.0KB
Robotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (Jeremy Penner) [a2] 512.0B
Double Dragon (1989) (Activision) 9.9KB
Tapper (1983) (Sega) 6.1KB
Megamania (CCE) 3.0KB
Millipede (1984) (Atari) 8.9KB
Donkey Claus By Philip R. Frey (Donkey Kong Hack) 2.8KB
Football (1978) (Atari) 1.9KB
Bowling (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
Defender II (1984) (Atari) 5.4KB
Combat (Atari) (PAL) 1.9KB
Gangster (Ariola) (PAL) 1.7KB
A-Team, The (Atari) (PAL) 5.5KB
Snoopy And The Red Baron (1983) (Atari) 6.1KB
Aphex Invaders (Space Invaders Hack) 3.1KB
Zoo Fun (HomeVision) 2.8KB
Pitfall! (1982) (Activision) (PAL) 3.0KB
Demon Attack (1982) (Imagic) 3.3KB
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1983) (Wizard Video) 2.9KB
X-Man (1983) (CosmoVision-Universal Gamex) 3.2KB
Enduro (1983) (Activision) (PAL) 3.2KB
Alien (1982) (20th Century Fox) 3.3KB
Super Futebol (American Style) (CCE) 5.6KB
Room Of Doom (CommaVid) (PAL) 3.0KB
20 Sprites At Once Demo 5 (PD) 1.3KB
Vanguard (1982) (Atari) 5.7KB
20 Sprites At Once Demo 2 (PD) 1.0KB
Solaris (1986) (Atari) 12.3KB
Air-Sea Battle (1977) (Atari) 1.8KB
20 Sprites At Once Demo 3 (PD) 1.0KB
2600 Collison Demo 1 (Piero Cavina) (PD) 717.0B
Freeway (1981) (Activision) 1.7KB
2 Pak Special Magenta – CaveBlast,City War (1992) (HES) (PAL) 7.5KB
Donkey Kong (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) [a1] 2.8KB
Rodeo Champ (PAL) 1.9KB
Mario Bros (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1] 5.0KB
Battlezone (1983) (Atari) 5.6KB
Basketball (1978) (Atari) 1.8KB
2 Pak Special Yellow – Star Warrior,Frogger (1990) (HES) (PAL) 7.5KB
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back (1982) (Parker Bros) 3.3KB
Chopper Command (1982) (Activision) 3.5KB
2 Pak Special Light Green – Hoppy,Alien Force (HES) (PAL) 7.0KB
H.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision) 6.0KB
Robotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (Jeremy Penner) 717.0B
Jungle Hunt (1982) (Atari) 6.0KB
2 Pak Special Dark Blue – Planet Patrol,Wall Defender (1990) (HES) (PAL) 7.0KB
Roc N’ Rope (1984) (Coleco) 5.4KB
Ms. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.4KB
Adventure II (Adventure Hack) 3.1KB
2 Pak Special Black – Challenge,Surfing (HES) (PAL) [a1] 7.0KB
Pitfall II – Lost Caverns (1984) (Activision) 6.4KB
Space Invaders (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.3KB
Halloween (AKA Sexta Fiera 13) (Wizard Video) [a1] 2.9KB
Jr. Pac-Man (1984) (Atari) 9.4KB
KC Pacman (Pac-Man Hack) 3.0KB
20 Sprites At Once Demo 4 (PD) 1.1KB
Chronocolor Donkey Kong Clean (PD) 1.1KB
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 5.9KB
Donkey Kong Junior (CCE) 4.7KB
2 Pak Special Orange – Space Voyage,Fire Alert (1992) (HES) (PAL) 7.4KB
Alien Pac-Man (Rev 2) By PacManPlus (Alien Hack) 3.2KB
Demon Attack (1983) (Activision) 3.3KB
Spy Hunter (1983) (Sega) 5.6KB
Blob, The (Cody Pittman) (Halloween Hack) 2.8KB
Pepsi Invaders (Atari) 3.1KB
2 Pak Special Light Green – Hoppy,Alien Force (HES) (PAL) [a1] 7.0KB
Atlantis (1982) (Activision) 3.0KB
Adventure (1978) (Atari) (PAL) 3.0KB
A-Team, The (Atari) 5.5KB
2 Pak Special Yellow – Star Warrior,Frogger (1990) (HES) (PAL) [a1] 7.5KB
Q-bert (1988) (Atari) 3.0KB
Donkey Kong 2K3 Pic (PD) 922.0B
Warlords (1981) (Atari) 2.8KB
Haunted House (1981) (Atari) 3.3KB
Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1982) (Atari) 6.2KB
Superman (1978) (Atari) 3.2KB
Yar’s Revenge (1981) (Atari) 3.2KB
2-in-1 – Freeway And Tennis 3.1KB
Kaboom! (1981) (Activision) 1.7KB
Mario Bros (1983) (CCE) 5.0KB
2 Pak Black – Challenge, Surfing (HES) (PAL) 7.0KB
Breakout – Breakaway IV (1978) (Atari) 1.9KB
Atari 2600 Invaders (Space Invaders Hack) 3.3KB
Halloween (AKA Sexta Fiera 13) (Wizard Video) 2.8KB
Chronocolor Donkey Kong (PD) 1.3KB
Phoenix (1982) (Atari) 5.5KB
128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 4) (PAL) 24.5KB
Custer’s Revenge (1982) (Mystique) 2.4KB
Tempest (Atari) 4.3KB
Megamania (1982) (Activision) 3.0KB
Adventure (1978) (Atari) [t1] 3.0KB
Tetris 2600 (Colin Hughes) 1.2KB
Frostbite (1983) (Activision) 3.1KB
Room Of Doom (CommaVid) 3.0KB
Roc N’ Rope (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 5.4KB
Space Invaders (1978) (Atari) [t1] 3.2KB
2 Pak Special Red – Motocross,Boom Bang (1990) (PAL) 7.1KB
Adventures Of Tron (1983) (Mattel) 3.0KB
Boxing (1981) (Activision) 1.9KB
Jungle Hunt (1982) (Atari) (PAL) 6.0KB
Frogger (Official Version By Sega) (1982) (Starpath) 4.6KB
Super Breakout (1978) (Atari) 2.7KB
20 Sprites At Once Demo 1 (PD) 717.0B
2 Pak Special Blue – Dungeon Master,Creature Strike (1992) (PAL) 7.9KB
Zelda (2003) (Kyle Pittman) (Adventure Hack) 3.1KB
Burgertime (1982) (Mattel) 6.5KB
H.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision) (PAL) 6.0KB
Enduro (CCE) 3.1KB
2 Pak Special – Dolphin, Pigs ‘N Wolf (1990) (HES) (PAL) 7.3KB
2-in-1 – Frostbite And River Raid 5.9KB
Pac-Man (1981) (Atari) 3.1KB
Robot Tank TV By Thomas Jentzsch (2 Joystick Hack) 5.3KB
Donkey Kong (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) 2.8KB
Adventure (1978) (Atari) 3.0KB
Galaga (River Raid Clone) 3.1KB
Asteroids (1979) (Atari) 5.3KB
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari) 5.9KB
128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 1) (PAL) 43.4KB
Dig Dug (1983) (Atari) 9.8KB
Asteroids (1979) (Atari) (PAL) 5.4KB
Mario Bros (1983) (Atari) 5.0KB
Centipede (1982) (Atari) 5.0KB
River Raid (1982) (Activision) 3.2KB
Mario Bros (1983) (Atari) (PAL) 5.0KB
Donkey Kong (198x) 2.8KB
Pitfall! (1982) (Activision) 3.0KB
Galaxian (1983) (Atari) 5.3KB
128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 2) (PAL) 43.8KB
32-in-1 (Atari) (PAL) 44.9KB
128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 3) (PAL) 42.6KB
Pitfall 2 (1984) (Activision) (PAL) 6.5KB
Keystone Kapers (1983) (Activision) 3.3KB
Robotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (Jeremy Penner) [a1] 819.0B
Spider-Man (1982) (Parker Bros) 3.2KB
Moon Patrol (1983) (Atari) 6.0KB
Joust (1982) (Atari) 5.8KB
Combat (1977) (Atari) 1.9KB
Berzerk (1982) (Atari) 2.8KB
Pole Position (1983) (Atari) 5.3KB
Seaquest (1983) (Activision) 3.1KB
Asteroids 4.6KB
Missile Command (1981) (Atari) 3.3KB
Defender (1981) (Atari) 3.3KB
Frogger (1982) (Parker Bros) 3.2KB
Boring Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Hack) 2.8KB