Top 7 Photo Editing Software

Computer showing the best photo editing software
Best Photo Editing Software

Want to know the best photo editing software that you can download on your device? Then you are in the right place.

When you take a picture, in most cases, it will be a RAW one with lots of things to be fixed.

And you can’t upload or send your RAW pictures to somebody as it will put a bad impression on your audience.

If you are a model or want to become a model or Instagram Influencer or somebody famous, then the quality of your pictures should be best.

But how do you change your RAW and dull picture to a stunning and mesmerizing one?

Or how do you take a picture and change its focus from you to the product you are selling.

Well, all that could be done with photo editing.

But to do the best picture editing, you need the best photo editing software on your device.

Now you must have two questions – How to do photo editing and Which is the best photo editing software.

The answer to the first question is to search on YouTube or Google about how you can do the editing.

Now, for the second question, I will recommend you 7 of the best software that you can download to edit your pictures.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Adobe Photoshop 

Logo of Adobe Photoshop software that you can download
Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is standard software that will always appear at the top.

Considered as the most powerful editing software in the world it should be your first choice while going in this field.

You can do anything with this software, photo editing, designs, illustration makings, and more.

It is a software with all the features included making it a Lil complex.

Import a picture in your timeline, and you can do multi-layer editing.

Apart from that, you have the option to give hundreds of effects to your pictures like Blur,  Distort, Noise, Sharpen, etc.

Want to add anything extra?

Import it with a plugin from a library of hundreds of plugin that will help you to do a particular task.

Well, if you are a complete beginner, then this software can be overwhelming for you as it has all the functions fit inside.

So you may feel overburden in the beginning, but if you have some experience, then this is the only software you need.

Now let’s talk about the price!

You can buy Adobe Photoshop with a Photography plan(20GB) for $119.88/year or $239.88/year.

Adobe Lightroom 

Now you know that Photoshop is multipurpose and filled with all the features that you can expect.

That is OK for people who are intermediate and multi-talented, but for people who are new in this field, it can be difficult.

So if you are a person who only wants to focus on Photo editing, then Adobe Lightroom CC must be your software.

Keeping Beginner-friendly interface in mind, it has one of the best design than most of the other software.

There is two Lightroom version that you can download – New and Old.

With the old version, you will get a super-slick design and tools to edit your image, but it’s missing a couple of tools that you may need.

Also, it does not support plugins and any external image editor other than Photoshop.

But with the new version, you will get all the plugins and tools, but it will not have Photoshop.

So the pros and cons are in front of you to choose the better one.

Well, there is another option to get the new version along with Photoshop, but then the price will increase to almost double.

You can buy Adobe Lightroom with a Photography plan(20GB) for $119.88/year or $239.88/year.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 

Logo of Adobe Photoshop Elements that you can download
Adobe Photoshop Elements

There is two Adobe photo editing software present in this list, so why mentioning the third one?

Well, this editing software by default has more focus on beginner and thus is more beginner-friendly.

But if you are an intermediate or pro, then there is an expert mode present in this software that will change the interface and tools to expert one.

It has some tools that of Photoshop, which gives you some photo-editing feature power in a beginner-friendly interface.

There are two things in Photoshop Elements – Organizer and Editor.

The organizer will automatically sort your pictures in Folders on some basis, for instance, time.

It will automatically create albums and mark pictures with hashtags to make you easily search for them.

While seeing a picture in the organizer, you can directly open it in the editor and edit it.

You can purchase this software for $99.99/year.

DxO Photolab 2.3

If you want an all-rounder photo-editing software, then DxO Photolab 2.3 is all you will ever need.

With a stunning interface and pro features, there is no limit as to how much you can edit with this software.

Just open the software, create a project, import an image, and start adding filters and more.

Some key features are RAW processing, Prime denoise tool, image adjustments, and automatic lens correction tool.

Using DxO, you create crystal clear images with minimal efforts.

But to render very high-quality pictures, you may need to purchase the Elite edition as it has the Prime Denoise and other features.

If you want something extra apart from inbuilt features, then you can import a plugin for a specific task.

But for importing plugins, you need the DxO ViewPoint plug-in which will increase the cost.

The best part is that you only have to pay once for lifetime access, unlike Adobe software.

You can buy the Essential Edition for $129 and the Elite Edition for $199.

Phase One Capture One Pro

Phase One Capture One Pro that you can download
Phase One Capture One Pro

Think of Capture One Pro as a big brother to Adobe Lightroom, so if you like that software, then you will definitely love this one.

Just like Lightroom this software automatically groups photos under different categories in a Folder that you can easily see.

Some other features that this software can give you is Catalogue tools, RAW processing, image enhancement tools, and a non-destructive workflow.

The image quality that you can get with this software is sharper than Adobe’s one.

But there is a downside that it doesn’t support a wide range of camera RAW formats that you may need.

Also, there is no mobile version of Capture One Pro, which means no option for online Synchronisation.

The price of this editor is very high, but totally worth it.

Alien Skin Exposure

A retro-looking fantastic picture editing software with an amazing pack of tools.

Just import the image in the Library, and you have a vast list of filters and tools to apply to the picture.

Some features of this software are Shadows, Lighting, Cropping, borders, grain, light leaks, and more.

Some people consider Alien Skin Exposure as a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Because like Photoshop, you can edit your images professionally by adjusting layers, editing them, and combining them.

And like Lightroom, all your images are automatically sorted on some basis and put under a folder for efficient use.

One exclusive feature is known as a Virtual image copy that creates a clone of the image without using any space.

You can buy Exposure X4 Bundle at $149/lifetime or Exposure X4 at $119.

Skylum Luminar 

Skylum Luminar logo that you can download
Skylum Luminar

At the last number, Skylum Luminar secures its position as the seventh-best photo editing software.

Luminar comes with a sleek interface similar to that of Adobe Lightroom without the Library column.

Apart from the Library column, you will see the Edit and Info option in one menu.

Most of the tools and effects are similar to Lightroom, like Temperature, exposure, shadows, and much more.

But the thing where it has a clear cut is its AI which does three things – Sky Enhancer, Automatic enhancement, and Sun Rays.

With Sky Enhancer, you can use unique filters on your picture to make the Sky in the background looks more realistic and pleasing.

As the name suggests, Automatic enhancement automatically enhances your picture by applying various filters like Brightness and Contrasts.

And with Sun Rays you can add virtual sun rays to your pictures that give the feel of real sun rays, but you can customize them.


Today in this article, I talked about the Top 7 Photo Editing Software that you can currently find in the market. This is based on personal opinion and proper research. If you have any queries like the System Compatibility etc., then ask them in the comment section.

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