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Best Browsing Software

Want to download a Web Browser but can’t decide the best one for you?

Then you are in the right place.

A Web browser for most people is of the essential software on their computer as it enables them to connect with the world.

So I think choosing the best web browser is more complicated than choosing an OS like Mac and Windows.

But how do you select the right browser?

Well, it depends on your preference on what type of browser you want.

So for instance, if you want a browser with good speed and Strong privacy, then nothing can beat Mozilla Firefox.

But if you want a Browser that can run even in a weak internet connection, then Opera Mini is the one for you.

The Best browser for you can also depend on the configuration of your device.

So for a high-end computer, the best browser will differ from the one that has limited RAM.

Now, let’s talk about how the best web browsers in this list are sorted.

The list is sorted based on real-life experience, research, and recommendation from various users, so I think it will be a pretty legit list.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox

After a recent major update in Mozilla Firefox, it has become so efficient that it deserves to be in the first position.

Firefox is known for the best support for extensions which enables you to do a particular task.

But after installing some extensions, the speed of this browser drained drastically, and it became laggy.

And that was the time when people are starting shifting to other browsers like Google Chrome.

But after the recent major update, Firefox has become a beast when it comes to a lag-free speedy browser.

Apart from speed, the security of the user is also kept on the top.

As Mozilla Firefox is a non-profit organization, it does not sell your data in the market or use that to target you with ads(they have a built-in ad-blocker).

One of the best features of this browser that has placed it on the top of Google Chrome is that it does not resource hungry.

Firefox is a very light browser, which means it can work on computers with less limited RAM while Chrome can’t.

And the best part is that it’s completely free of cost.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is today the most downloaded web browser on the internet with more active users than any other browser.

What do you think is the reason?

Well, Google Chrome is from Google, which means that you can be ensured about getting the best UI and UX.

You can also download a plugin from a vast library that can help you do a particular thing.

Being from Google, it also focuses on the protection of users from Malware and virus sites by warning them.

Also, you customize the browser easily by going into the settings, for instance, setting a background default image, bookmarking sites, etc.

The only reason why this wonderful browser is below Mozilla Firefox is that it is resource hungry.

So if you are on a computer with limited resources(i.e., RAM), then Chrome can give you the worst experience of a web browser.

But, if you are on a good computer with good resources, then this can be the best browser for you.

It is cross-platform, which means that you can download it for free on any of your devices like Windows, Mac, Android, etc.


Picture of Opera Browser that you can download
Opera Browser

When it comes to web browser Opera has lost its shine by becoming the most underrated browser on the net.

This browser has a clean and efficient UI, which makes it better than other browsers.

The exclusive feature of this browser is known as Turbo mode which compresses your web traffic and routes it through opera servers.

In simple words, it drastically increases the speed of your browser even when you are on a slow internet connection.

Apart from speed, Opera also focus on security and user experience.

They provide a built-in fully integrated ad-blocker that you can use to block any ad from displaying on any site.

Of course, you can turn it on or off, depending on what you prefer.

The only thing in which it lags behind than other browsers is the plugin library.

The plugin library of Opera is far smaller than Firefox and Chrome.

Of course, because it has a smaller share of the market, so most developers go and develop plugins for big browsers.

Microsoft Edge

After Internet Explorer being teased for being the slower browser, Microsoft decided to take the revenge and came up with Microsoft Edge.

It is the default browser on Windows 10 and is currently not available for older Windows or other OS.

When you get a product from a big company like Microsoft, then you can be ensured about the quality.

Edge has one of the cleanest UI and a stunning browsing speed than some other browsers.

The exclusive feature of Edge is the built-in Reading mode that enables you to read complex sites easily.

Also, they have focused more on the security and introduced sandboxing that won’t let any of your information get leaked.

The downside of this browser is that neither it is cross-platform nor you can use it on older windows.


Picture of Vivaldi Web Browser that you can download

Vivaldi is a great web browser that is built on Chromium and has the best UX than most other browsers.

Vivaldi focuses more on the user experience and thus is fully customizable.

You can change the whole structure and style of the browser depending on your preference.

If you take notes frequently, then put the note-taking system in front of you and so on.

You can dock websites as side panels while still using the main browsing window.

Also, you can group various tabs and move them up or down to avoid overcrowding.

As it is built on Chromium, you can use an off the Chrome Plugins on this browser which means that you have a vast number of plugins to choose from.

The only thing where it has a downside is Speed, which means it is not the fastest browser here.

Tor Browser

If you ever researched for a secure browser, then Tor is always in the first position.

Tor is mostly known as a browser to access the dark web, but other than that it is a great browser as well.

The best thing about Tor is its security as all the traffic is routed through random nodes all over the world.

Which means it kinda works like a VPN but like the most secured one which is hard to track.

Before you start using it, let me tell you that nothing is stored in this browser, no history, cookies, etc.

This means that all the focus is one the privacy of the user so doesn’t do anything that leaks your privacy online.

It, of course, is not the fastest browser because the traffic is routed through different nodes, but works like a charm.


Picture of Safari Browser that you can download
Safari Browser

Safari is a powerful, clean, and fast browser that is exclusively available on Mac.

Being from Apple it ensures that you are getting the best UI and UX.

But apart from that, you are also a good battery life as this browser is properly optimized by Apple.

Also, this browser puts a great effort on user’s security, so it is extremely hard for someone to leak your data.

There is support for various extensions that you can download from the store that lets you do a particular task.

Even though it is from Apple, the speed is not as quick as Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you ever own an Apple smartphone, then Safari will feel like home.


Today in this article, I talked about the Top 7 Web Browsers that you can currently find in the market. This is based on personal opinion and proper research. If you have any queries like the System Compatibility etc, then ask them in the comment section.

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