Top 7 Best Code Editors

Top 7 Best code editors that you can download
Best Code editors

Want to go in programming? Then you must be searching for a code editor.

When you are on your way to becoming a professional programmer, it is very important that you choose the right editor.

A right editor can make your work easier and cleaner to understood and executed.

But how do you as a beginner choose a code editor that can help you to be a pro?

Even if you are a pro then also you need an editor that is clean and help you in your big projects.

Well, downloading and trying each and every editor can take you some days or weeks to find the best one.

But why to waste so much of time testing every editor when I can help you with your research.

The best code editor for you depends on your experience and budget.

So if you are a person who has a lot of experience then you will need an editor with premium features that can execute a large chunk of code.

But if you are a beginner then even a free code editor can do the work.

Next thing is your budget.

So if you are the person who can spend some bucks then buying a premium code editor can be beneficial.

But, even if you have no budget then also don’t worry.

Of course, most of the premium software has some exclusive features that free software doesn’t.

But that does not mean that a premium code editor is always better than a free one, but most of the time it does.

Now let me talk about the Top 7 Best code editor that you are currently present in the market.

Coda 2

Coda 2 editor that you can download
Coda 2

When it comes to a powerful text editor, Coda 2 secures the first position and that too for some reason.

The UI and UX of Coda 2 are the best in class which means you will see clean and fast text editor with pixel-perfect preview.

It has some of the best support that will help you to do work faster, for instance, it has the support for Touch Bar in Mac.

You can instantly switch between editor and preview, comment lines, etc in a matter of seconds just by a mere touch.

Like other premium editors, it also supports Syntax highlighting but the speed is 4 to 10 times fast than other editors.

You can customize the editor like choosing the color or visual tabs as per your want.

Want to do something extra?

Well, import a plugin from coda’s preferences and you are good to go.

One exclusive feature is CSS overriding by which you can easily override and edit a site’s CSS live while seeing the preview.

You can buy this stunning code editor at $99 for lifetime access.

If you want to try the software before paying then you can download also the free version.


If you want the best code editor for your work, but don’t want to spend a dime then Atom is for you.

Started as a project by Github the popularity of this software rose when programmer understood the value they were getting for free.

It supports multiple languages so it doesn’t matter which country’s team members you have, it will always work fine.

One exclusive feature that you will see in this editor is called Teletype.

With teletype, you can create a feature for your self that was not present earlier in Atom.

Also, it allows multiple users to work on the same code from different locations.

Which means if you have a small team or company then this editor will be an asset for you.

Some features are Teletype, Multiple panes, Code folding, and a big community.

Sublime Text

Logo of Sublime Text editor that you can download
Sublime Text editor

If you have researched about the best free code editors then Sublime Text secures its position in the top.

Considered as one of the cleanest and most efficient editors, it has the best user experience than any other free editor.

When you begin developing in this editor you will understand its beauty and efficiency as it automatically puts colors to text.

If you want to be completely focused while coding then this software has a model known as distraction-free writing in which all the focus is put on the writing.

Apart from its beauty and efficiency it also has a list of quick shortcuts that you can use to do almost anything while writing code.

The shortcuts are actually the best feature in Sublime Text that will help you in your programming as you go further.

Now, let’s talk about price.

This software is available for $80, but it also provides a free indefinite trial option that enables you to use all its features by not paying anything.

You will get all the important features in the free trial option, but you can buy the software if you want to support the developers and enjoy the premium version.


Notepad++ is an open-source and very popular editor that is also considered as one of the best code editors for Windows.

Unlike other editors, it has a very simple UI that can be easily understood by a complete beginner.

When I said I actually mean simple, no overload of options, features, etc just come and code.

Well, with this you may have understood that it is beginner-friendly and if you are a beginner then this editor is for you.

Even if you are a pro then also this editor has everything that you will ever need(don’t go on its simple UI).

Some of the important features are auto-completion, color-code, Syntax Folding, and Highlighting, etc.

Also, it is a very customizable editor so if you want to place or remove something then you can easily do that in this editor.

The best part of this software is that it is completely free so you have to never worry about the budget anymore.

But the bad part is that this software is only available for Windows for free.

So if you are a Mac user then that is a disadvantage for you, but Linux user can use a forked version.

Visual Studio Code

Logo of Visual Studio Code Editor
Visual Studio Code

If you have some knowledge and experience in programming then Visual Studio Code is the editor for you.

It was released in 2015 but was quickly adopted by most of the programmers who understood that this editor is everything you need.

Which means a large number of programmers use Visual Studio Code for their programming projects.

Even though it is an editor, it can perform the functions of an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) by using a plugin library.

You can configure this editor as per your wants, also you can import any plugin from a large plugin library that will help you to do a particular function.

Unlike Notepad++ even though this is developed by Microsoft it is cross-platform which means available for Mac, Linux, and other OS.

The key features are Syntax highlighting, Autocompletion, its large community, stunningly amazing speed, and lightweight.

The best part?

It is completely free so you can use this fantastic editor even though you have no budget at all.


If you want a code editor with loads of features included then Brackets can be your text editor.

Developed by Adobe it has one of the best UI and speed, unlike other free editors.

The exclusive feature of this editor is called Extract that lets you extract information such as colors, fonts, gradients and more from CSS, etc.

Being from such a big brand like Adobe you can ensure its power and design.

Some key features are Extract, W3C validation, Inline editors, Live preview and a lot more.

If you are ever stuck in some problem or need some help then there is a huge community to help you out.

The best part is that it’s available for free for all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Logo of UltraEdit

If you are in an industry where you have to work on huge codes and projects then Ultraedit is for you.

This editor was made by IDM Computer solutions who want to make a powerful and beautiful code editor.

You can use Ultraedit to edit any programming or markup language like Java, C, C++, Python, HTML in this software.

Some features are Syntax highlighting, Theme Edit, Data easy Sorting, Block edit, Multi-select and more.

Ultraedit has built-in telnet and SSH access which means that you can do really complex work with this software.

You can buy this software for $49 for lifetime access.

If you want to try the software before paying then you can try the free version that has some feature discluded but still works like a charm.


Today in this article, I talked about the Top 7 Code Editor Software that you can currently find in the market. This is based on personal opinion and proper research. If you have any queries like the System Compatibility etc then ask them in the comment section.

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